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Table XI Channel

Table XI is a custom software development firm based in Chicago, and is the web development team behind the newly launched website. "Table Talks" is a recurring series of PechaKucha-style lightning talks held over lunch at our office. The event is designed to foster idea exchange, collaboration and learning, and features a lineup of top-notch entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and storytellers from Chicago and beyond.


Gothenburg @ Park Lane
Feb 23, 2010


Dallas @ SMOKE
Feb 28, 2010


Pordenone @ Museo dell' Arte Fabbrile e Coltelleria
Apr 17, 2010


Raleigh @ Noir Bar & Lounge
Mar 09, 2011


Brisbane @ State Library of Queensland
Jul 11, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

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Oct 10, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

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Oct 17, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

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Nov 07, 2013


Easton @ The Pomfret Club
Jun 17, 2016


Yogyakarta @ Langgeng Art Foundation
Jul 28, 2017

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Courage for creativity

@ VOL 21 ON NOV 23, 2014

Exchange Christchurch event coordinator Nic Hetherington speaks of the courage it takes to be creative and the people who support that creative exchange. She also present the inspiring and postive community in the Exchange.

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What is Timebanking and How It Can Help You?

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 23, 2015

Timebanking is the medium of exchange that acts as a way to encourage and reward the work needed to build strong, resilient community. Clair Slade talks about her involvement with a local Timebank in the Cambridgeshire town of St Neots and how it changed her life.

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Upside Down in Korea

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 01, 2015

Heather Fisher is a mother, wife, and teacher who loves to learn new things, read, and walk.  She lived in South Korea for 4 years with her family where she was an unintentional cross-cultural disaster and an inept language learner who still managed to be an English teacher, university professor, freelance editor and writer, corporate marketing executive, ESL curriculum writer, and homeschooling mother.

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Print Exchange Program


ギャラリーのオーナーである、JAI TANJU(ジャイ・タンジュ)が
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Local Markets, Global Interactions

@ VOL 31 ON SEP 07, 2016

Commerce is so ubiquitous that we do not even see it as a center for the exchange of goods and ideas. Are the market places the hearts of the cities that pump and distribute the flow of human activity or the brain where the personality of a city resides?

Lauren Wagner is an Assistant Professor in Globalisation and Development and shares her work on social and linguistic encounters in the Maastricht market.

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POTENTIALe Feldkirch

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 02, 2016

Die POTENTIALe Feldkirch beschäftigt sich über 3 Wochen mit den Potentialen Feldkirchs und der ganzen Region. Die Themen sind Stadtraumgestaltung und - entwicklung. Design, Fotographie und Medienkunst. Die POTENTIALe bildet das Dach für 4 Formate, die ARTDESIGN Feldkirch, Lost Places, POTENTIALe Projekte und POTENTIALe Netzwerke. Hört und seht selbst!

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Becoming a Citizen Diplomat

@ VOL 30 ON AUG 21, 2016

Farah Amir is a citizen and sees her role as such to be an important role. In this, she found a wonderful endeavor... She is a citizen diplomat and provides for an exchange of culture with folk visiting from other coutries from around the world. Hear her story now, 20 x 20.

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Home Exchanges: Birth of the Sharing Economy

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 03, 2017

What if you could travel for free or significantly reduced cost and deepen your connections with your destination, yourself, and your family?  With his presentation, Rich Patterson explains how home exchanging allows this.

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Paphos Exchange

@ VOL 35 ON NOV 21, 2017

Danish artist Lil Lacy recounts her experience travelling to Paphos, the twin European Capital of Culture 2017 (alongside, of course, Aarhus). On this trip, we meet some very interesting people, with very interesting skills, producing very interesting art!

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This Little Bird Told Me: The Importance of Intergenerational Exchange

@ VOL 33 ON AUG 27, 2017

Chauncey Beaty comes to PKN ATL to share a personal story regarding a birdy she knows... This birdy showed her the importance of intergenerational exchange through a true respect for elders and what wisdom they can share if we just sit at their feet and listen. 

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PKN Gothenburg and Oslo Collaborate

This could be the start of a new trend with PechaKucha Night cities: PKN Gothenburg and PKN Oslo have developed a new "exchange program." The idea is that when one city holds an event, one of the presenters from the other city's last PKN will be invited over. It's win-win: as a presenter, you know that if you put together a great presentation that you may be invited to present elsewhere, and as an organizer, you know you are going to be getting a great presenter from out of town. Pictured above, Swedish designer Jens Thoms-Ivarsson of Thoms & Nilsson, who was the first presenter from Gothenburg to also present in Oslo, back in November of last year.

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PKN Cleveland Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night returned to Cleveland earlier this month for a third edition, and as you'll see from the photos -- there's a Flickr photoset -- it was another great showing for the city. On top of the city greetings exchange we mentioned yesterday, we're pretty excited about the venue that organizers Mike Christoff and Raseem Parker are planning to use for Vol. 5 (to be held in the fall), "a virtually abandoned Subway Tunnel/Bridge Deck that runs underneath Cleveland's Detroit Superior Bridge in conjunction with an Arts Fest." Should be amazing. Below, a few more photos from PKN Cleveland Vol. 3. The next edition will be held at the Sterling Building July 10.


Swedish Style 2009

Today's presentation comes courtesy of the one and only Ewa Kumlin, founder of Swedish Style in Tokyo, who talks us through the event's history -- this year was Swedish Style's 10th anniversary. Ewa is Managing Director of Svensk Form, founder of Swedish Style in Tokyo now celebrating 10 years and the organizer of PechaKucha Nights in Stockholm. Ewa and Swedish Style have done so much to promote cultural exchange between Japan and Sweden -- and shows what positive energy can do in the world, here's to another 10 years. Ewa Power for Ever! The presentation was part of a special Swedish Style edition of PechaKucha Night at SuperDeluxe during Tokyo Design Week -- all of the presentations from that night's event are now up, and accessible from this page.

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PKN Toronto + Inspire Japan

Toronto will be a part of the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16, with the city's Vol. 8 taking place at the Design Exchange Trading Hall -- see the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. The poster was designed by Paul Kawai of Bruce Mau Design, and the event will include a presentation by someone from Architecture for Humanity's Toronto branch. Co-organizer Vivien Leung also tells us that during the event they'll be skyping in with Vancouver, and possibly other Canadian cities.

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Poster for PKN Raleigh Vol. 9

Yet another PechaKucha Night this week, this time Raleigh's Vol. 9, set for December 8 at the Visual Art Exchange. You'll find more details and the list of presenters on the official event page.

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Cultural Exchange Through Humor and an Art Support Group in Indonesia

Presentations Luke Lawrence and Mika Karashima are from the British Council in Japan. 2012 is an exciting year for the UK, with the London Olympics and Paralympics games, as well as the Diamond Jubilee. In their presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93), that explain how the British Council in Japan has launched a campaign named the GREAT OGIRI to promote the usefulness of learning English and exchanging culture through humor. Raymond Malvin's presentation (in Indonesian, from PKN Jakarta Vol. 8) is about Kopi Keliling, a movement (in the form of a variety of creative activities) that believes that art and creativity can make changes that are meaningful to the Indonesian people. By juxtaposing art and creativity (both in terms of work and the person behind the work) to a wider community, it hopes to promote a desire to produce art. Kopi Keliling allows talented young visual artists to display their work through events held regularly, moving from one public space to another. Although the intent is to showcase the works of these artists, Kopi Keliling understands that without an audience these works are meaningless, and so another goal is to create interaction between the audience and the art (and artist). Posters We have just one new poster on the Tumblr blog today, and it's an uncovered "blast from the past" from 2010, for Bialystok's very first PKN. Photos Today's gallery [Flickr] covers Springfield, Illinois' Vol. 6, which was held back in February. The city's next event, Vol. 8, is set for August 2 at the Capital City Bar & Grill Theatre. Calendar Tonight's (July 10) event takes the form of PKN Huancayo Vol. 10, and tomorrow you need to look to Nashville, for the city's Vol. 7.

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Iowa Students and PechaKucha

The Iowan news site Spencer Daily Report has a small spot on PechaKucha and Spencer students: Students from Spencer High School's speech class and foreign exchange program gave small "PechaKucha" presentations at area coffee shops Friday afternoon. PechaKucha presentations include 20 slides that last 20 seconds each, creating a presentation no longer than six minutes 40 seconds long. Above, freshman Sara Bauermeister gives a presentation on runner Steve Prefontaine at Mae B coffee shop in Spencer. Check it out on The Spencer Daily Report.

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Jacqueline Suskin will be speaking at A HUGE MISTAKE  Jacqueline is a writer, performance poet and artist based in Los Angeles. She is the author of two books, the latest entitled Go Ahead & Like It available April 28, 2015 from Ten Speed Press of Penguin Random House. Known for her ongoing work with a piece she calls "Poem Store," Suskin composes on-demand poetry for customers who choose both a topic and a price in exchange for a unique verse. Poem Store has been her main occupation since 2009 and has taken her around the country with her typewriter in tow. Suskin has been featured in New York Times, T Magazine, LA Times, Time Out LA, as well as other publications and has performed at events for various organizations including Art Basel, Los Angeles Contemporary, Art of Elysium and SF MOMA. Recently she collaborated with fashion brands Alice + Olivia and Nasty Gal, finding endless ways to bring poetry into the mainstream. 

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PechaKucha People: Christina Cho

Christina Cho along with Kirstie Galloway and Luke Pendergast started PechaKucha Night Brisbane in their last year of Architecture School. 10 years on, 45 events, over 450 presenters, and 3 babies joining the gang, PechaKucha Brisbane is still going strong; bringing together diverse Creatives to learn, share, exchange ideas, and most importantly to inspire and be inspired. Collectively, PechaKucha Night and her practice in Architecture, Design and Making [Side Projects] keeps her curious and passionate to create opportunities to spread creative, cultural and collaborative dialogue.

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Minds In the Cloud

"Some digital media truly fosters social harmony. No matter what tragedies occur, Instagram’s open exchange of art and beauty, streaming 24/7, improves human condition, as well as my own." In "Minds In the Cloud" from PechaKucha Night Three Oaks Vol. 3, Kate Ryan shares the community of photographers she's met through Instagram. With permission and participation of these well recognised artists, Kate opens up the stunning visual variety of images emerging from around the world.