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Rethinking Resettlement

@ VOL 18 ON SEP 24, 2016

"How can we make our endeavors clear and approachable enough that we can actually contribute to the public debate at a very high level?"

In Rethinking Resettlement from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 18, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University at Buffalo, Erkin Özay, reviews some of the social and design issues involved in rehousing and supporting Buffalo, New York's new Americans. Özay's Spring 2016 UB graduate studio explored the potential for temporary and long-term housing for newly arrived refugees and immigrants, as well as the role of supporting institutions, community assets, and reimagining the existing housing stock. Özay's project investigates "compassionate urbanism." He is interested in how groups of limited means--new and existing residents--support each other through careful intersections. 

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Smart & Connected: Management of Thermal Extremes

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 14, 2018

"What is the connective tissue that we need—both technologically and socially—to create adaptive strategies that are greater than the sum of our parts?"

In Smart & Connected from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 19, Assistant Professor in the University at Buffalo Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Zoé Hamstead, describes a linked practice-research endeavor that addresses how cities manage heat and cold events. Localized differences in exposure and coping capacity impact the effectiveness of public agencies, organizations and individuals to respond to episodic thermal events. Since thermal vulnerability is shaped by complex interactions across environmental, social and technological variability, addressing this challenge will require integration of traditionally siloed disciplinary knowledge and agency management strategies. As part of a National Science Foundation-funded Smart & Connected Communities (S&CC) planning grant, collaborators in Buffalo/Erie County, New York and Tempe/Maricopa County, Arizona are working together to build capacity for integrating research with practice for managing thermal extremes.


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Kuopio @ Luovien alojen keskus Mylly
Mar 30, 2014


Solo (Surakarta) @ TOKO ROTI GANEP
Jan 27, 2016


St Neots @ Love's Farm House
Dec 14, 2017


Nashville @ Frist Art Museum
Jul 21, 2017


Taos @ TCA - Taos Center for the Arts
Apr 08, 2018


Seattle @ Seattle Central Library
Apr 05, 2018


Glasgow @ The Whisky Bond
Jun 19, 2018


Providence @ Borealis Coffee Roasters
Jun 27, 2018

PAST 2018 Impact Summit - Community Indicators in Action, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ McNamara Alumini Center, University of Minnesota
Sep 17, 2018

09 OCT


Fresno @ Bitwise South Stadium

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Journey into Eldership

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 07, 2013

Gilman Cardinal and Tashina Makokis describe their experiences growing up in aboriginal communities, the importance of elders in these communities, and the process of growth through you into eldership.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 3, 2013.

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Fighting Mental Illness

@ VOL 15 ON OCT 31, 2013

Anxiety effects an extraordinary amount of people. These people often cope with their anxiety by using social media. Louise Hutt is out to change misconceptions that people have about social media and people with mental illnesses.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 24, 2014.

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Community Collaboration

@ VOL 5 ON AUG 15, 2014

James F, from Take Over and Communities Creatives, talks about team work and how time and effort can make a team with initially no strong bounds into a winning team, showing how collaboration can make big changes if we want to.

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What You Give Will Grow

@ VOL 14 ON OCT 08, 2014

Dennis Lomonaco, Co-Founder at Story Block Media, talks about how the idea of “we” being  a team effort and that as a team ”we” can achieve more than with any one individual effort.  Dennis shares the various programs, that community members, as a team, that give back to the community and a bit about the Geaux Give cards, a system to track acts of kindness that came from New Orleans Saint’s Thomas Morstead’s former coach Frank Gansz  Sr. saying “What you give will grow. What you keep you will lose.”

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Collaboration and Food Innovation

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Francesco Cingolani, co-founder of Volumes Coworking, speaks about the concept and approach of Volumes to facilitate short and longer term developments in the field of food innovation from a foundation of exchange and collaboration.

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Global Design Studio: Creatives can bring positive change and transform communities

@ VOL 4 ON APR 15, 2017

The Global . Design . Studio (G.D.S Program) is an active community-network of creatives collaborating on projects supporting the design, development and delivery of innovative approaches to education, research and practice. It is fundamentally a knowledge sharing and community engagement platform for participating creatives.

The team shares a strong belief in the importance of creating avenues to respond to complex challenges facing built environments worldwide by interconnecting intelligence across creative industries, practice and academia.

 Global creatives can bring positive change and transform communities through Design by engaging in collaborative Studio projects” – (Do & Mancini, 2015)

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Líder Comunitario CATIA

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 12, 2017

El líder comunitario, Andrew Quintero, nos cuenta cómo logra rescatar los valores en su comunidad, Catia. Andrew utiliza herramientas como los juegos para mejorar su comunidad y rescatar la convivencia entre niños y adultos. 

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Coastal Concurrents

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 08, 2018

Curator Tina Morris celebrates Hastings annual Coastal Currents Arts Festival and mix of wonderful sheroes who have influenced her and contributed to the creative life of the local communtiies. 

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If You Love Chicago

@ VOL 46 ON JUN 05, 2018

Bernard Loyd is founder of Urban Juncture, Inc. and of Urban Juncture Foundation, social enterprises focused on revitalizing urban communities.  A Bronzeville resident, he is the project leader of the Bronzeville Cookin’ initiative @ 51st Street & the Green Line that is sponsored by UJ Inc. and UJF.

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Creating Community Glue

The last presentation of the week, "Creating Community Glue" by Lee Ann Johnson, comes to us from PechaKucha Night in Gibsons Vol. 1.Town Councillor, Lee Ann Johnson, talks about innovation and imagination in Gibsons, BC. Creativity is the incredible glue that holds the community together.

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Protecting a Community, An Ecosystem

When Karen Tam Wu began her work in forest ethics, she never expected to be standing up to the CEO of the Shell Oil Company. What began with the company setting up three fracking stations near the headwaters in northern British Columbia, became a community-led campaign to stop the oil company from poisoning the groundwater that is so crucial to the surrounding area. In "Protecting a Community, An Ecosystem" from PKN Vancouver Vol.28, hear Karen tell her story of trial and eventual triumph. 

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Building Communities with Signs

Can a sign change the way a community views itself? Designer Stephen Jones discusses his travels across the United States, and the numerous signage he found during his journey. In “Building Communities with Signs” from PKN Nashvile Vol. 13, he goes into depth on the character that a sign can bring out of and give back to a city.

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Community Minded

"Powered by PechaKucha" events are one-off events held separately from regular PechaKucha Night series, and we'd like to highlight the wonderful charity-minded presentations from the recent "BCCJ Community Hub" event in Tokyo.

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Barn Quilts: Art in the Community

"We want our project to be more than pretty. We want to be a positive addition to the community."In Barn Quilts: Art in the Community from Accident Vol. 3, Cheryl DeBerry discusses the Barn Quilt project which started in Ohio and as spread across America. Cheryl and others brought this art movement to Garrett County, Maryland. This project spruces up barns, encourages artists, and brings the community together. Enjoy!

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[Freespace]: An Experiment in Creativity, Community, and Civic Innovation

"If you build it and they will come. If they build it and they will say."What is possible when you give people SPACE and PERMISSION to create? In [Freespace]: An Experiment in Creativity, Community, and Civic Innovation from PechaKucha Night St. Joseph Vol. 1 Beth Scaccia shows us a new type of gathering place for people to come together, create, teach, learn, and share the things which they are truly passionate about, and strengthen connections between individuals as well as communities through art, events, and long term projects. Don't be surprised to find [Freespace] coming to your town soon!

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Growing a Community of Impact

"Maybe it's a natural virus for someone who has social workers as parents, but for me I thought I had to help everyone in trouble." In Growing a Community of Impact from Bergen Vol. 3, Silje Grastveit tells her story of what inspired her to become an entrepreneur. She started Impact Hub in Bergen, Norway, working to support social entrepreneurs. In just a few years the organization's network has spread to over 60 cities, and continues to grow. The community has reached more than 10,000 members focussing on making a positive impact in the world. Impact Hub Bergen was one of the early versions, it opened in 2011 and is the first incubator for social innovation in Norway.

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Community Participation and Architecture

"We wanted every design decision that we made to be affordable, made locally, and something that could teach a skill."In Community Participation and Architecture, from PechaKucha Night New Orleans, Vol. 17, architect Mary Gilmore, shares her master’s thesis on Community Participation and Architecture. Her belief is that if people participated in the design and construction of a building, not only will they become stake holders in the process, but also learn something.  To put her thesis into practice, Mary moved to India and then later to Mali, West Africa with the Peace Corps.  Now as a practicing architect here in the states, she is has rediscovered the notion of community participation and architecture.

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Instigating a Community

"We love that warm fuzzy feeling of being together."In Instigating a Community  from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 8, RJ Juneau, a scout Leader, founder of Maxxian, and instigator of y-lab maker group discusses how despite the claim from many that the internet obviates the need people to get together, in reality it allows us to build new communities faster than ever before.

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Barn Quilts : Art in the Community

"We want our project to be more than pretty. We want to be a positive addition to the community." Barn Quilts: Art in the Community from Accident Vol. 3, Cheryl DeBerry discusses the Barn Quilt project which started in Ohio and has spread across America. Cheryl and others brought this art movement to Garrett County, Maryland. This project spruces up barns, encourages artists, and brings the community together.