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Heirloom Woodworking

@ VOL 12 ON JUL 20, 2016

For Joel Dubbeld, working with wood is one the most delightful things to do - ever. To share his experiences with others is a great privilege.


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Aalborg @ Karolinelunden
Sep 05, 2013

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Tools of the Trade

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 17, 2015

Artist Matt Kinney explains how his artistic practice of gorgeously rendered tools in exotic hardwoods was informed by his day job of carpentry.

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Aller guten Dinge sind drei

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 12, 2016

Simon MOosbrugger, Johannes NIgsch und Pius KAufmann sind MO-NI-KA. Das Ziel der drei jungen Vorarlberger ist es, Handwerk, Architektur und Design zu vereinen. Sie bündeln ihr Wissen, ergänzen sich gegenseitig und produzieren qualitativ hochwertige Möbel sowie Möbel-  und Innenausbau. Ihr Herz schlägt für Massivholz aus der Region. Die drei Bregenzerwälder sind momentan hauptsächlich in Wien tätig.

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@ VOL 30 ON OCT 12, 2016

Henrik Grønborg gives a presentation about Svartlöga - his old ship which was restored by many people, strong friendships and lots of hard work. He speaks about the various cultural events where Svartlöga attended as well as the plans for a longer trip around the world.

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Doing Good Work

@ VOL 8 ON JAN 20, 2017

John Littel shares the joy of lending his carpentry skills in Haiti. Over the many years of volunteering, John has helped construct churches, a women’s clinic, and an orphanage. Why God made him a carpenter was to support the efforts of many to help those in need.  Through “Building Goodness” John is helping to rebuild lives.

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A Well-Played Summer

@ VOL 21 ON DEC 06, 2016

Ginny Figlar shares what happened when a perfect storm of slow workload, bored kids and sudden gumption hit her backyard this summer.

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The Art of Biology

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Mehdi Doumi is from Algeria and England, studied biomedical engineering, and is a technical leader in Research and Innovation at L’Oreal USA - researching human perception of cosmetic products.  He has been part of NPO Ligo Project, promoting science in U.S. culture through humor and videography.  He also enjoys carpentry, improv, and drawing satirical cartoons.  Over the last 4 years he has committed himself to creating abstract artwork to any K-12 educator across the USA.  He hopes that each art piece stimulates student curiosity about math and science topics, especially in a challenging teaching environment.

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Apprentice to Journeyman, Plank to Table

@ VOL 39 ON JUL 27, 2017

Lorien Wood shares the building of a journeyman’s piece, the “final exam” of a three-year German cabinetry apprenticeship, from raw wood to the finished piece of furniture.


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Occupying Utopia at PechaKucha Night Aalborg #13

We had an AWSOME! event in Aalborg denmark last thursday and I'm still high on you can hear! We made this PechaKucha Night in Aalborg - our 13. event happen at IMAGES Festival in Karlinelunden Aalborg thursday september 5., where artists from mainly Asia and Africa were invited all week to show works, do performances, artisttalks, workshops and play concerts with danish artists. The theme of the festival and PechaKucha was Occupy Utopia!   And what an event! Around 150 came to the Worlduniversitytent, where photographer Stephen Freiheit exhibited his moving photos with portraits of people from all over the world and his photoproject and -book "Things you can't buy for money". Filled with photocontributors from Nepal, Burma and many other places Stephen Freiheits photos connects people and creates awareness of the different ways of living. Of course it had to be Stephen Freiheit who opened this PechaKucha Night #13 in Aalborg by telling a fraction of the stories he has to share from his travels in Asia living with the people he portraits. Susanne Ahrenkiel is a danish sculpture artist taking part in Imags Festival, and she shared the experience of working with Burkina Faso artists Xavier Sayago and Sahab Koanda together with danish artist Kirsten Barlit - and the artistic progress and cultural challenges that took place during the 14 days they spent working together here in Denmark.   To make an event like this happen with artists coming in from across the earth also creates the challenge of even getting there to the event. So unfortunately cambodian street artist Peap Tarr, who created this PechaKucha Night poster couldn't get to Denmark to present at PechaKucha Night in Aalborg due to visatrouble with the danish authorities :-(    In stead an artist from Ghana jumped in on short notice just the day before PechaKucha Night: Eric Adjetey Anang from KANE KWEI Carpentry Workshop is making coffins as 3rd. generation in the family - yes you read correctly - coffins  - but made as artistic references either, to who the person was alive or to the spirit of an animal - humour, colourfullness, playfullness and also political statements. And a questioning of the nescessity of leaving life in only sorrow and not celebrating the life that just ended. This art-project takes Eric Adjetey Anang all over the world exhibiting and doing artisttalks. Here in Aalborg he amongst others worked together with danish street-artist Lars Pank to create a human size macrell-tomatocan-coffin :-) And following Eric as PechaKucha presenter was graphic illustrator and street-artist Lars Pank telling about both his latest art-projects Storby-stories, inspiration and co-working with other artists. Painter Bong Delfin currently work in Kerteminde Denmark and was selected as artist of the year there Bong Delfin comes from the Philipines. Bong talked about occupying his utopia thrugh his poetic imaginary painting universe that are also very strong statements.   In our short break we had been given the opportunity to show a short documentary made i english by Mads Jeppesen about danish artist Dennis Seide - choosing life as an artist in stead of getting a steady monthly paycheck in your mailbox every month. That lead well up to our second half started by another danish artist Jens Munk Clemmensen. He and two fellow artists have founded CAT Studio as both a studio and a growth-place - apprentice- and mentorship for young art-talents. Jens wanted to share this idea to be taken by other artists to oyher places around the world.   Educational revolutions swept over Europe during the sixtees. A place in Thy Denmark caught the attension of the world back then because of it's prominent guests John Lennon Yoko Ono and Yoko Onos daughter. They became friends with the founders of what was called æ Verdensuniveritet / a Worlduniversity out in the countryside in the middle of nowhere - Sara Damskier and her husband then Aage Rosendahl Nielsen. Sara Damskier talked about making the impossible happen out in the middle of nowhere transforming ideas of education and knowledge in broad perspective - seeing the importance of education of whole human beings. Occupying that Utopia became very present and lead over to the second speaker in same presentation - from Aalborg University art & Technology Fak Heinrich. Falk gave a short tour de force of the new world university - streamlined education forgot some values - maybee with the need to once again incorporate what was acknowledged back in the sixtees. You are the one who can make changes happen - occupying Utopia possible.   A strong believer in that action matters is venezuelean lawyer Ronald Thomas Graterol. He talked about the importance of improving conditions for children all over the world, and how you can contribute with your time through volunteer work for ngo Save the children.   Another challenge making an event like this happen are languages, and how to make yourself understood not talking danish or english. Cao Trung Vinh documentary film director had the help of Cao Thanh Há to translate a beautiful vietamese to english along in his presentation. Vinh is travelling Vietnam to collect knowledge about traditional villagefestivals to offer to connect them with contemporary artist ideas, and has made movies anout the events.   Last but not least another artist not english speaking - but mongolian! Hugjiltu is leadsinger in the band Ajinai - they played at Roskilde festival in Denmark in july as well as at the much smaller Aalborg Blues Festival august to standing applause. Hugjiltu wanted to share knowledge about the role nature and wide grassranges has to mongolian people, festivals, nomadelives - and what the mongolian horse (Ajinai) means to him. In the last part of his presentation he played accompanied by artworks by his friend and photographer Alusi. A beautiful ending to a wonderfull evening of occupying utopia, and I don't think anyone went home untouched, wiser or moved. This a great experience that created contacts, knowledge and understanding between people - all that PechaKucha is meant to do.

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PechaKucha People: Sonia Chow

This week we'd like to give a big round of applause to PechaKucha's Hong Kong City Organizer and all-around super star, Sonia Chow. In addition to running a stellar PKN series in HK, she's also director and co-founder of ChowPourianLab, a Hong Kong-based design studio. Whether pattern drafting, Japanese carpentry, or chemical engineering, Sonia's on it!