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Taos @ TCA - Taos Center for the Arts
May 17, 2012


Gothenburg @ Park Lane
Apr 23, 2013


Gothenburg @ Park Lane
Aug 14, 2013


Gothenburg @ Park Lane
Oct 15, 2013


Gothenburg @ Park Lane
Dec 03, 2013


Halmstad @ Café Rotundan
Sep 06, 2014


Grand Rapids @ San Chez Cafe
May 19, 2015


Williamsburg @ Ignition
Nov 12, 2016


Bergen @ Cornerteateret
Mar 10, 2017


Bergen @ Cornerteateret
Sep 15, 2017

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Fear of a Black Planet

@ VOL 9 ON FEB 23, 2012

Tim is a DJ, producer, promoter, and entertainer whose work has both a sense of humor and wonder. Hear him rap through most of his presentation, as he shares his love of music and hip-hop -- something he can't help but want to spread to others. 

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Entertainment as Marketing

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 18, 2012

Angelina Sahlgren Söder is a fantastic artist and entertainment consultant, and in her presentation she talks about entertainment as marketing, covering everything from a magnificent show on a truck for Volvo to her passion for dance, music and retro/vintage entertainment production.

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A Night Out At Night It Up

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 07, 2014

Anita Ko talks about her orangization's abilities. Having been a part of an event that hosts over 120 000 people each year, Anita shows us what her company, Power Unit Youth Organization, is capable of when it comes to inspiring many generations.

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海上世界的发展 A Sea World for Shekou

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 21, 2013


Director Luo Changlin introduces the development of the Sea World in Shekou. It was conceived as a place that gathered restaurants, cafes, and is not just a place for an aquarium, but a center of entertainment for the community. (in Chinese)

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Bergallo & Altri Animali

@ VOL 10 ON OCT 31, 2014

A format to make science popular through entertainment. A variety. A monthly meeting which has taken place at La Claque (teatro della Tosse) in Genoa throughout the year 2014 and which has been dedicated to the understanding of the world of animals, with special guests and music. A comic show with a specific subject, that tells which are the dynamics of a group and which are the individual behaviours that make us similar -and feel different at the same time- to all the other living forms of this piece of earth. Insects, fishes, monkeys, reptiles, dinosaurs and fantasy animals like the "elephunk" (an elephant which loves the funky music): all the beasts are recalled to explain the complex dynamics that rule our relationships. On stage: musicians, biologists, scientists of the Robotic School in Genoa  with drones and robots, dancers, actors, comedians, dragqueen and whatever contributes to tell the story of each episode through the show.

Photography of  Donato Aquaro.

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Deauville Beach Resort

@ VOL 31 ON AUG 26, 2015

Natalie Meruelo shares about the colorful past, present, and future of Miami Beach's Deauville Hotel.  Since 1926 the 500 room hotel has undergone several design and branding changes, but always been a destination for entertainers and celebrities around the world.

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The Magic Lantern

@ VOL 31 ON SEP 07, 2016

"It is so important that as a student you go out of your comfort zone, out of the faculty, out of your student house - because its the only way to connect to the city."

What is 'cinema' all about and how can 'a cinema' canbe a natural intersection for informal learning and entertainment, for art and science, for students and city?

In "The Magic Lantern" from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Vol. 31David Deprez addresses these questions. As an artistic director of Lumière Cinema Maastricht, David plans to involve students in the programming and using films in their academic curricula at Maasstricht University. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, September 29th. 

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The History of Film as It Pertains to Buster Keaton

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 28, 2017

"I'm speaking about Buster Keaton because that's really all that really matters."

Jennifer Hargis talks about the origins of motion pictures and of Buster Keaton up to WWII, as well as the rise in popularity of both.  She also talks about how film influenced Keaton and Keaton influenced film. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 10th, 2017. 

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I Love You Because: Musicals I could talk about for hours but I won't because this thing has rules


A heartfelt, high-speed speech full of passion. The part-time actress and full-time fanatic of musical theatre Megan Barham frequently belts out a song while working as De La Warr Pavilion Duty Operations Officer. This is a breakneck introduction to the world of Musicals by someone who eats, sleeps and breathes them! Be warned - she could talk for hours … 

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Theatre Spaces

@ VOL 7 ON JUN 15, 2017

"I wanted to see what the already existed in the world as non-traditional but permanent performance space as inspiration for alternative space where drama can exist."

In Theatre Spaces from PeckaKucha Night Bexhill-on-Sea Vol. 7, Walter Hall shares his passion for performance, examining a plethora of theatre spaces throughout history and across the globe. He explains the evolution of theatre venues from the ancient Greeks to modern day Macau and how performance space can affect the plays occurring in them. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 20th, 2017. 

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PKN Lincoln in the News

Here's a nice video report on PechaKucha Night in Lincoln from NewsNetNebraska. PKN Lincoln Vol. 6 was held earlier this week, and the next edition, Vol. 7, is already set to happen in May.

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Dayton in the News

The PKN Dayton series gets coverage in the Middletown Journal. Don’t be intimidated by the name — or the fact that you can’t pronounce it. A PechaKucha night offers an unusual opportunity to learn a little bit about a variety of intriguing subjects in a relaxed environment — all presented by everyday people who are passionate about the topics they’ve chosen. Read the full article here.

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PechaKucha Phillip Island vol 4

What talent! On Sunday June 16 2013, PechaKucha Vol 4 saw Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich, Cory White, Sally Land, Josephine Kent (on behalf of Creative Gippsland Arts Festival "Gatescape"), John Janssen, Simon Curphey, Natasha Williams, Graeme Burgan, Mike Cleeland, Stephen Fullarton, David White and Robyn Miller take to the Trenavin Chapel stage for an evening of inspiration, creativity and entertainment.  Thank you all!  

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One Week Away!

Well we're one week out from PKN New West Volume 3 - Riverside View, and we are getting mighty excited! With well over 300 people confirmed, a great lineup of speakers, fantastic food vendors and an eclectic DJ you can't miss with what is certainly going to be a great night of local culture and entertainment.  There is a lot of planning that goes into one of these events and we are almost there, just a few things to hit off our list.  See you next Saturday!


Four more sleeps!

In just four more sleeps we'll be back with Volume 7 at our favourite hub for food, culture & entertainment River Market. Be sure to join us this Friday December 5th from 6:30 pm onwards with presentations getting started at 8:00 pm.  We've got one of our most diverse lineups yet and are excited to have some new faces from Vancouver added to the mix alongside some fantastic locals from the the neighbourhood.  If you haven't picked up your ticket be sure not to delay. There are still tickets available, but that could change quick. Check out our ticketing site to get your hands on a ticket.  Hope to see you Friday!

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Taos Visionary Achievement Artist Award!

This week the Taos Fall Arts Board announced the recipients of their first Visionary Achievement Artist Award, given to artists who have made a major impact on the future of art in the community. Imagine how tickled and proud we were to hear that the award went our PechaKucha Taos Organizer, J. Matt Thomas! Well Done Matt!!! Stay tuned for Taos's upcoming PKN Vol. 18 this week!!!


Pecha Kucha Tees Off

It's baacck - the night before Halloween, but not at all spooky. Locals never cease to amaze us and there are some great presenters lined up, including two very brave teenagers with incredible stories to tell We love to share venues that you might not have visited before and this time Pecha Kucha night will be held at the Poverty Bay GOLF CLUB, upstairs, with a stunning view of Te Kuri o Paoa: Young Nick's Head and the golf link Our dear friends at the Gisborne Herald have made the event their lead online gig for the week - check it out here:  and why would we try and explain the phenomem of Pecha Kucha when Kristine Walsh has such a great way with words that sums it all up right here: See you at the golf course right next to Midway Beach - just another fantastic night in paradise        

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Volumen 6

Die 7. Runde der Pecha Kucha Night Lienz ruestet sich auf. Im Projektraum 29 - direkt an der berühmten Isel gelegen - schon zum 3. Mal hintereinander. Bisher hatten wir insgesamt schon 40 unterschiedliche Vortraege mit ihren rasanten Präsentatorinnen. Die jüngste TeilnehmerIn war 11 Jahre alt - der älteste fast 74 Jahre!!!  Wir hatten sogar Leute aus Amerika und Deutschland, die in Lienz präsentiert haben. Diesmal zieht sich ein Bogen vom Lesen Lernen bis zur Energieeffizienz. Co-working in Lienz und viel klassische Fotographie. CY there.       englischsprachige Beiträge haben die Besucher nicht mal verscheucht. Also bleiben wir weiter dran, obwohl die Suche der Beitragenden oft gar nicht so einfach ist.... Apropos ... wir suchen noch aktive Beiträge. Melde Dich an unter: 0699/12641760. Diesmal heben wir einen Unkostenbeitrag von Euro 5,- ein, damit wir uns den erstklassigen Projektraum 29 leisten können. Wir bitten hiefür um Ihr Verständnis. Antonio La Regina sorgt seit einem Jahr für die Motivation, Aquise, Bewerbung (Videos) und Technik. Dank an Ihn und seinen Elefant, die das Format derart qualitativ aufgewertet haben.

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Audi/video supporter

Let us introduce our audio/video/stage supporter: Thank you very much for the help you are giving to us so we can organize our very first Pecha Kucha Night in Wanaka. We really appreciate the time & effort you will spend with us. PKN Wanaka crew

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City Focus: Dundee

Scotland's charming coastal city Dundee lands under this week's City Focus spotlight. As Scotland's fourth largest city, Dundee has been gaining traction not only locally but also worldwide as a hotspot for travel and entertainment. We hope to see more amazing content from them soon and wish them the best at PechaKucha Night Dundee Vol. 21!  For more about PechaKucha Night Dundee, check out the latest article by The talking about Design Dundee Month here.