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Educating our Children for the Future

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 28, 2014

Lynn Rogoff discusses the oncoming 6th major extinction on the planet. She states that plant and animal species are becoming extinct at a catastrophic rate, and that it is entirely thanks to the growing human population. She speaks about the necessity for biodiversity, and how her organisation Amerikids is teaching children about the planet’s needs.


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Vancouver @ The Vogue Theatre
Nov 27, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Beaty Biodiversity Museum , University of British Columbia
Jan 29, 2015


Dublin @ The Grand Social
Apr 22, 2015


Adelaide @ South Australian Museum - Pacific Cultures Gallery
Sep 22, 2016

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Youth Corps Singapore The Red Box
May 26, 2017


Sapporo @ MEET Space
Oct 12, 2018

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Web of Life in Kentucky

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 07, 2011

Greg Abernathy talks about the biodiversity in the forest and parks of Kentucky. He explores the solution to preserving biodiversity in the forest of Kentucky.  

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Inside My Green Book

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 18, 2015

K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar is an ambitious nature photographer and educator on a quest to connect us to the nature. He loves being outdoors, spending time with kids, and travelling and taking photographs.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Thursday, August 13th. 

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Sustainability and environmental rationality

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 21, 2015

Environmental sustainability - the ability of the environment to withstand human. In ecology, the term refers to the ability of biological systems to the preservation and development of biodiversity.

lya Yakovlev considered the question about social, ecological, cultural processes that use natural resources. 

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Naturalis verwondering

@ VOL 12 ON JUL 01, 2015

Yuri Matteman is hoofd Educatieve Ontwikkeling van Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Naturalis wil iedereen enthousiaster maken voor de rijkdom aan de natuur en het onderzoek dat aan de natuur wordt gedaan. Daarom proberen ze mensen zoveel mogelijk te verwonderen en hun nieuwsgierigheid te stimuleren. Bezoekers kunnen zoveel mogelijk zelf op onderzoek uitgaan.

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Common Roots Urban Farm

@ VOL 20 ON JUN 17, 2016

Jayme Melrose wants to see the plants reign victorious, conquering concrete with food, beauty and biodiversity   Raised feral in the forest of northern BC, she studied ecological horticulture and permaculture at Linnaea Farm School on Cortes Island, BC., followed that with a Bachelor of Community Design from Dalhousie.  She is currently the Project Coordinator & Flower Farmer at Common Roots Urban Farm, where she's been working too hard since 2012!

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Naturens værdi

@ VOL 32 ON FEB 23, 2017

Nikolaj Ahlburg from Natur Retur makes a statement about nature and biodiversity with a focus on why we as humans should stop measuring the value of the nature.

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Les sciences participatives, une opportunité extraordinaire pour comprendre l’évolution de la biodiversité

@ VOL 4 ON NOV 24, 2016

Depuis toujours, les naturalistes collectent des informations sur la répartition des espèces vivantes. Récemment, la diffusion de nouveaux outils simples et efficaces, ainsi que la sensibilisation d’un large public, a permis d’accroître d’une manière exponentielle la disponibilité de l’information rassemblée sur la nature. Ces données, non plus simplement rassemblées par les experts, mais aussi dans certains cas par de simples citoyens, sont directement utilisables par les scientifiques qui tentent de comprendre comment et pourquoi la biodiversité évolue. Nous tenterons de faire percevoir les fantastiques opportunités offertes, notamment par Internet, mais aussi les limites de ces méthodes.

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Truth bee told

@ VOL 37 ON SEP 19, 2018

Kristina Macdonald, a 26 year old ecologist at the beginning of her vocation is currently working in the biodiversity team at the Christchurch City Council. With a passion for conservation, Kristina is involved in a range of enviro ventures including lizard and bird monitoring, pest plant management and urban biodiversity.

Knowing the importance of community involvement to improve local biodiversity, Kristina has led the Backyard Mistletoe Project for the last two years. This project has successfully seen over 16 thousand native, locally rare mistletoe seeds sown by our community in backyards all over Christchurch. In this PechaKucha, Kristina highlights the importance of science behind conservation by telling the story of pollination decline and community efforts.

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Celebrating the unlovable and the unseen

@ VOL 37 ON SEP 19, 2018

Dr. Victoria Metcalf is a marine biologist, geneticist and science communicator committed to making a difference. She has made many trips to the Antarctic, researching environmental change impacts on Antarctic fish and shellfish. Victoria manages the Participatory Science Platform, where communities, educators and scientists receive funding to work together on locally meaningful projects. She finds this a highly rewarding role that matches her passion for engaging everyone with science. Victoria has also been a steadfast advocate for women in STEM.

She balances all of this with being a single mother to her eight-year-old daughter, and they especially enjoy exploration of the world around them together on bike and foot. Here, Victoria discusses charisma in the natural world, how it impacts our conservation decisions, and how we can use a different lens to see beauty and value in all living things. She explores how such a change in perspective might also affect how we value and celebrate the all too often hidden contributions of women in, and the diversity of, science.