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Suburban Boxing

@ VOL 15 ON SEP 12, 2013

Did you know that boxing for 60 minutes will burn over 1000 calories per hour? Sheila Molloy believes that boxing is a sport well-suited for anyone: moms, dads, kids, even grandmothers. She shares some fun and creative techniques that she hopes will help get the world to enjoy the healthy benefits and well-being that comes from hitting a heavy bag. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 24, 2014.


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Munich @ Feierwerk Kranhalle
May 06, 2008


Saint-Etienne @ Cité du design
May 29, 2012


Shanghai @ Dutch Design Workspace > event space
Apr 11, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
Apr 04, 2016


Gwalior @ DD Mall
Feb 19, 2017


Edmonton @ Triffo Theatre in Allard Hall, MacEwan University
Oct 24, 2017


Islamabad @ London Book Company
Jan 27, 2018

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Free Your Fitness, Free Yourself

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Does your lifestyle prevent you from qualifying for insurance discounts? Do you lack sufficient time for exercise or have limited access to sports facilities? Maybe you just want to keep your personal data private without having to pay higher insurance premiums for the privilege?

Unfit Bits provides solutions. At Unfit Bits, we are investigating DIY fitness spoofing techniques to allow you to create walking datasets without actually having to share your personal data. These techniques help produce personal data to qualify you for insurance rewards even if you can't afford a high exercise lifestyle. 

Our team of experts are undertaking an in-depth Fitbit Audit to better understand how the Fitbit and other trackers interpret data. With these simple techniques using everyday devices from your home, we show you how to spoof your walking data so that you too can qualify for the best discounts. Our new range of desktop fitness devices are also available on this site. 

Free your fitness. Free yourself. Earn Rewards.



Tega Brain is an artist and engineer. She makes eccentric engineering, reimagining everyday technologies to address their politics and envision alternatives. She is currently a resident at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, Brooklyn, has both studied and taught at the School for Poetic Computation, and is an Assistant Professor at SUNY Purchase. 

Surya Mattu is an artist and engineer based in Brooklyn. He is currently a fellow at Data&Society where he is investigating infrastructure with a focus on wireless as a way to better understand bias in technology. He is also a contributing researcher at ProPublica. Previously he has worked as an engineer at Bell Labs and is a graduate from the New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. He has a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

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Two Wheels Good


Yellow Belly, Lou Christy from Sustrans  runs us through Access Lincoln, an iniciatve by the City Council designed to get Lincoln out of their cars and on to their bikes. Filled with great information about commuter cycling and free services provided to promote heathier, cleaner and cheaper journeys.

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I Want to Look like That Guy

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 12, 2015

The lure of the stage and being a magician was Stuart MacDonald's destiny from the age of 9. His love for magic was so strong he made it into the Hall of Fame at 18 years old. His magic show grew into a prosperous business touring over 1000 colleges in 10 years and had the pleasure to work with Copperfield, Martin Mull, Billy Ray Cyrus and appeared on 2 Statler Brothers TV Specials. Stuart's college tour allowed him the time to learnthe art of film making. Life on the road became hours of wonderfully boring travel films for his family to suffer thru. But, it wasn't long before Stuart started to make short films and TV commercials. It was 7 fateful years ago Stuart produced, on a whim the most pirated fitness documentary ever made.

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There Will Be Consequences

@ VOL 5 ON JUL 29, 2016

Jayme Ironside describes life as a mom who just happens to be a weightlifter. 

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How to get inevitable wholistic fitness easily just by being you

@ VOL 20 ON APR 19, 2017

Race Redomra is a Personal Trainer and founder of Star Creatures Wholistic Retreats.  Race believes that many suffer from ill health because they don't relate to mainstream fitness practices and beauty marketing images.  In this presentation, she shares her simple methodology for wholistic fitness, a method that fits in with "our own unique, authentic, and quirky selves"

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Inclusive Fitness

@ VOL 29 ON OCT 24, 2017

Personal Trainer Em Lamache talks about breaking down the gender binary in fitness, and how more research and better guidelines on transgender and non-binary training can give us a new perspective on performance and fitness.

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From Internal Chains to External Change

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

Tommy Gibbons shares how social and economic adversity can be overcome through commitment and a determination for something greater.

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Because Vanity

@ VOL 18 ON MAR 10, 2018

Gretchen Bedell freely admits that it was the desire to look better that led her to the gym, not fitness or health or strength. Of course, those things happened anyway. And it opened another opportunity to have a positive influence on her kids.

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Holy Smokes...I'm fat!

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 29, 2018

Helicopter pilot, Paul Grech, woke up one morning and realized he was fat. This talk takes us through his six month journey back to peak physical fitness through the science and art of bodybuilding. From 225 lbs to 175 lbs...27% body fat to 3%. The journey of a former Special Forces soldier and professional hockey player from Fat to Fit!

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Neuroplasticity, Compensation and Resilience

@ VOL 18 ON JUN 06, 2018

Tim Cottman-Fields is a Physio, a lifelong learner and self-confessed nerd - He loves asking questions, critical thinking and seeing what the human body is capable of doing.

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A Performance and Learning Theater in Dallas, Life With Child, and a Plea to Go Greener

Presentations Ann Williams talks (at PKN Dallas Vol. 10) about the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, a performance and learning center, walking us through its various programs, and highlighting some of the shows it has hosted. Errold Brown has two major passions in life: health & fitness and child developmental delays. This is a personal presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 17) about how his life has changed drastically after his first child was born. Roman Sablin, eco-lifestyle trainer and social engineer, helps to promote and implement social projects that create a better future. Roman’s presentation (in Russian, from PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 20) helps people go greener, that is to work on sustainable consumption, turn on eco-thinking in our daily life and routine habits. He explains how to choose healthy and safe cosmetics, food, and surround yourself with the necessary minimum of high-quality things. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is in the form of the last two flyers/posters for the city of Leksand, Vol. 4 and 5 -- the latter is happening tonight, and you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Photos Take a look at last week's PKN Columbus Vol. 23 through this photo gallery [Flickr]. Above, an attentive crowd, and an attendee shows up with a bike.  Calendar Tonight's (November 13) events: PKN Brighton Vol. 17, PKN Leksand Vol. 5, PKN Denver Vol. 15, and PKN San Diego Vol. 16. Tomorrow, we have the following five PKNs: PKN Birmingham Vol. 7, PKN Okayama Vol. 15, PKN Amsterdam Vol. 23, PKN Mikkeli Vol. 2, and PKN Santa Cruz Vol. 1.

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PechaKucha Night Manchester - A Year In Review

As we enter into the closing stages of 2017, culminating with our latest event, PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 20, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look back at the past 18 months since taking on the role of organisers of PechaKucha Night Manchester, way back with Vol. 14. We wanted to showcase some combined and individual highlights and say thanks to all who have got us to where we are now. Highlights Here is a rundown of our biggest highlights.  The Community Simply put, Manchester has one of the friendliest, most helpful and supportive communities. Since our first event we’ve had so much love and assistance from people across the city to make our events one of the best in the calendar. From Daniel Thompson's sketches of each of the speakers to G . F Smith's constant supply of beautiful papers, we are indebted to those who contrinute their time and effort for the love of the event. We've met so many inspirational people working within neighbourhoods, art, design, cycling whose stories have excited and astonished everyone who comes along to PechaKucha Nights. We wanted to pay tribute to those who keep coming along, giving feedback and supporting us in doing what we love.   The Manchester Moleskine There’s no bigger testament to this community spirit than when a group of us banded together to crowdfund the bid that won the Manchester Moleskine book. Jon Massey and Adam Stanway were our very first speakers, way back in September 2016 for PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 14. They told us of their two year mission to get Manchester's art community to contirbute their work to a Moleskine book with the aim of auctioning it for the charity Forever Manchester. In a nailbiting eBay battle, our group managed to secure the book. Everyone was inspird by the simple mission: that the book shouldn't be kept by one person, rather it should be gifted to the city and put on display so that everyone can enjoy it.  Right now, the book is being exhibited at ‘Collecting Malcolm Garrett’ exhibition in Special Collections at Manchester Metropolitan University for Design Manchester. The exhibition is running until 23 March 2018. Go and check it out if you can.     The Programmes Since PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 17, we’ve worked with local designers to produce a programme for each event. Each one has been a work of art. It’s been an immense privilege to work with people who have given up their time and provided their skills and expertise to stamp their mark on the event and support the PechaKucha mission.  Shout outs to BGN, LJB Studio (twice) and Field who have created these stunning momentos. Also, a special thanks to WithPrint, G . F Smith and Foilco for their support with materials and printing.   The Wonder Inn The Wonder Inn was a magical venue for us for PechaKuha Night Manchester Vol. 16. With its ceiling foliage, floor cushions and amazing staff support, we were transported into a serene paradise filled with fun and love. Unfortnately the venue closed down recently, much to everyone’s disappointment, and looks set to be redeveloped - RIP. Good luck to the team in securing a new space!   Awards We thought we’d flag up some key speakers who made their talks extra special: Award for the longest PechaKucha Tash Willcocks - clocking in at over 11 minutes, Tash’s talk started with her rearranging the audience before getting them to smile at each other using only their eyes. Her infectious enthusiasm and dynamicism throughout made up for the extreme overrunning... Award for sweariest PechaKucha Craig Oldham - he did warn us in advance... Award for best synchronisation between a double act Hope Mill Theatre - Joe and Will’s talk at our first event was an incredible piece of theatre - alternating between each speaker for every slide. No-one has yet managed to top it.   Meet the Organisers  Who are the people who organised Pechakucha Night Manchester? We're a team of around eight creatives and misfits...  Kyle What I do: I'm a lawyer and budding social entrepreneur with an interest in the use of space, food waste and helping people be the best that they can be. Favourite talk: Matthew Shribman's talk on waste food and why people shouldn't eat meat was both profound and hilarous.  What I would do a PechaKucha talk on: I've already done one on a previous photography project involving coordinates and a poloaroid camera. If I had to do another, perhaps something on OCD!  Daniella What I do: "'I work in Interior Design' - I just feel wanky saying I am one. Making decisions off of gut because I can’t live a lie and that’s landed me in some very lucky and challenging positions; I will do most things if they allow me to learn."  Favourite talk: "In situe - Tash Wilcocks. First one that comes to my head, I believe she is at the forefront of innovation and constantly and consistently encourages creation without pigeon holing what creation should be. Upon reflection and listening back: Laura Jane Boast. Being in a quiet space and paying more attention whilst working, Laura’s PKN inspired me and I love her attention to detail and concept, the thorough process she goes through and to finally bring it back to refined simplicity is very good design."  What I would do a PechaKucha talk on: "Career courage or anxiety or both because they are inherent within one another."   Lis What I do: "Stop motion animator/model maker" Favourite talk: "Hard to pick as there have been some amazing ones, but if I had to I'd say Sam Jones' talk on Eric Cantona." What I would do a PechaKucha talk on: "Persistence, getting knock backs and not giving up."  Lawrence What I do: "Fell into corporate purchasing as a day job after landing from a period travelling, but have a passion for all things fitness and health related."  Favourite talk: "I cannot be definitive, as all of our talks have been so different with their own individual qualities, but Natalie Gray’s talk on how a holistic view on health and well-being can include design spoke to my personal passions."  What I would do a PechaKucha talk on: "I have lots of pretty photos and cool experiences from a time working with huskies in the Arctic, so this would be my first choice." Pat What I do: Architectural assistant.  Favourite talk: "Jon Gildea. Amazingly inspirational and upbeat in the face of extreme adversity." What I would do a PechaKucha talk on: "It’d either be on the way in how the bicycle helped form the 20th century. Or how space exploration has affected our everyday lives."  Thanks again to everyone who'se helped us out! See you in 2018. Team PKN MCR