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Inspire Christchurch Channel

After the events of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the worldwide PechaKucha community has come together to "Inspire New Zealand". The road to recovery is a long one, and you can help inspire regrowth by sharing your story of Christchurch here. Get in touch with us via

Erica Austin
Event Awesomist, ChCh Ambassador, Ministry of Awesome in Christchurch
Charlotte Cottrell
Creator & Cultivator in Christchurch


Christchurch @ The Basement
May 29, 2008


Christchurch @ Repertory Theatre
Sep 16, 2009


Christchurch @ Dux de Lux
Feb 04, 2010


Christchurch @ Level 5, Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti
May 20, 2010


Christchurch @ CPSA Building, CPIT
Apr 16, 2011


Christchurch @ TelstraClear Club, Events Village, Hagley Park
Sep 07, 2011


Christchurch @ Geo Dome
Nov 18, 2011


Christchurch @ Geo Dome
Aug 30, 2012


Christchurch @ Cardboard Cathedral
Aug 28, 2014


Christchurch @ UCSA Events Centre
Jul 15, 2015

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Sentient Beings

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 28, 2009

Let visual artist Lizzy Moyle walk you through some of her creative works, and beyond.

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What, if Anything, Is Big Bird?

@ VOL 8 ON MAY 20, 2010

Zoologist Mike Dickison talks about the PhD research he's been doing on a flightless bird -- the "Big Bird" of the title.

"What, if Anything, Is Big Bird?" is the presentation that has garnered the most views on our site since we started sharing PK presentations online.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 28, 2013.

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@ VOL 24 ON MAR 24, 2011

A talk about Christchurch that covers online maps and SMS, tools that were very helpful in getting urgent information out during the first few hours and days after the quake.

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Kerk voor niet-kerkelijken

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 16, 2014

Jan Wolsheimer vertelt over de pop-up kerk die hij in Woerden is gestart.

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Knickerbocker Cycling in Christchurch

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 04, 2015

On the 1892 Adalanta Cycle Club:

"It's special to me because it was a group of all women cyclists that decided to get together to go on picnics, to go one day trips, and just be all around awesome in their knickerbockers."

From Knickerbocker Cycling in Christchurch, from Christchurch Vol. 23Catarina Gutierrez shares her passion as an everyday cyclist as she explores a city steeped in bicycle culture and history. Prior to landing in Christchurch, she's lived and pedaled in popular bike cities such as Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR. In addition to founding the social bicycles club "CycleCHCH", Gutierrez volunteers at RAD Bikes. These days you can find her cruising around Christchurch on a bubblegum pink Morrison step-through and in a bright, neon helmet covered in stickers. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 28th, 2015.

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Building a simple metal church


One of the Arkansas regional modernist architects Marlon Blackwell was a bible salesman in his college years.  He is fascinated by taking the familiar and presenting it in a strange way. He is sharing his experience instilling strangeness and emphasis on the iconic through converting a metal shed into a church building.

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The Resurrection of Christchurch

@ VOL 134 ON MAR 18, 2016

In The Resurrection of Christchurch from PKN Tokyo's Vol. 134 Pow Wow Special, PechaKucha Night Christchurch Organisers Netta Egoz and Erica Austin use the 17 PKNs since the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes as a means to document the social rebuild of the city. The events move from temporary buildings to pop up public spaces and finally back to permanent buildings as the city reopens and rebuilds. Each event showcases a different venue, designer, photographer, and the speakers often talk about their ideas for a better city which are now collated under the Inspire Christchurch channel!

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Easter Sunday, March 27th, 2016.

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Triumph of Human Adaptability

@ VOL 11 ON JUN 16, 2016

"We obviously can’t give citizens the role to do everything. It’s just about recognizing their part in the process."

In Triumph of Human Adaptability from PechaKucha Night London Vol. 11Harry Knight details his unique experiences over the past few years and how they were shaped by the events of 22 February 2011 when a major earthquake struck his hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. Knight talks about the triumph of human adaptability as well as the power of community spirit!

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on WEdnesday, October 5th, 2016. 

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Visions for the future of Christchurch

@ VOL 29 ON OCT 24, 2016

Entrepreneur Raphael Nolden  shares some visions for a future for earthquake struken Christchurch

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Auf der Suche nach dem Schönen, Wahren und Guten

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 17, 2016

Martin Iten ist Grafiker. Er und ein südtiroler Freund, ebenfalls Grafiker, fanden die digitale Welt ein wenig "öd". Sie wollten gerne einmal wieder etwas richtig Analoges machen, mit Papier, Druck, Fühlen und Riechen... Das Ergebnis: "Melchior". Ein Magazin mit christlichem Hintergrund, das die großen existenziellen Fragen des Lebens behandelt und noch dazu wunderbar gestaltet und illustriert ist.

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PKN Christchurch in the News

PechaKucha Night in Christchurch gets featured in a recent issue of the New Zealand Listener, that country's "only national, weekly current affairs and entertainment magazine." You can read the piece online here.

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Ideas for Christchurch

Also coming to us from Christchurch today (see our previous post about the event postponement), organizer Vanessa Coxhead fills us in on an intriguing new project called "Ideas for Christchurch," that looks to get young architecture students working together on ideas for rebuilding Christchurch. Below, the details of the project. This is a call for ideas. Christchurch's recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake has severely damaged much of the built fabric of the city, in particular historic buildings in the centre. Outlying suburbs have been hard hit and vast numbers of homes will need to be reconsidered. Currently teams are working to assess, and to salvage what is possible of the city's buildings. Within a few weeks large-scale rebuilding will begin. This call for ideas comes from a group of young architectural graduates with an interest in engaging members of the public in dialogue around building decisions that affect them. The events in Christchurch have given their concerns a direct and immediate weight: over the coming months, hugely significant, city-defining architectural and planning decisions are going to have to be made. We implore the public at large, as well as architecture students and practicing architects, to become involved in a positive and productive discussion over the nature of these decisions and the kinds of rebuilding they would like to see take place. We want to see your ideas providing a framework to give shape to what could, should, or might be. Choose your strategy, construct an argument, share a notion, indulge in joyful play, fight against or reach towards. Scale is open: form a strategic vision for the entire city; reconsider a hard hit suburb; preserve a local dairy. Salvage heritage and character, design temporary infills, sustainable developments, urban parks/reserves, inner-city living, a new typology of housing, a city of skyscrapers, a city of pickles… whatever you find interesting. We want ideas, ideas to stimulate interest and establish discussion to achieve the best for Christchurch. Design, plan, write, draw, paint, model, dream... just share what you value and deliver it in an A3 digital format to Submit as often as you want, as a group or as an individual; identify yourself or remain anonymous. We see this as urgent. Submissions are open from Wed 15th to Sat 25th September 5pm. Selected works will be uploaded to online discussion forums, presented to the media, and publicly exhibited. For submission requirements, further information, queries, and updates please email the above or visit:

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Earthquake in Christchurch

Our thoughts are again with organizer Vanessa Coxhead and all our PechaKucha friends (and just plain everyone, for that matter) in Christchurch, which unfortunately has been hit by another terrible earthquake, this one apparently even worse than what was experienced last year.


Inspire Christchurch

Although the focus of our upcoming Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan fundraiser, we have not forgotten our friends in Christchurch, and we are very happy to announce that PKN Christchurch organizer Vanessa Coxhead and her team will be kicking off the whole event. We include here a press release from Vanessa that details the Christchurch event. PKN_CHCH_10 SPECIAL EDITION “Inspire Christchurch” Kick-starting Global PechaKucha Day – Inspire Japan Saturday 16 April 2011 Doors open 7.30pm / start 8.20pm Addington Coffee Co-op 297 Lincoln Road Addington Entry by koha. All funds raised on the night will be distributed to Architecture for Humanity's current rebuilding effort in Christchurch and the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Limited capacity. Cash bar only. On 22 February, as Christchurch was preparing to rebuild after the 4 September Canterbury Earthquake, the earth shook and again we have found ourselves in recovery mode, mourning the loss of lives, livelihoods, beloved places and spaces, our much loved heritage and our homes. Then on 11 March, Japan suffered an earthquake and tsunami that destroyed 400km of coastline, killed over 10,000 people, left 400,000 people homeless, and triggered a nuclear situation that is still unfolding. Now both Christchurch and the effected parts of Japan find themselves facing the difficulties and opportunities of rebuilding after significant natural disasters. Please join us on 16 April for PechaKucha Night Christchurch 10 SPECIAL EDITION “Inspire Christchurch” and be a part of Global PechaKucha Day – Inspire Japan. Japan has inspired designers for many generations. It is where PechaKucha Night was born which has turned into a massive celebration, with events happening in hundreds of cities around the world, inspiring creatives worldwide. Let's all come together and show Christchurch and Japan that the creative world is thinking of them, that all is not lost, and that it is possible to stand up and rebuild, even in the suburbs and towns which have been completely destroyed. With creativity and passion, anything is possible. THINK / PARTICIPATE / DONATE / INSPIRE On 16 April, many of the 400 PechaKucha cities around the world will come together and hold events, broadcasting out to the world over multiple Ustreams. Here in Christchurch we’ll be holding an event at Addington Coffee Co-op and kick-starting the global event via Ustream. The 20x20 presentations will be focused on 3 main themes INSPIRATION, ISSUES, RECOVERY. They could be simply about things that inspire us, or how Christchurch or Japan has inspired you. Great ideas or solutions that help deal with the issues at hand whether earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster. Or focusing on the road to recovery. On 16 April hundreds of 20x20 presentations will be made around the world and we hope that you’ll be one of them. If you, or someone you know, are interested in presenting please get in touch. You can email me at or contact me on 027 660 6437. Find a city near you and attend or watch on Ustream. Donate at the door or online.

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The Art of Photographing Water, Indonesian Comics, and Post-Earthquake Christchurch

Presentations Chris Tennant is a physicist by day, but behind the lens he becomes the champion of photographing water. This presentation (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1) takes us on an exploration of the soul of water's essence. The images are amazing enough, but Chris' narrative opens us to a deeper understanding of why we are always drawn to images of water. Anto Motulz is an Indonesian comic book artist, and in this presentation (in Indonesian, from PKN Jakarta Vol. 9) he tells us about the medium he had decided to express himself in. As a comic artist, he does not limit himself by drawing with one tool, and instead he will move from ballpoint to pencil to color pencil to brush, even using sticky notes as a medium. He also shares stories how he himself as an artist is adapting to technology development, from using Wacom and the iPad in creating his works. Posters We have a few additions to the Tumblr blog today, including posters for PKN Castellon Vol. 1, PKN Pisa Vol. 2, and PKN Christchurch Vol. 14 (pictured above). Here's more from PKN Christchurch organizer Jessica Halliday, on the poster, the upcoming event, and the current state of post-earthquake Christchurch.The poster was designed by noted New Zealand artist Julia Morison. We're in raptures over it -- it's the first illustrative design we've had for a PKN poster, hey're usually by designers who are obsessed with typography, not that there's anything wrong with that but it's a great privilege to have Julia make something so distinctive for us that so beautifully expresses PechaKucha. This time we're going to hold PechaKucha Night in The Court Theatre's temporary shed -- a post-earthquake example of temporary adaptive reuse of an industrial building for cultural purposes. It's in the urban-fringe village of Addington, so we're stepping outside the central city for the first time. Much of our central city is still cordoned off -- as it has been since the 22 February earthquake -- and it is now estimated that at least 80% of our central city buildings will be demolished. In addition, over 7000 domestic properties have been 'red-zoned,' meaning they won't be rebuilt on their existing sites and thousands of people have to find new places to live. This is a devastating loss and life here is still very difficult for many of the city's citizens. We hope PKNCHCH14 will be something of a bright spark in the cold, winter darkness. We've got an excellent line up -- from the eight listed on the poster we've now risen to 11 superb speakers from the fields of architecture, science, visual art and design. We may even get a special surprise twelfth speaker...Video Today, instead of photos, we share a video that offers a taste of the recent PKN Bilbao Vol. 13.  Calendar Tonight (July 3) you can catch PKN Cape Town Vol. 19 -- we're told there will be an 11-year-old presenter in the lineup -- and tomorrow you can look to the following two events: PKN Amsterdam Vol. 22 and PKN Utsunomiya Vol. 1. 

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Redneck Art, the Making of an Art Calendar, and a Look at PKN St. Louis

Presentations Dwayne Butcher is an artist and curator, and in this presentation (from PKN Memphis Vol. 1) he talks about how he started producing art -- what inspired him to start -- and shares works that he has made and that has inspired him. In this presentation (in Japanese, from PKN Tokyo Vol. 94), Hiroshi Miyazaki (of Aquent) talks about the competition that was held for his company to produce a calendar, and goes through the art work that made the cut. Posters Since our last regular post two weeks ago, we have amassed quite a collection of posters, and we'll be gradually sharing a few each day throughout the coming week. Today, we've added the following to the Tumblr blog:  PKN Vancouver Vol. 23 (pictured above), PKN San Antonio Vol. 7 (see this preview piece for more info), this past May's PKN Singapore Vol. 4, and last week's big special edition PKN in Chicago, at the Art Institute of Chicago. httpv:// Video PKN St. Louis organizer Jeannette Thompson sent us this link for a video report on the city's latest PKN, produced in conjunction with the local PBS affiliate.  Links"What I Learned at PechaKucha" [Dragonfly Editorial]"Christchurch festival's 'writers-only' PechaKucha Night" [Scoop]Calendar Following these last few summer week, the PechaKucha Night calendar is starting to fill up again, and although there are no PKNs planned for tonight or tomorrow, you can look to Wednesday (August 22) for PKN Cairns Vol. 5 and PKN Durban Vol. 8.

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Reexamining an Abandoned Amusement Park, Teaching Kids How to Deal with Disabilities, and Guerilla Projecting in Providence

Presentations A presentation (from PKN Miami Vol. 15) by Anthony Spinello and Augustina Woodgate about a project in Berlin called Kulturpark, taking place in an abandoned amusement park. Here's more on the project from the official website:In the Treptower Park forest in East Berlin, along the Spreeriver, there is an abandoned amusement park. The park, originally called Kulturpark Planterwald, was built in 1969 by the GDR and was a rare site for Soviet amusement and attraction. After the fall of the wall, the park became the family-owned Spreepark and suffered challenges of access, attendance, and economy. In 2001, the park closed from capital collapse. Ever since, visitors have regularly traversed the fence to explore this jungle of broken thrill machines. In June 2012, Kulturpark will explore the poetics and potential of these recent ruins, building upon the unique energy of Berlin’s urban, social, cultural, and political landscapes.Marina Potanina is the president of a charity foundation called To Kids About Kids. In her presentation (in Russian, from PKN Moscow Vol. 12) she talks about the project, and the creation of an animated series about school life for a group of kids, with one of the main characters being a girl in a wheelchair. In Russia, there are no books, TV, or other examples of adequate communication with people with disabilities. Marina believes that if we start by talking to kids about these issues, that our society will be changed. Posters We end the week with a Tumblr blog update that includes quite a few older posters: PKN Beirut Vol. 11 (pictured above), PKN Sevilla Vol. 9 and 11, PKN Jakarta Vol. 10, PKN New Orleans Vol. 4, PKN Chicago Vol. 18, PKN Louisville Vol. 1, PKN Dublin Vol. 1, PKN Christchurch Vol. 3, PKN The Hague Vol. 5, PKN Victoria Vol. 3-6, PKN Huddersfield Vol. 1, and PKN Los Angeles Vol. 28. Photos We spotted this photo (by Twitter user @parulia, who was attending her first PKN) taken at this past Wednesday's PKN Providence Vol. 41 -- we sure love the guerilla nature of the venue and projection wall.  Calendar There's just one event tonight (August 31), with Kumamoto hosting its Vol. 4. Then, you can look to Saturday for the following two events: PKN Hyderabad Vol. 10 and PKN Kathmandu Vol. 6. 

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Top 5 Delectably Culinary Presentations

Think no one can make you do anything? Well, we bet we can make your mouth water! That's right, we're playing with your involuntary actions like Pavlov played with his pups (well, kind of). Here are five meaty, food-related presentations ready for your consumption: "From the Kitchen to the World" by Aram Reed "Designing Cakes" by Mhairi Wild "The Savory Month of Ramendan" by Jed Schmidt "Molecular Gastronomy" by Nik Mavromatis  "8 Things Designers Can Learn from Baking Cakes" by James Stockdale

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Knickerbocker Cycling in Christchurch

On the 1892 Atlanta Cycle Club: "It's special to me because it was a group of all women cyclists that decided to get together to go on picnics, to go one day trips, and just be all around awesome in their knickerbockers." From Knickerbocker Cycling in Christchurch, from Christchurch Vol. 23,  Catarina Gutierrez shares her passion as an everyday cyclist as she explores a city steeped in bicycle culture and history. Prior to landing in Christchurch, she's lived and pedaled in popular bike cities such as Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR. In addition to founding the social bicycles club "CycleCHCH", Gutierrez volunteers at RAD Bikes. These days you can find her cruising around Christchurch on a bubblegum pink Morrison step-through and in a bright, neon helmet covered in stickers.   

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The PechaKucha Global Community sends out some much deserved love and inspiration to Netta, Erica, and our extended family in Christchurch New Zealand, who at this very moment on Mar 2nd 2016, are hosting there 26th Vol. of PKN! Five years ago this week, Christchurch suffered a massive earthquake that rattled their city but not their spirits. When Japan's massive quake occurred just a few short weeks later, Christchurch despite their own tragedy, were the first to PechaKucha shores with blinding support. A true testament of their community's good will.   Even though 5 year have passed, the road to reconstruction continues, reflected in the many PechaKucha presentations about Christchurch rebuilding. And as a very small, and very late but sincere token of our gratitude to their commitment to Japan in our time of need, we're launching INSPIRE CHRISTCHURCH in an effort to keep the spotlight shining on their city.   Share your story of Christchurch with us, and together let's INSPIRE CHRISTCHURCH to it's vibrant self.