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Budapest @ Toldi Cinema
Feb 14, 2013


Miami @ The LAB Miami
Sep 20, 2013


Albany, NY @ Tech Valley Center of Gravity
Apr 10, 2014


Albany, NY @ Tech Valley Center of Gravity
Aug 26, 2014


Philadelphia @ Rogues Gallery
Apr 18, 2015

PAST CLEan Water Powered by PechaKucha

Cleveland @ Music Box Supper Club
Jun 10, 2015


Nov 08, 2016


Salt Lake City @ Weller Book Works
Jan 28, 2017


Salt Lake City @ Trolley Square South Entrance
Jan 19, 2018


Kosice @ Kino Usmev
Nov 23, 2017

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About Orée: Elegant Reconciliation of Human and High Tech

@ VOL 103 ON MAY 29, 2013

These days, people tend to see high tech as being cold and impersonal. Orée, from southern France, on the contrary, delivers elegant, unique and long lasting tech objects that combine natural materials, traditional hand crafting techniques, and the latest technologies. (in Japanese) 

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Clean Water for Life

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 13, 2013

Bradley Pierik (of Twothirds Water) has been studying the systems by which third-world countries purify their water to make it safe for human consumption. When waterborne diseases account for the majority of hospitalizations, a filtration system can literally be a lifesaver. Bradley goes into depth on his research and a prototype filter he's made while performing outreach in countries all over. 

"Presentation of the Day" on December 28, 2013.

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Clean Seas Please!

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 27, 2013

Have you ever thought about the consequences of not properly disposing waste and its affects on the environment? Erica Smith, a graphic designer, talks about her recent campaign peoject called "Clean Seas Please" which aims to make people more aware about what they choose to dispose in toliets by creating attractive and thought provoking advertisments. 

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Clean Stoves for Africa

@ VOL 25 ON JAN 16, 2015

Yosief Iyassu (Eritrea), Emmanuel Balele (Tanzania) and James Bamwete (Uganda) describe the deplorable health and environment effects caused by the use of inefficient traditional charcoal cooking stoves in Africa and show how the situation could considerably improve by replacing them with energy saving clay-based cooking stoves.

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Don't Teach Tech, Teach with Tech

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 28, 2015

Vishwas Singh Chauhan Bachelor of Engineering student at MITS Gwalior talks about how techologoy should not be an object in itself but play a role of a facilitator in the learning process.

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Yuca Tech

@ VOL 39 ON FEB 20, 2015

"La energía como instrumento social", de esto nos hablará Amor Muñoz
Yuca_Tech , energía hecha a mano, es un proyecto artístico, interdisciplinario y de corte social, que busca generar trabajo colectivo para la solución de problemas locales teniendo como nodo base las tecnologías apropiadas. 

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A Clean, Well-Lit Space - Comma Books Store

@ VOL 26 ON OCT 10, 2015

Having founded his own publishing house, Comma (which in turn created Yao Yao magazine), Mr. Chen began by sharing stories about his hometown Taoyuan. Now in its fifth year, his publishing house's mission as is to speak to the world via its publications, and to tread the no-man's land between dreams and the tough reality of operating a bookstore. Mr. Chen hopes the business will become known as Taoyuan's version of Hemingway's, 'a clean, well-lit space' and ultimately become a hit with the locals.

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Why Cities are Competing for Top Tech Talent

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2015

David Heard is sadly accustomed to his technologist friends moving away from San Antonio. The tech scene is too small, they say. The landscape is too suburban. Is our city just going to be a nice place to retire? Or can San Antonio become a place young, educated, highly coveted professionals aspire to live in, the kind of place where the world’s talent decides to build their careers? To do this, he believes we must fight out fierce competition from other cities and attract top tech talent. To understand why tech talent is the key to a strong future, David Heard outlines how technology and tech jobs are fundamentally transforming cities and their economies.
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Clean tech playground: De Ceuvel

@ VOL 29 ON OCT 24, 2016

"It's a continual transformation that goes on and on..."

In Clean tech playground: De Ceuvel at PechaKucha Night Christchurch Vol. 29, Partner of renowned repurposing architects SuperUse StudiosJos de Krieger takes us on a field trip around De Ceuvel, a clean tech playground in Amsterdam. There, innovators reclaimed a disused industrial portside site to create a space for experimentation with technologies for a sustainable future.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on April 3rd, 2017.

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Sask Tech 2017

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 28, 2017

As the VP of Design at Vendasta, Bryan Larson is passionate about UX and also admires entrepreneurs, mentors, and risk-takers. In this talk, Bryan gives us a chance to appreciate the major milestones and achievements of a number of local tech companies and associated initiatives over the last 12 months.

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Poster for PKN Helsingborg Vol. 3

Helsingborg will be hosting its PechaKucha Night Vol. 3 on March 1, at the Helsingborg Stadsteater. The event is not yet listed on the official PKN Helsingborg city page because of some tech issues, but it should all be fixed within a day or two.

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Playing With Art and Tech, Street Art in Mendoza, and a Transformational Idea

Presentations Edit Vizer has recently finished her education at the art-technology faculty at Aalborg University, and here (at PKN Aalborg Vol. 9) she talks about her newest project, FARM, an art & tech playground project where she invites everyone to join workshops. Barney is a street artist, and in his presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Mendoza Vol. 2) he talks about about the works he's produced in the streets of Mendoza, and why he does it. Richard Borbridge has an idea, and it involves the complete transformation of publication consultation. He calls it Public Realm 2.0, and describes it in his presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 16). Posters Today's additions to the Tumblr blog are the posters for tonight's PKN Tallinn Vol. 6 (pictured above) and for this past Saturday's PKN Williamsburg Vol. 3. httpv:// Video Pordenone has a few PKNs under its belt, and here's a video showing what the PKN experience is like in that city. Calendar Here are tonight's (November 14) six PKNs: PKN Birmingham Vol. 7, PKN Okayama Vol. 15, PKN Amsterdam Vol. 23, PKN Mikkeli Vol. 2, PKN Tallinn Vol. 6, and PKN Santa Cruz Vol. 1. Tomorrow is even bigger: PKN Leeds Vol. 15, PKN Groningen Vol. 19, PKN Detroit Vol. 13, PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 4, PKN St. Albert Vol. 2, PKN Kiruna Vol. 4, PKN Vaxjo Vol. 13, and PKN Moscow (Idaho) Vol. 3.

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Joseph Tame

You've seen -- and followed -- him running the Tokyo Marathon, and he will again take to the PK stage to update us on his latest tech-related projects. Yes, Joseph Tame will be our guest at tomorrow's Vol. 100, and the photo you see here is a good representation of what you can expect to see.すでに東京マラソンなどで有名なジョゼフさんが、iPhoneなどのテクノロジーを駆使してのマラソンプロジェクトを再度PechaKuchaで発表してくださいます!

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Rob Pott

At tomorrow's Vol. 103, we welcome Rob Pott, who will be talking about his "Bag-A-Surf" project, that aims to clean up Japan's beaches.PechaKucha Night 東京103(5月29日)に海岸に散らばるゴミ問題に取り組んでいるグループ「Bag-A-Surf」からRob Pottさんが登場されます。

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Sustainable development

Viacheslav Rudnytskiy is trainer at Success Technology Training Company in Dniproperovsk, Ukraine and he travels all over the world. After last trip he considered why there are clean streets in one place and dirty streets in another place. Theory of sustainable development is based on combination of economy, environment and social community factors of every phenomenon. 

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Clean Water for Life

Clean water may not be a luxury for us, but it is for many. Bradley Pierik (of Twothirds Water) has been studying the systems by which third-world countries purify their water to make it safe for human consumption. When waterborne diseases account for the majority of hospitalizations, a filtration system can literally be a lifesaver. In "Clean Water for Life" from PKN Vancouver Vol. 28, Bradley goes into depth on his research and a prototype filter he's made while performing outreach in countries all over. 

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Smarty Pants

Your heart rate is elevated, breathing pattern is abnormal. Sensors built into your clothing detect your anxiety and dispatch a calming agent.   Ashley Lewis, a tech educator in Toronto, talks of her passion of tech-craft hybrids. In "Smarty Pants" from PKN Toronto Vol. 27, she is inspired by current interactive clothing and future consumer products from conductive ink and thread to makeup and sportswear that will have you thinking about fashion in a completely different way. 

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Providing Safe Water

“There are 800 million people who lack access to water, and 2.5 billion without a toilet.” Shilpa Alva co-founded and directs Surge: an organisation focused on bringing safe water and sanitation to those in need. In “Providing Safe Water” from PKN Chicago Vol. 30 Shilpa speaks on the creation of Surge, the plight of those without clean water or plumbing, and how she and her colleagues are enacting positive change.

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Startups in Space

"Nowadays we have new tech. Everybody has an iPhone and actually these are more powerful than any of the satellites now in space. And thats the idea. We are basically using them produce space stuff that is way more powerful and much less expensive." In Startups in Space from Tokyo Vol. 127, spacecraft developer at Axelspace in Tokyo, Lucas Bremond catches us up on the accomplishments of the space programs of past and present, reminding us that many of historical cosmic triumphs were achieved with less computing power then that of our smartphones. He then turns our imaginations to the future, proposing a new age of space exploration where the playing field has been levelled, the barrier of entry lowered, an exciting new era of new inexpensive tech in space, which we can all potentially participate, and for the benefit of all.  

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“We are so privileged to be able to turn on our taps and have clean drinking water in an instant, but we often don’t think of the actual source of that water.” In "#LoveYourHeadwaters" from PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol. 26, Alison Ronson brings us from the city into the beautiful Alberta wilderness, encouraging us to get excited about our water—where it comes from, why it needs more protection, and what the average Edmontonian can do to #LoveYourHeadwaters.