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Alya Alhamad

Education Project Manager, Diamond Developers in Dubai

The Sustainable City

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Ideas for Greening Your City

@ FIT LONDON ON JUL 24, 2014

From Arup Landscape Architecture, James Conway shares some ideas for greening, how green areas in urban spaces increases life quality resulting in more sustainable cities. Ideas like vertical greening, strategic green links are some of the innovative concepts which are already being in use and improving the environment of its surroundings. 

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Ali Abdel-Hafiz is a cofounder of iSolarWorkx which designs and manufactures renewable energy educational do it yourself kits and targets young generation to boost interest and understanding of science in creative manner. Millions of jobs in the renewable energy industry will be available in 2030's globally and the kits in English and Arabic are enhancing creative thinking and problem solving in the think-learn-play format.

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Multidimensional Sustainability

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

"Truth is, sustainability can only ever be a wish, or a hypothesis. It can never be a definition of a product, or a design, or even a city and why? Because first to know whether or not something is sustainable it actually takes some time so we can observe whether or not that prediction holds true."

Architect, Planner, Researcher, Consultant … Idealist and Futurist, Naomi C. Hanakata from FUTURE CITIES LAB, ETH Zurich in Singapore explores the notions of sustainability and our shared future on earth, by first taking a step back from the now ever so ubiquitous and increasingly hollow word itself in an effort to persuade us to re-imagine the idea for a truly better future together. Hanakata touches on a multi dimensional sustainability index that would allow humanity to make decisions based on a more holistic and comprehensive idea of sustainability.

This presentation looks far forward and runs deep and positions us to better tackle the challenges of a shared future.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Friday, August 27th, 2015. 

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Growing Sustainable Students

@ VOL 4 ON AUG 27, 2015

Frostburg State University works in ways to create a sustainable way of life with composting, water run off, improving local growers and policy, creating partnerships and more! Check out this presentation to see some of their projects and cool ways to stay sustainable! 

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Greenspaces in New York

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Gwen Schantz is a Co-Founder of Brooklyn Grange, a renowned urban farming business based in New York City. She spent much of her childhood in her parents’ western Massachusetts vegetable garden, and went on to work on small organic farms in New York State. Her professional background is in international sustainable development and environmental program development, and she is a co-founder of the Bushwick Food Cooperative as well as City Growers, a New York based food and farm education program for children and young adults.

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Gudrun Sjödén – Swedish, sustainable fashion

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Presenter Christina Tillman, CEO, Gudrun Sjödén, talks about the Swedish fashion company Gudrun Sjödén and how she became involved in the company. Cuourage, Curiosity, Control - her three c:s.

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The Art of Sustainable Gardening

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 24, 2016

In "The Art of Sustainable Gardening" From PechaKucha Bandar Seri Begawan Vol.8, Anthony Lee shares how sustainable gardening and biodiversity is key in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. He hopes that we can learn how to put the human element back into nature so that we can live much healthier and richer lives. Gardening not only brings peace to the mind but to the environment that surrounds us.

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Forestry: Sustainable Innovation

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 01, 2017

"If you or anybody you know is interested in a sustainable, innovative sector, you might want to take a look deeper into the woods."

Work Wild's Anne Normand explores the careful management and innovation currently maintaining balance between humanity's resource needs and the needs of a healthy forest. Dive into some of the technology and products, from bio-fuels to plastics to building materials, that are pushing forestry to the forefront of sustainable industries. 

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Creating Sustainable Cities

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

Christian Vassie explains how creating sustainable cities requires citizens and politicians to park their differences on the energy transition and other environmental issues. With York having had no Local Plan or vision for its future for over 60 years as a direct result of the inability of its politicians and citizens to work constructively together, and with climate change an ever-growing challenge, we have to dump the party rosettes and get serious. Fortunately there are plenty of other cities across the EU to show us how it is done.