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The Architecture of Entitlement

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

In a whirlwind PechaKucha presentation, architect Emma Fuller discusses a history of language and the city plan - how entitlement has created a new architectural tool for the powerful to dismantle the collective and empower the singular. See examples from Mussolini to Trump in this 20x20 !

Emma Fuller is an associate with Diane Lewis Architect PC and teaches architectural history and theory at Pratt Institute. She received her degree from the Cooper Union. Her work addresses architecture as art and memory. This is expanded upon in published essays, exhibitions and architectural projects including the "Richmond as a Work of Art" series, the IPA fellowship, the Green Ward and Michelangelo-La Tourette papers, and the Nebo House.


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Matthew Dyer
Training Director, State of Ohio | OBM in Columbus
Aiko Yonamine
Volunteer Organizer, Pecha Kucha Night cBus in Columbus
Jessica Mathews
in Columbus
James Thornburg
in Columbus
Aleks Daskalov
in Columbus
Jill Moorhead
in Columbus
Quincy Columbus
in Albuquerque


Columbus @ Drexel Theater-Grandview
May 22, 2008


Aug 21, 2008


Feb 19, 2009


May 21, 2009


Columbus @ Wild Goose Creative
Nov 05, 2009


Columbus @ Wexner Center for the Arts
Nov 10, 2010


Columbus @ Columbus Museum of Art
Feb 10, 2011


Columbus @ 400 West Rich Street in Franklinton
Nov 10, 2011


Columbus @ Eartha Limited
May 10, 2012


Columbus @ Strongwater Food and Spirits
Feb 13, 2014

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Depicting the Circle Hunt

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 28, 2013

Artist Carrie Walker is inspired by historical circle hunts - in which hunters would form a circle around a large portion of land and slowly close in, killing every animal they came across. Carrie found rich imagery in descriptions of these events, and had a desire to depict the now forgotten animals. She embarks on a road trip to recreate scenes which she skillfully translates onto paper. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 6, 2014.

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Chasing Aurora

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 13, 2014

Judith Conning's passion involves travelling to and indulging in an environment that many of us could not even imagine. North of the arctic circle there exist lands of ice and snow that are invisible to our consciousness but contain a way of life that is unique and is home to the magic that is the Aurora Borealis.

"Presentation of the Day" on October 7, 2014.

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My Hometown of Columbus, Indiana

@ VOL 33 ON MAR 03, 2015

During his lifetime Josh Mings has gravitated toward cities that begin with the letter C. He’s here to talk about the smallest one and the lessons learned living there. 

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Fluting, Anyone? Smoky Mountain Flute Circle

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 06, 2015

The Native American Flute is a fascinating instrument that creates exquisite music. It is used and has been used by Native American people in different ways, such as in their prayers, festivities, weaved with their beautiful stories, or for boys to woo girls.

The Knoxville/Townsend area is very lucky to be home of the Smoky Mountains Flute Circle. The SMFC has hosted two back to back National level events, the 2013 and 2014 Renaissance of the North American Flute Foundation annual gatherings. It all started with Knoxville Area Cherokee Flute Player Randy McGinnis who founded the SMFC. 

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Columbus and I Make Discoveries

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 12, 2015

Catherine Onyemelukwe joined the Peace Corps in 1962, when it was a new organization, and Nigeria, where she was assigned, was newly independent. 

Catherine's PechaKucha presentation on Columbus Day is connected to her memoir, Nigeria Revisited My Life and Loves Abroad, published in 2014. She shares her discoveries connected to Columbus and European "discoveries" of new land. Many Native Americans believe Columbus Day should be abolished, saying that to honor a man who "ushered in genocide against indigenous peoples as well as the transatlantic slave trade,” is not reason for a holiday. In 24 years living in Nigeria, Catherine discovered non-Western traditions that are rich and meaningful, just as Native American traditions are. Some were denied validity by British colonizers based on the Doctrine of Discovery, just as Native American's rights were denied by that Doctrine, first by the American colonizers and then U.S. leaders.

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The Crab

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

In this introspective presentation from Portland, Doug Lowell recolects on a family member's diagnosis of cancer. Speaking about interconectedness, Life's cycle, and those who consume and those who are consumed, he explanes how the devistating emotional blow pruved to be the inspiration for his work. 

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Two Women, One Baltic Circle

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 25, 2016

The Artistic Director Satu Herrala and Managing Director Hanna Nyman tell us why Baltic Circle is the festival of their lives!

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The Struggle of the Magicians

@ VOL 6 ON JUN 09, 2018

Timothy Hull tells of the influence of the inner circle of GI Gurdjieff on his early art work.

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Porcelain: Color and Light

@ VOL 6 ON JUN 14, 2018

Curtis Benzle is a Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Dimensional Studies at the Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, OH).  He is the President of the Alabama Craft Council and a former Trustee of the American Craft Council, past Board President and Co-Director of Ohio Designer Craftsmen and on The Board of the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. Curtis Benzle’s signature artworks are translucent, porcelain sculptural vessels and architectural lighting.  They are represented in major museums and collections around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art/NYC, Smithsonian Museum of American Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Seto(Japan) Cultural Center, the Racine Art Museum, Taipei(Taiwan) County Yingge Ceramics Museum and the White House Collection. Curtis has received Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, The Alabama State Council on the Arts, the Ohio Arts Council and the Greater Columbus Arts Council. 

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PKN Columbus Vol. 8

PechaKucha Night was back in Columbus last month for an eighth edition. Held at Landmark's Gateway Theater and with a superb turnout of more than 225, here's a report from that city's organizer Lindsay Kenzig, including quotes from some of the presenters: First of all, we had an amazing event. The energy was great and we had one of our best attended events -- about 225 people, but I think we lost count in the rush at the door. We had an amazing variety of presenters who all had unique things to talk about. Prior to the event, we had several articles written, which helped draw a crowd that had previously been unaware of the event in our city. Our first presenter, Helen Hoffelt, had this to say about her photography: "For us to rise, we have to let go. What weighs us down has to be left behind. Sometimes, what is left behind can be compassionately incorporated into who we are. As we fly, we create a new sense ourselves. We need to pay attention to what our lives teach us. When we do that I believe we all can fly." Cyrus Fire, an artist, said: "It was a one of the most exciting nights of my life." He suggests PKN organizers work with presenters hands-on ahead of the event (for example, helping presenters with breathing techniques). Zaineb Alani presented her work as an Iraqi poet. Her poetry was amazing and very moving. She says that PechaKucha was "a unique opportunity to voice an insight into the 'other side' in a setting that greatly enhanced the content of my delivery." Matt Meindl talked about his film Digital Underpants: "It's a manic stop-motion animated collage made from hundreds of real teenage love notes." On PKN, he "liked the diverse presentations but also the general atmosphere that made it OK to be honest, vulnerable, creative, and silly." Other presenters included: Matt Carbone, an architectural photographer; Matt Meindl, a filmmaker who presented 20 short film clips; Artie Isaac who talked about the democratization of public speaking and his new website SpeakerSite; Reza Reyazi, an urban planner speaking about Columbus' oldest neighborhood Franklinton; Walker Evans, who spoke about his work on the site ColumbusUnderground; artist John Sherman Lathram III, who is working on a new book about body modification; Corey Aumiller, an artist who presented "20 Irrational Fears"; and Kristy Yosick, a master chocolatier. The press coverage mentioned appeared in Columbus Alive and Metromix. PKN Columbus Vol. 9 is set for May 21. Below, a few images from Vol. 8. Artie Isaac Helen Hoffelt Matthew Carbone Zaineb Alani Reza Reyazi Matt Meindl John Lathram Yosick's Artisan Chocolates (left) and Corey Aumiller (right)

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PKN Columbus Poster

We have another poster today, this time for last month's PechaKucha Night in Columbus Vol. 8. For more on that event, read our report.

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Yummy PKN in Columbus

PechaKucha Night in Columbus Vol. 10 happens tonight (August 14) at Junctionview Studios, and organizers have teamed up with the "Yummy!" exhibition, a veritable "explosion of art & food." Above, one of the plush pieces by exhibition participant Heidi Kenney.

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PKN Columbus Vol. 11 at the Goose

PechaKucha Night in Columbus Vol. 11 is set for November 5, and will take place at Wild Goose Creative, as illustrated by the pictograph above.

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Why I'm a Total Bastard

Yesterday we laid out an invitation for everyone to send in their PechaKucha-related stories, and here's one from Matthew Dyer, who was a presenter at PKN Columbus Vol. 12 in February of last year. Matthew also recorded his presentation -- "Why I'm a Total Bastard" (but in essence, why he's not) -- to put on his site with the visuals, so go and have a listen. I was a little nervous to present a story that was so personal, and going on last that evening I felt like I was headlining! Having my mom & dad in the audience, who braved a two hour drive in the snow to be there, was a spectacular feeling. People seemed receptive, and I think (hope) they left that cold night a little warmer having heard the story I wanted to share.

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The Importance of History, Life Lessons from Sao Paulo, and PKN Champaign-Urbana Illustrated

Presentations History is important, we can surely all agree on that, but with his presentation (from PKN Memphis Vol. 2) Justin Thompson wants to make sure we all get the message. Entrepreneur and graphic designer Gustavo Garcia uses his presentation (in Portuguese, from PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10) to teach us 10 important life lessons, regarding work, jobs, life, career, and more. Posters The new posters on the Tumblr blog today are for PKN Moscow Vol. 19, PKN Columbus Vol. 22, and PKN Champaign-Urbana Vol. 10, which is the beautiful fully illustrated poster you see above.  Photos Today we'll point you to photos from last month's PKN Tokyo Vol. 93, taken as always by Michael Holmes -- we have galleries up on both Facebook and Flickr. Our Vol. 94 is coming up -- on Wednesday of next week (July 25) -- and since August is always a skip month for us here in Tokyo, it will be our last PKN of the summer. Calendar It's a quiet Wednesday with no PKNs happening tonight, but tomorrow (July 19) you can look forward to St. Albert's very first PKN, as well as a special edition PKN in Chicago (more details in this post).

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A Performance and Learning Theater in Dallas, Life With Child, and a Plea to Go Greener

Presentations Ann Williams talks (at PKN Dallas Vol. 10) about the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, a performance and learning center, walking us through its various programs, and highlighting some of the shows it has hosted. Errold Brown has two major passions in life: health & fitness and child developmental delays. This is a personal presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 17) about how his life has changed drastically after his first child was born. Roman Sablin, eco-lifestyle trainer and social engineer, helps to promote and implement social projects that create a better future. Roman’s presentation (in Russian, from PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 20) helps people go greener, that is to work on sustainable consumption, turn on eco-thinking in our daily life and routine habits. He explains how to choose healthy and safe cosmetics, food, and surround yourself with the necessary minimum of high-quality things. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is in the form of the last two flyers/posters for the city of Leksand, Vol. 4 and 5 -- the latter is happening tonight, and you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Photos Take a look at last week's PKN Columbus Vol. 23 through this photo gallery [Flickr]. Above, an attentive crowd, and an attendee shows up with a bike.  Calendar Tonight's (November 13) events: PKN Brighton Vol. 17, PKN Leksand Vol. 5, PKN Denver Vol. 15, and PKN San Diego Vol. 16. Tomorrow, we have the following five PKNs: PKN Birmingham Vol. 7, PKN Okayama Vol. 15, PKN Amsterdam Vol. 23, PKN Mikkeli Vol. 2, and PKN Santa Cruz Vol. 1.

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PKN Columbus Illuminated by The Lantern

Ohio State University's own newspaper, The Lantern, reported on PKN Columbus' latest event -- their Vol. 24. Presenters scheduled for the Columbus PechaKucha [included] a variety of Columbus professionals, according to the PechaKucha Columbus website, such as storyteller Rachel Joy Baransi, comic book creator Max Ink, and founder of Wild Goose Creative, Ryan Hoke. For the full story, check out their article. 

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Depicting the Circle Hunt

Artist Carrie Walker is inspired by historical "circle hunts" -- in which hunters would form a circle around a large portion of land and slowly close in, killing every animal they came across. Carrie found rich imagery in descriptions of these events, and had a desire to depict the now-forgotten animals. In "Depicting the Circle Hunt" from PKN Richmond, BC Vol. 3, we see how she embarked on a road trip to recreate scenes which she skillfully translated onto paper. 

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City Focus: Columbus

PechaKucha Night Columbus steals the City Focus Spotlight this week as they host their 40th (!!!) Volume this week. "The San Francisco of the midwest" as known to some is well-established bastion of creativity, a city shining with world-class architecture, design, culture, taste, and of course PechaKucha!