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How I 3D Printed An Adapter For A Radioactive WW2 Aerial Reconnaissance Lens And Managed To Stay Fertile

@ VOL 14 ON MAY 16, 2013

 Patrick Letourneau is a 3D artist living and working in Winnipeg. In this presentation he recounts the story of how he made a working box camera with a radioactive WW2 reconaissance lens, a 3D printer, and some wood. He also shares some of the the photos he took with it.

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@ VOL 14 ON MAY 16, 2013

Sarah Michaelson describes how she confronted the lack of structure and purpose in her life after losing her job.

Drawing inspiration from her childhood experiences with homeschooling, Sarah learned to get used to the lack of outside forces provided by work and school, and to follow her passions, turning inspiration into work. She has been her own boss since 2009.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 10, 2013.

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That's Also Me

@ VOL 27 ON SEP 14, 2016

A tale of how one person dropped out of design school.  




Hely Schumann describes the trials of fielding her passion but at first she had to wade through a multitude of other little jobs, including preventing dogs from peeing on trees, manuevering a 16' truck through downtown, and working at Grant Park mall.  Needing a change she took some time off and now found that she was ready to take the leap to start her schooling experience all over again.  Goes to prove that some times you just need to wander before you find your path.  

Here's to all the Graphic Designing Rockstars. 

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Life Can Get Hairy

@ VOL 27 ON SEP 14, 2016

Some times life can get a little hairy. Kelly O'Leary knows this the best and took experience from Clueless, giving a variety of rad make-overs in an alternative matter.  When highschool didn't work out, hair school was the place to be with all the blonde highlights the world could tolerate.  

From embarassing hair accidents to the joy of her first child.  O'Leary has seen it all and took it with grain of salt and learned from all of it.  "It stays with you forever, and you learn from it".  Now addicted to working and pinterest (who isn't), she found her calling in vintage hair and pinup beauties.  

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Tea Time

@ VOL 28 ON NOV 24, 2016

Belinda Bigold is a local entrepreneur; the co-founder and CEO of High Tea Bakery. Her mission in business and in life is to provide those around her with the ingredients for a delicious life. Belinda holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba, is a former competitive cyclist, and a lifelong traveller. She is currently obsessed with vintage motorbikes, but has yet to learn how to ride one.

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This Guy is NOT Creative

@ VOL 30 ON MAY 11, 2017

"I started to get a feeling that creativity didn't have to happen as that brush stroke that Bob Ross did, but it became something more than that.

In "This Guy Is NOT Creative" From PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 30Bob Somers, having been surrounded by talented people since his younger years, claims to not have a single creative bone in his body. Inspired by the famous artist, Bob Ross and the people around him, Bob found his passion in architecture and has discovered that there is more to creativity than meets the eye.  


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Jazz and Space Cowboys

@ VOL 31 ON SEP 14, 2017

A self-identified millenial, Natalie Kilimnik takes our affection for Cowboy Bebop to a school presentation level and it rocks our world.  If you have any love for anime, space cowboys, or jazz this is DEFINITELY where you should be.  

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Silence Can Be Visual

@ VOL 33 ON FEB 22, 2018

In a noisy world full of force fed stimulus and information, copious distractions that come at us on a daily basis fromr oad signs, radio, television, drama, personal relationships we are swimming neck deepin information. Not only that but we’re choosing to find ways to cram it in faster and more efficiently but multitasking our evenings away watching TV and scanning Twitter.

Luke Thiessen takes the audience through a period in his life where the noise was at an all time high and then came to a skittering halt, and amidst the silence that followed he found his creative self once more and the revelation that silence can be a visual thing.


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Architectural Photography

@ VOL 33 ON FEB 22, 2018

Yes, it’s a thing. Jacqueline Young went from being an architectural student to an architectural photographer without ever really knowing how to use her camera. 


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Haiti Reconstruction Channel

117 PechaKucha Night cities came together to raise money for reconstruction in Haiti on the 20th of February, 2010, just 4 weeks after the earthquake. Raising $79,000 for Architecture for Humanity, the money has helped build a school, which opened in November of 2011.


Dallas @ Texas Theater
Sep 29, 2011


Aalen @ Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium
Jul 08, 2013


Albuquerque @ ABQ UNM CityLab
Sep 20, 2013


Columbus @ The High Line Car House
May 08, 2014


Maastricht @ Maastricht School of Management
Jan 16, 2015


Buffalo @ Hayes Hall
Sep 24, 2016


Queenstown @ Queenstown Primary School
Mar 31, 2017


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Jul 18, 2017


Dals Långed
Dec 06, 2017


Dals Långed
Mar 14, 2018

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High Art

@ VOL 2 ON JAN 11, 2010

Artist and climber Martin Barret takes us on a high level tour of his inspirations - and contemplates how it might be nice to die from a bespoke object!

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Generating STEAM

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 25, 2014

Bart Taylor is a robotics and technology high school teacher in Bryan College Station Texas. He discusses the importance of adding an "A" to "Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math" (STEM) to generate  STEAM: "Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Math."

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Rethinking High School: The Edison Initiative

@ VOL 19 ON MAY 12, 2016

Richard Foster, a local architect and the Director of Design at Lewis Group Architects, will introduce the XQ Super School Project. As part of this competition, Lewis Group Architects is leading a team of local educators and thinkers to develop a school that redefines the way we educate in America.

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Social Media for Humans or Whatever

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 17, 2016

A deep dive into the world of social media. A look at defining different social platforms, how global communication can be a powerful tool for learning, and the constant search for the authentic online.

AJ has been described as a graceful, adjusted identity culled from the rotting corpse of southern california junk culture. He also teaches media arts and social media at the MAD Academy at Santa Barbara High School. AJ is a giant nerd but he'll try not to dork up the vibe.

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Art School TN

@ VOL 21 ON AUG 11, 2016

A discription and look into a start up Art School!

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The Pitfalls of High-Stakes Photography

@ VOL 11 ON MAY 20, 2016

“My portraits are inspired by 16th century european paintings...I strive to make something epic.”

In "The Pitfalls of High-Stakes Photography", from PechaKucha Night Asheville Vol.11, commercial Photographer, Evan Kafka shares his amazing photos. He analyses the commonalities of photographing celebrities, babies and animals and illuminates the techniques he uses to get the best images from difficult situations.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Sunday, November 27th, 2016. 

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Charity, High School, and a Bus. Oh My!"

@ VOL 6 ON FEB 16, 2017

Maddie Bozik is the president of Maddie’s Mitten March, a charity she started in 2009, when she was ten years old. The goal of Maddie’s Mitten March is to collect, clean, and distribute winter clothing to those in need. Today, Maddie has a retrofitted (and repainted) school bus that goes around the community as part of her project to give winter clothing to anyone that needs it.

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Photos From Quite High Up

@ VOL 8 ON OCT 26, 2017

Tony Dillon shares some of his favourite views from quite high up, little know facts about seagulls and a bit of physics and philosphy.

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20 Stories High

@ VOL 34 ON DEC 05, 2017

20 photos of everyday people Chris O'Connell met or interacted with in the ten days between agreeing to do PKN and delivering it.

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PKN Edmonton Kicks It Old School

PechaKucha Night in Edmonton Vol. 5 is coming up in a few short weeks (October 2), and it's going "old school." More than break-beats and tube-socks, PECHA KUCHA NIGHT 5 (PKN 5) explores "OLD SCHOOL" with 10 presentations focusing on looking back and pushing forward in the areas of design, urban-planning, art, and sustainability. In addition to provocative ideas and lively presentations, PKN5 features a cash bar, sweet treats, and tunes provided by DJ Aaron Levin from Weird Canada and CJSR. The event is being held as part of the University of Alberta's Alumni Week.

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Very High Tea at PKN Groningen

For its upcoming PechaKucha Night Vol. 12 (September 20), Groningen is describing the event with the title "Very High Tea," and here's why: PechaKucha Groningen strikes again. And this time, at tea time. A very, very high tea: come join us at the 23th floor of Tasman Tower. "But, that building's not even finished yet!" you say? You are right. No walls. Great heights. A spectaculair view. And great, great presenters. If you're not afraid of heights (and please, wear something sensible) you are very welcome for a cup of tea and some inspiration.


Our First School!

I'll invite you to visit the "PechaKucha for Haiti" section of the site for more details -- yes, we are still updating that page with the latest news, including adding links to Haiti-related presentations that have gone online -- but we're very happy to announce that the funds raised so far have paid for a new school! Today - 20 days later - it gives us great pride in announcing that the PechaKucha global network of cities, organizers, presenters and fans has raised over $60,000 which allows Architecture For Humanity to build the first PechaKucha School in Haiti.

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PechaKucha x School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Later this month (October 23), PechaKucha Night in Chicago is teaming up with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a special PechaKucha event. Here's more from PKN Chicago organizer Peter Exley: Since PK began in Chicago, one of the most fertile sources of presenters and supporters seems to have been the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Recognizing this, PKN Chicago is organizing a special PK event to coincide with this year's parents weekend. So Moms, Mums, and Dads from around the world converging on Chicago with their offspring attending SAIC will discover PK, and be on the lookout for it back home in their cities. And a new crop of young creatives will get their first taste of PK. We're very excited to be doing this with the [Art Insti] "tute." The poster for the event was designed by Eric Baskauskas.

Haiti school

Our First School!

During the "PechaKucha Day for Haiti," we were able to raise $80,000 for Architecture for Humanity. Their work went into high gear in 2011, and we were extremely proud to see the construction of the school, École La Dignité, that PechaKucha funded along with the Stiller Foundation -- it opened on November 7, 2011. Thank you everyone who supported PechaKucha for Haiti and a massive thank you to Cameron Sinclair and his team for making the school a reality.  

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E-Learning for Customer Training on the Example of SMM-school

Dmitry Tkachenko, managing partner at SMM Group in Kiev, from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Education «E-Learning for Customer Training on the Example of SMM-school" emphasizes on the acute shortage of specialists in this field, the inefficient use of social networks. One of the problems of specialists is "zero knowledge". Dmitry in his presentation shows all pros and cons of distance learning.

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PKN at Rail River Folk School!

Pecha Kucha Bemidji is excited to be part of Sustainable Tuesday at Rail River Folk School on June 23rd! The format is the same--each speaker will have 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds--and the topics are still delightfully diverse. We have 10 presentations lined up for you as well as some fun activities for intermission. Everyone is welcome! Take a look at who will be speaking. You won't want to miss this one! Rail River Folk School is located at 303 Railroad St SW, Bemidji, MN. The doors open at 5pm and the event starts at 5:30. The suggested donation of $3 would be greatly appreciated. The PKN team would also appreciate having 4-6 volunteers to greet guests, direct parking, and take donations. If you're interested, please drop us a messsage on Facebook or email

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Redesign a School

"Imagine my excitement when I was asked to redesign a school that had collapsed in the earthquake. I was able to combine both of my passions: mentoring and helping to design for Haiti's future." In Redesign a School from Brooklyn, Vol. 4, Architect and ace mentor, Pascale Sablan shares her experience promoting diversity and including children in the design process of redesigning a school in Haiti after the earthquake. Emphasizing conceptual design to her students and following the international building code in the design she quantifies the sustainability of the project and encourages the audience to share their professions, passion, and knowledge with children because as she lastly adds, "you will not only will you definitely change their world, they will definitely change your world."

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The Importance of Drawing [on Your Child’s School Lunch Bag]

"Research has illustrated that 90% of us will do almost all of the drawings we will make in our lifetime before the age of 10. That’s the threshold we pass when someone tells us that we aren't good at art or math or science.” In The Importance of Drawing [on Your Child’s School Lunch Bag] from PechaKucha Night Batavia’s first volume, Speaker Peter Exley discusses the importance of thoughtful and deliberate sketches. We all spent time in our youth expressing ourselves through drawing. At some point, many of us turned our attentions to things less creative. Peter did not. Here’s why.

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The Pitfalls of High-Stakes Photography

“My portraits are inspired by 16th century european paintings...I strive to make something epic.” In "The Pitfalls of High-Stakes Photography", from PechaKucha Night Asheville Vol.11, commercial Photographer, Evan Kafka shares his amazing photos. He analyses the commonalities of photographing celebrities, babies and animals and illuminates the techniques he uses to get the best images from difficult situations.