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PechaKucha Daily Blog Channel

The PechaKucha Daily Blog is where you'll find news on the latest PechaKucha happenings worldwide, reports on recent PechaKucha Nights, a look at some of our favorite PKN posters, as well as highlights of new presentations added to the site.

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BitSummit Channel

BitSummit is a new conference in Western Japan for indie developers to showcase ideas and meet with publishers. For this year's BitSummit MMXIV (March 7-9) the festival has expanded in size, length, and quality, with three days worth of guest speakers and musical guests, combined together in an event unlike anything ever seen.

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New Cities Foundation: WhatWorks Channel

The New Cities Foundation's mission is to incubate, promote and scale urban innovations. WhatWorks is a speaker series curated by the Foundation aimed at finding the up-and-coming innovators working on solving the great urban challenges of our time, including energy, mobility, health, housing, and many more.

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Inspire Christchurch Channel

After the events of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the worldwide PechaKucha community has come together to "Inspire New Zealand". The road to recovery is a long one, and you can help inspire regrowth by sharing your story of Christchurch here. Get in touch with us via

New Town Art Gallery
in Williamsburg, Virginia
Ultra Super New
Creative Agency in Tokyo
New York SEO
in New York
Marisa New
Public Health/Occupational Therapist in Oklahoma City
Maeven New
in Grapevine
Brooke New
in Irmo


New Westminster @ River Market
Jan 24, 2013


New Westminster @ River Market
Apr 26, 2013


New Westminster @ Westminster Pier Park
Jul 19, 2014


New Westminster @ Anvil Centre
Oct 24, 2015


New Westminster @ River Market
May 06, 2016


New Westminster @ Royal City Centre
Jul 22, 2016


New Westminster @ Anvil Centre - 14th Floor
Feb 25, 2017


New Westminster @ Anvil Centre
Nov 25, 2017


New Westminster @ Massey Theatre
Mar 03, 2018

01 JUN


New Westminster @ Columbia Theatre

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Falling in Love with New Westminster

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 24, 2013

Tej Kainth shares all of the reasons she has fallen in love with New Westminster, from the people in the community, to the arts and culture of the city, to the architecture of the city itself. She points out several recent projects which have taken place in the city, and urges others to undertake new ones as well.

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Only in New Westminster

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

Professional Chef Todd Bright recounts some of his favorite experiences cooking in the lower mainland area. With sustainability initiatives, cooking competitions, and other community events, the area has become one of Bright's favorite places. 

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Cultivating City Identity

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 27, 2013

"This place is not Vancouver!"

In "Cultivating City Identity" from PechaKucha night New Westminster Vol. 3, Nicolas D Robitaille speaks on an architectural project he developed while in school as a means to reinvigorate the New Westminster downtown parkade and cultivate a strong identity for the city. He discusses the challenges currently plaguing the area and shows off his impressive proposition that features the incorporation of new parks, gathering spots, and dining. 

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The Language of New Orleans

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2014

Mom, writer, and blogger Eve Peyton shares the joys and struggles of living in post-Katrina New Orleans, including the unique problems and delights of raising a child in such a diverse and challenging city.

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New York - Paris - Coventry

@ VOL 20 ON FEB 20, 2015

An exploration of fire hydrants in New York, Paris and Coventry, why not?

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New Home, New Light


"Sit" shows his incredible photography that takes us into the colorful world that surrounds us.

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My New Family


Mike McGreer talks about how joining his new wife's family has been an amazing experience, in particular getting to know is brother-in-law and his diverse-ability.

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A New West Feminist's Dream City Council

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 12, 2017

Where Hayley Sinclair double dog dares any man to run in the 2018 civic election.

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200 days without buying anything new

@ VOL 46 ON NOV 07, 2017

Marnita Oppermann will share a personal story about not buying anything new for 200 days. The challenge transformed Marnita's relationship with money and gave her a new perspective on materialism.

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Capitol Area New Mainers Project

@ VOL 26 ON JAN 19, 2018

Chris Myers Asch shares the story of the Capital Area New Mainers Project; and how they are helping both new mainers, and the communities that they are moving into with this transition. 

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Go New West(minster)!

New Westminster's local newspaper, The Record, featured a brief recounting of PKN New Westminster's Vol. 1, and a short preview of their Vol. 2 -- here's a snippet: Volume 2's presenters will include earth-friendly bee locator Joe Wasp, environmental coordinator Patrick Johnstone, photographer Mario Bartel, Re-Up BBQ's Lindsay Frugson, West End resident Mary Wilson, urban farmer Julia Smith, and others. The evening aims to see a continued celebration of New Westminster's history and community spirit, alongside its burgeoning arts, business and culinary scene. Check out The Record's full write-up here.

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PKN Posters: New West Vol. 2

The "Royal City" of New Westminster is ramping up their preparations for Friday, April 26th's Vol. 2. If in attendance you're bound to see chefs, city councillors, brewers, and photographers speak on what gets their brain-gears spinning. This happy, mustachioed poster was designed for PKN New West by the likes of web developer Wes Koopmans from Of Desks Studio.  To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Geeks for Good

Chad Leaman tells us (at PKN New Westminster Vol. 1) how modern conveniences, unconventional user interfaces, and unique innovations have been used in the past and present to help people with disabilities carry on with their lives. He looks to the future of these applications and discusses how they have, and will continue to, empower their users. Chad challenges us all to become 'Geeks for Good' by donating our knowledge, tech, or money to assist those in need. 

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Top 5 Presentations in September

Yet another month has come and gone, autumn is upon us, and once again a few fresh bottles of cold, creamy presentations sit on your doorstep. Here are the Top 5 Presentations of the Day for the month of September 2013:  "On Clouds" by Mark Petrick. "From Batman to Lincoln" by Christy Spurlock. "Because I Said I Would" by Alex Sheen. "The Beauty of the Derelict" by Eric Pattison. "Silent Dinner Parties" by Honi Ryan.

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Cultivating City Identity

If you had a chance to transform your city's identity, what action would you take? Nicolas D Robitaille speaks (at PKN New Westminster Vol. 3) on an architectural project he developed while in school as a means to reinvigorate the New Westminster downtown parkade and cultivate a strong identity for the city. In "Cultivating City Identity", he discusses the challenges currently plaguing the area, and shows off his impressive propostion that features the incorporation of new parks, gathering spots, and dining. 

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Personality Type

What typeface are you? Robert Brickell shares his love for typography. In “Personality Type” from PKN New Westminster Vol. 3 he draws connections between the feel and design of a font to the very human emotions that they convey.

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Analog Synthesizers in CGA

"I quit after one [piano] lesson. Thats when I learned that you can quit something and that doesn't stop you from doing what you want to do."In Analog Synthesizers in CGA, from PechaKucha Night New Westminster Vol. 10, Wes Koopmans takes us through a sonic journey into the world of analog synthesizers. Prepare your ears for loops, waves, feedback and some pretty catchy synths in this offbeat (no pun intended) presentation.

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Idiot's Guide to Being a Touring Rock Band

  "Don't spend the night in that hotel!" In Idiot's Guide to Being a Touring Rock Band from PechaKucha Night New Westminster Vol. 11, Stephen O'Shea takes us coast to coast and back again and tells us all the ins and outs of being a touring rock band. Think you have what it takes to take your rock band on a tour across Canada?

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City Focus: New Westminster

For this week's City Focus, we infiltrate PKN New Westminster, home to the world's largest Tin Soilder (who regularly appears on their posters). Presentations from their recent Vol. 11 and 12 will enlist your senses and deliver a creative blitz to your imagination. PKN New West - You're creative troopers! 

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PKN New West organizer is Citizen of the Year

PechaKucha Night New Westminster committee member, and PechaKucha Person of the Week, Jen Arbo is being recognized and interviewed in the New Westminster Record as the city's Citizen of the Year, and we at PechaKucha HQ couldn't be more proud of her. Check out the full interview here.