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Kay Beach
Doctoral Student / Teacher, Department of Education in Waianae
Kalyn Beach
Student in Port Elizabeth
Brian Beach
in Overland Park
Dave Beach
Counselor/Educator, Self/Cornerstone University in Lowell
caitlin beach
in richmond
Zoe Beach
in Charlotte
Stark Beach
in Des Moines
Venetian On The Beach
Real Estate Agent in Miami Beach, SORELLE REALTY in Miami Beach, FL 33139


Miami @ Parc Lofts
Nov 20, 2006


Miami @ The Wolfsonian-FIU
Jun 18, 2009


Miami @ Miami Beach Convention Center
Dec 03, 2009


Miami @ Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Jun 10, 2010


Miami @ The Wolfsonian-FIU
Apr 20, 2012


Miami @ Interactice Art Fair - Downtown Miami
Dec 04, 2013


Miami @ Deauville Beach Resort
Aug 26, 2015


Long Beach @ Long Beach Playhouse
Jun 06, 2016


Long Beach @ Long Beach Playhouse
Jun 05, 2017


Long Beach @ Long Beach Playhouse
Jun 04, 2018

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In this presentation, part of a special PKN event in Miami that dealt with sustainability and the environment, Roz Gatewood introduces EnergyGlass, a type of window that can produce heat. (in English)

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The Miami Rail

@ VOL 22 ON JUL 30, 2013

Hunter Braithwaite introduces The Miami Rail, an art newspaper inspired by The Brooklyn Rail. The Brooklyn Rail is a newspaper that New Yorkers can read while on their daily train commute. It is passed between riders as they board and disembark the train. The Miami Rail has brought this unique idea to Miami.

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Beach Road

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 15, 2015

Steve Black applies his personal interests related to music, video, art, photography to a collection of projects that mean to inspire everybody in making treasure of their own. 

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Demonstrating Pedestrian Safety


Miami unfortunately is one of the worst cities for pedistrian and bicycle accidents and even fatalities. Elsa Roberts, with her team of Emerge Miami activists, takes on Miami's crosswalks to get the public's attention while creating positve change.

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Avant Furniture Design


INVENTORY is an ongoing design exhibition focused on showcasing limited edition/short run objects that coinsides with Art Basel Miami Beach.  Not to be missed...

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Henry Ford's Miami Story

@ VOL 31 ON AUG 26, 2015

Product/81 Creative Lab and South Florida Ford teamed up to create FORDISTAS to provide a unique platform for local influencers, creators and connectors to impact culture, then it will genuinely link itself to a groundbreaking cultural movement and will attract voluntary ambassadors for the brand and its values.  Here Joel Fernandez talks about Henry Ford's story and Miami ties.

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Deauville Beach Resort

@ VOL 31 ON AUG 26, 2015

Natalie Meruelo shares about the colorful past, present, and future of Miami Beach's Deauville Hotel.  Since 1926 the 500 room hotel has undergone several design and branding changes, but always been a destination for entertainers and celebrities around the world.

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Miami - The Yes City

@ VOL 134 ON MAR 18, 2016

“There’s life before PechaKucha, and after PechaKucha”

In PechaKucha Tokyo​’s 134th volume, PechaKucha Miami​ organizer Carl Hildebrand discusses the city he loves. A vibrant metropolis, Miami has so much to offer. From the neon views of Miami beach to the Ichimura gardens, there is always something to see. But as fast paced as Miami is, PechaKucha is one place people can take a break and connect. All about the people, PechaKucha has helped up-incoming and veteran talent alike share their work and find an audience.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, April 19th 2016.

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Message in a Bottle

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

George Boorujy was born and bred in New Providence New Jersey, and now lives in Brooklyn, along with almost everyone else. He is represented by P.P.O.W. gallery in New York, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. 

Check out George's project, New York Pelagic, here!

Read about the bottle that washed up on a beach in France here!

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Beachcombing in the South East, My Search for a Sea Bean

@ VOL 5 ON DEC 12, 2016

Andy Dinsdale’s work beach combing and beach cleaning connects the marine debris found on the strandline with the human actions involved upstream.

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PKN Miami in the News

The Miami Herald covered last week's return of PechaKucha Night in Miami -- "Power Point Chats" -- and it uncovers one important piece of information that makes me wish I could have attended: a "beer break" supplied by Grolsch beer.

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Beach Front PKN in Tenerife

The Spanish island of Tenerife will soon be hosting its very first edition of PechaKucha Night (August 21), and based on photos I've seen (above, and also on PKN Tenerife's city page) of the Monkey Beach venue, it looks like attendees are in for a terrific outdoor evening of presentations.

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Design Authenticity in Miami

PechaKucha Night in Miami is readying for a special edition event, in collaboration with the Hospitality Design Boutique Exposition & Conference. You should always be yourself and that same authenticity goes for the spaces we live in. Does your bedroom look like a confessional? Is your white loft space ready for a gastric bypass surgery? It’s time to explore this idea of Design Authenticity… Pecha Kucha Miami continues to weave itself into the international creative and cultural fabric with its latest Hospitality Design Boutique Exposition & Conference collaboration. Pecha Kucha: Design Authenticity will feature eights presenters sharing their perspectives from international research, cutting edge technology, the humanities, social responsibility, and ecology. The event takes place September 15 (13:00-14:00) at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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PechaKucha x Art Basel Miami Beach

This year's Art Basel Miami Beach is set to take place December 3-6, and we're very happy to note that a special edition PechaKucha will be held during the event. "PechaKucha: Contemporary Art & Social Media = Network & Networth" will be held on December 3 from 18:00, moderated by PKN Miami organizer Carl Hildebrand. Here's a link to a PDF with the full schedule.

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Flyer for PechaKucha x Art Basel Miami Beach

We mentioned last week the upcoming special edition PechaKucha event to be held during this year's Art Basel Miami Beach -- see our previous post for more details -- and now here's a look at the official invite for the event.

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PKN Miami in the News

As we previously posted, this month's edition of PechaKucha Night in Miami was held in collaboration with Art Basel Miami Beach, and organizer Carl Hildebrand -- the man who dares you to pet his Kucha -- sends in some press coverage the event garnered. First, head to page 98 of 944 Magazine for a mention of the event, and then Art Newspaper features a closer look -- we've included a scan of the article, but you can see a PDF of the entire issue here (the article is on page 2). The image at the top of the post has nothing to do with PKN, but leads off 944 Magazine's "Artform" section, and we just really liked it.

Large wide miami art basel video

Art Basel Miami Beach + PechaKucha

Back in December of last year, PKN Miami organizer Carl Hildebrand produced a special edition PechaKucha event in collaboration with Art Basel Miami Beach, with the topic of social media and contemporary art. A video of the event has now been put online. Presenters include Dylan Fareed, Ben Davis, Lori Faye Fischler, Leyden Rodriguez, [dNASAb], and Jody Turner.

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Design for the New Decade

As we previously posted, Miami is getting ready for its biggest PechaKucha Night yet on June 10, and here's a look at the proper flyer for the event. Below, part of the press release: For the city's biggest event yet, Pecha Kucha Miami---an event for architects, designers, and innovators to meet, network and show their work in public---teams up with for the AIA National Convention exploring the conference's theme Design for the New Decade. On Thursday, June 10th from 6-8PM at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden expect a dynamic range of speakers presenting on urban planning, environmental conservation, international trends, technology application, and artistic vision. The event will bring together national and local chapters of the AIA Young Architects Forum/Emerging Professionals Group, USGBC Emerging Professionals, and Architecture for Humanity.

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PKN Miami in the Miami Herald

This Wednesday's PechaKucha Night in Miami (Vol. 24) gets a mention in the Miami Herald. Here's the full listing: PechaKucha Night hosts an exhibit at Miami Beach Urban Studios, 420 Lincoln Rd., from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday that explores feminism and queer themes in contemporary Chinese art. Presenters are Alpesh Kantilal Patel, curator; Neil De La Flor, Reading Queer; and Emery Grant, Stonewall National Museum and Archives. RSVPs are requested to You'll also find more info on the official event page.

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Miami - The Yes City

“There’s life before PechaKucha and after PechaKucha” In Miami, the Yes City, from PechaKucha Night Tokyo’s 134th volume, Speaker Carl Hildebrand discusses Miami. A vibrant metropolis, Miami has a lot to offer. From the neon views from miami beach to the ichimura gardens, There is always something to see. But as fast paced as Miami is, PechaKucha is one place people can take a break and connect.  All about the people, PechaKucha has helped up-incoming and veteran talent alike share their work and find an audience.