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Downtown Mansfield
Downtown Mansfield, Inc in Mansfield


Manchester, New Hampshire @ The Derryfield
Nov 09, 2011


Portsmouth NH @ The Portsmouth Gas Light Co - Third Floor Nightclub
Jul 24, 2013


Edmonton @ Winspear Centre
Oct 05, 2013


Tijuana @ INDEX Open Studio
Jan 31, 2014

PAST Downtown Bangor Public Humanities Day 2014

Bangor, ME @ The Brick Church
May 17, 2014

PAST Downtown Bangor Public Humanities Day 2015

Jan 23, 2015

PAST Downtown Bangor Public Humanities Day 2016

Jan 29, 2016


Santa Cruz, CA @ Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Sep 22, 2016

PAST Downtown Bangor Public Humanities Day 2017

Jan 27, 2017


El Paso @ EPCF Foundation Room
Oct 21, 2017

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Cultivating City Identity

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 27, 2013

"This place is not Vancouver!"

In "Cultivating City Identity" from PechaKucha night New Westminster Vol. 3, Nicolas D Robitaille speaks on an architectural project he developed while in school as a means to reinvigorate the New Westminster downtown parkade and cultivate a strong identity for the city. He discusses the challenges currently plaguing the area and shows off his impressive proposition that features the incorporation of new parks, gathering spots, and dining. 

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Shaping Healthy Communities

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 19, 2014

Gary Gaston, Design Director at the Nashville Civic Design Center, discusses some of the major concepts in the upcoming publication, Shaping Healthy Communities. Issues that are addressed include future transit options for Nashville, access to food, parks and open spaces, and making the city more pedestrian-friendly. He also differentiates betwteen natural, rural, suburban, urban, and the downtown core areas.

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Addressing our future mobility needs now

@ VOL 14 ON FEB 12, 2015

Like any city, mobility is key to Knoxville’s future development and its larger success as a strong and diverse community. While increased access to greenways, the Urban Wilderness, and a movement back to downtown have provided alternative options to its automotive centered culture, the automobile looks to serve Knoxville for years to come. But what will that look like? And what are the challenges that exist between serving the needs of Knoxville residents and the environment in which Knoxville works and enjoys?

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New York: City on a Grid

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Actor David Duchovny (!) says of Gerard Koeppel's new book: “ I’ve spent most of my life walking the straight lines of the world’s greatest city, and have never thought to ask: Is this a different shape from other cities, and if so, why, and who did it? Koeppel’s book answers these questions, in an easygoing, good-humored manner, with interesting facts unearthed on nearly every page. This is one of those books you always wished would be written, and here it is. Indispensable for anyone interested in the history of New York and cities generally, and bound to fuel cocktail conversations up, down, and across the city for years to come.”

Listen here for a whirlwind history of NY's grid as it develops!

Gerard Koeppel writes history, mostly New York related, but also in anything from magazines and journals to historical signage in city parks. He was also a captain of a charter sailboat, an awful law student, a licensed hack (out of a Greenwich Village taxi garage), and then, for many years, a radio reporter/writer/editor/producer, mostly with CBS News.

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A Story of Downtown Nashville

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 23, 2016

Ann Roberts tells us some stories of the history of Downtown Nashville.

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Historic Downtown

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 23, 2016

James Hoobler tells about how The District became what it is today.

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PLENTY Mercantile

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 25, 2014

Brittney Matlock shares on the lifestyle shop and event venue that she founded in her hometown of Oklahoma City. What began as a big idea to create a retail space that also was an event venue and held community workshops soon came to be called PLENTY Mercantile, located in historic Automobile Alley of the downtown district. Brittney's main role at PLENTY is to rally goods that celebrate origin, process and authenticity and secure one-of-a-kind finds to further the economic circle required to push sustainable retail practices at large.

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Santa Cruz City Council: Cynthia Mathews

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 22, 2016

Cynthia Mathews, a 2016 candidate for Santa Cruz City Council, talks about her vision for Downtown Santa Cruz.

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Santa Cruz City Council: Steve Pleich

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 22, 2016

Steve Pleich, a 2016 candidate for Santa Cruz City Council, talks about his vision for Downtown Santa Cruz.

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The Arrival of Downtown Brown

@ VOL 28 ON SEP 22, 2016

Juanita Darden Jones is the owner of Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar and Third Perk Express. She is a Dayton native and graduate of Dunbar High School and the University of Dayton. Juanita-Michelle is interested in not only the revitalization of downtown Dayton but to the City as a whole.

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Flyer for PKN Fresno Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Fresno Vol. 3 happens tonight (June 8) at Starline, and presenters for the evening will include: Fresno's Downtown and Community Revitalization Department Director Craig Scharton, custom furniture designer Adam Wall, and Floyd Sanchez of Antilabs.

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PKN Cleveland in the Courtyard

PechaKucha Night in Cleveland Vol. 8 happens this Friday (July 30), and it's taking place in the the courtyard you see pictured above, which is located in downtown Cleveland. From co-organizer Michael Christoff: Not only do we have another great set of presenters, but we are shooting for the stars with our FIRST ever PechaKucha Night event outdoors. As if that wasn’t stressful enough, we are doing it in an amazing courtyard in the middle of Downtown Cleveland, that hasn’t been open for more than 12 years! The building owner has been incredibly supportive, and we are getting an incredible response from the local design community here. Should make for an amazing ambiance, and here's another look at the courtyard below (photos are courtesy of Flique Creative). And be sure to check the official event page for the list of presenters and links.

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PKN Orlando in the News

Lots of great news to report in regards to Orlando's PechaKucha Night series, starting with word that last month's Global Cities Week event (PKN Vol. 5) attracted its largest turnout, with a crowd that absolutely loved the theme and the presentations that followed. What you see above is a very terrific piece on the series that was featured in the February issue of Orlando Magazine, in the lead-up to the GCW event. And we leave the best news of all for last, as told to us by organizer Eddie Selover:I was notified last week that we have won a Golden Brick Award from the Downtown Orlando Partnership for our contribution to downtown Orlando's cultural scene. We will receive this award at a ceremony with the mayor of Orlando, Buddy Dyer, on March 15.

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PKN Orlando's Silver Brick Award

We shared the news a while back that PechaKucha Night in Orlando organizer Eddie Selover would receive the Silver Brick Award from the mayor, and here's a photo of Eddie receiving the award. More on the photo and the award:This is Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer presenting Eddie Selover with a Silver Brick Award at a ceremony in Orlando on March 15. The award is presented by the Downtown Orlando Partnership each year to projects which affect the Downtown Development District and contribute significantly to its quality of life, making Downtown Orlando a more exciting, interesting and desirable place to work, shop and play. Eddie accepted the award with PKN Orlando co-founder Dustin Clingman.

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PKN Santa Cruz in the News

A nice bit of press coverage for PKN Santa Cruz from the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Chip, director of the Santa Cruz Downtown Association, first became aware of Pecha Kucha several years ago and began the application process to launch "Pecha Kucha Nights" in Santa Cruz. Concurrently, Crystal Birns, coordinator for the City Arts Program, had been discussing a similar idea with the Museum of Art & History. Two months ago, the first Pecha Kucha Night launched at club Motiv in downtown Santa Cruz to a packed house. On Friday, the second "Pecha Kucha Night" will be hosted by MAH, under the leadership of Emily Hope Dobkin, with nine presenters presenting their "works in progress." Read the full story here. The city's Vol. 2 happens tonight.

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SixtyNine | Seventy Project

PechaKucha San Francisco organizer Paul Jamtgaard is helping to promote a design competition in Salt Lake City, and he's got all the details right here: Who doesn't love zip lines? We've proposed a rooftop PechaKucha surrounded by the Salt Lake City downtown skyline with millions of stars above!  Other interventions: new arts and performance spaces and parking-structure-rooftop sustainable farming in the area are all connected by a network of zip lines making everyone feel like a Superman/woman. For more details on this competition, check out the SixtyNine | Seventy Project. (photo credit: Trevor Muhler Photography)

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PKN Mansfield in the News

The city of Mansfield will host its very first PechaKucha Night on Friday, September 27, and here's some coverage from the Mansfield News Journal: What’s special about a PechaKucha Series? Jamie Lustig Thompson, co-director of Downtown Mansfield, said traditional presentations in standard PowerPoint format are lengthy and often the audience loses interest. PechaKucha presenters must keep things moving. Read the full article here.

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Cultivating City Identity

If you had a chance to transform your city's identity, what action would you take? Nicolas D Robitaille speaks (at PKN New Westminster Vol. 3) on an architectural project he developed while in school as a means to reinvigorate the New Westminster downtown parkade and cultivate a strong identity for the city. In "Cultivating City Identity", he discusses the challenges currently plaguing the area, and shows off his impressive propostion that features the incorporation of new parks, gathering spots, and dining. 

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PechaKucha Vientiane Vol. 1 Poster

Our very first PechaKucha Night poster is ready and currently being posted all over Vientiane!  The Vientiane Vol. 1 poster was designed by Jean-Baptiste Audenis of birds follow spring in Vientiane. If you're ever in town we highly recommend a visit to their concept store - which is perched above a lovely florist-cum-cafe behind Wat Ong Teu (Ong Teu temple) downtown. Here you'll find delicate jewellery, a collection of clothes and accessories gathered from across the globe, and minimalist furniture crafted from reclaimed timbers - designed and curated by JB and his wife Vanida. 


Sharing is Caring

I don't know how long it's been since I organized Fayetteville's last PechaKucha, but I sure as hell miss it. It happened one time here and never again. I mean, what is that! So here I am, maybe five years later (a range of time I USED TO feel was endless) and on a whole new frontier in life. No longer with the "stability" of a full time corporate job or the craziness of a ever-changing schedule, my business partner, Travis Bunn, and I have jumped into marketing head first and found out, the hard way, that it's not going to be easy. So if it's not going to be easy (and if it's not easy for any other business owner or any other magot working for "the man" out there), why not throw in some fun and learn something about friends and neighbors in a way that is fun, laid back and most time painless!  PechaKucha is making a comeback to Fayetteville and we've finally found a use for 100 Hay Street through this and through our friends at Revolutionary CoWorking in downtown, Fayetteville, NC! We'll see you there!