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Restoring A Salt Lake: A livelihoods approach


Urmia lake is a slat lake in Northwest Iran, near the border from Turkey. At its greatest extent, it was the largest lake in the Middle East and the sixth-largest saltwater lake on Earth. Due to a wide range of issues, mostly man-made, the lake had shrunk to 10% of its former size. A national and international initiatives started to restore the lake. One of those initiatives focused on livelihoods of the communities around the lake. In this presentation, Shuan SadreGhazi tells the story of the lake and of the initiative to save it.

Shuan cares about the lake because it is near to his hometown. The problem that has happened for the lake is a typical case when climate change and human negligence lead to a wide range of social, environmental and economic problems. He is glad that some of the interventions are starting to bear fruit.



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@ VOL 33 ON MAR 03, 2015

The life of a female intellectual largely forgotten by history emerges in a new play by Jyl Bonaguro portraying how, after falling in love with Voltaire, Emilie Du Châtelet transformed from a social dilettante into one of Europeʼs leading scientific minds. 

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Urbis Covers PKN

If you pick up the latest issue of New Zealand design/architecture magazine Urbis (51), flip on over to pages 36-37 for a great 2-page interview with PechaKucha Night founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. Below, some slightly larger (and hopefully readable) scans of the article. Big thanks to PKN Christchurch organizer Vanessa Coxhead for sending this in.

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Nicolas Uribe

Today we're going to highlight a couple of presentations NOT in English, in part to remind everyone that a PechaKucha presentation can be just as lively no matter the language, and whether you understand what is being said or not. Let's kick things off then with Nicolas Uribe who presented his "Better than Picasso" in Spanish at last month's PKN Bogota Vol. 6, which was held during our big "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti" event. The city was able to raise more than $1,500 for the cause, and please feel free to add to the sum if you enjoy Nicolas' presentation.