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Tobias Maximilian Schnell, an architect and an artist is presenting his idea of sustainable aid for refugees. Imagine, an austrian family with a big garden, now build a garden house in their backyard and voilà you have a sustainable new home for a refugee family. Tobias tells the story of how his idea would work but he isn't hidding the fact that there are a lot of failures to handle with...

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Nights with the STARs

@ VOL 12 ON DEC 13, 2012

Jessica Dunker, president and CEO of the Iowa Restaurant Association, recounts her “Nights with the STARs,” a series of events in which she works with refugee children. The children are international refugees who cannot be repatriated, and the charity works to acclimate the refugees to American society, and on Wednesday nights volunteers come out to socialize and play with the refugees in an attempt to help them bond and truly become a part of the society.

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Heavy Metal Crossing Borders

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2015

Marwan Al-Samara'e, who grew up in war-torn Iraq, has survived death threats - all in the name of heavy metal! Featured in a documentary called Heavy Metal in Baghdad, his band Acrassicauda was forced to leave Iraq and became refugees. He now believes dreams can come true (even if that isn't very metal) and lives in New York - preaching the power of music to cross borders.  


"Presentation of the Day" on June 2, 2015.

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Bringing Relief

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 15, 2016

Shannon Brandt takes us with her on this sometimes funny, often moving trip she made to Lebabnon to bring releif supplies to refugges fleeing the conflict in Syria.

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Atlanta Has Something to Say: Refugees Welcome

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Bee Nguyen has something to say on behalf of Atlanta: Refugees are welcome here. But, what exactly does that mean? What is involved in welcoming a family who is immigrating to the United States? Bee's family knows firsthand what that means having immigrated from Vietnam. Now, Bee is growing her Syrian family right here in ATL and she wants to tell you all about her "ice cream boo"! 

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@ VOL 12 ON MAR 02, 2017

Vom Bodyguard des Ministerpräsidenten in Bagdad zum Jugendarbeiter und Studenten der Sozialen Arbeit an der Fachhochschule in Dornbirn! Auf welchen (Um-)Wegen und unter welchen Schwierigkeiten es Murtada Alhusseini von Bagdad nach Vorarlberg geschafft hat und wie er in Vorarlberg über das Projekt welcome.zu.flucht eine Ausbildung zum Jugendarbeiter absolviert hat, das erzählt Murtada Alhusseini in dieser Präsentation.

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How I became a refugee

@ VOL 33 ON MAY 22, 2017

We have all seen the images of migrants arriving in Europe, but have you met one? Haroon Rezaie and his family took the risk and journeyed to the Netherlands. Now he wants to share his experience in order to give people a vision about the life of refugees and why they became a refugee. This could be either that they came by favour or they were compelled by the living circumstances to leave everything behind and start life again in a new place. This is the ultimate story to inspire perseverance and determination in any situation.

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How we can find our own role in the European “Refugee Crisis"

@ VOL 33 ON MAY 22, 2017

With the onset of a ‘Refugee crisis’ in Europe we are confronted with a narrative that has become too emotional and polarised to understand its core message: refugees are people like you and me.

We can hardly imagine how much struggle it must be to leave one's own country and everything that is close to one's heart behind. But it doesn’t take much for us to open our arms and make someone feel welcome, says Aurelia Streit.

She believes that we can change the current narrative towards refugees in Europe by establishing local platforms for intercultural exchange.

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Australia's response to Refugees

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 15, 2017

Peter Hanley asks "What happened to the boundless plains? What happened to sharing?" As Vice-President of the Queensland Northern NSW Branch of Amnesty International, his fervent desire is that we treat people coming to Australia seeking safety with humanity and compassion.

The topic is timely as the week 18-24 June is celebrated around Australia as Refugee Week.

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Refugee Company

@ VOL 21 ON NOV 01, 2017

Stacy Denzel Janmaat zoekt in zijn leven altijd naar de verbinding tussen mensen. In het werk, in zijn passie en in het leven. Hij fantaseerde zes jaar geleden al over hoe het zou zijn om samen te werken met vluchtelingen – al noemt Stacy ze liever Nieuwe Nederlanders – uit het Midden-Oosten. Via Refugee Company kwam hij in contact met Mahmoud Al Omar uit Syrië en in zijn PechaKucha vertelt hij over hoe hij die samenwerking handen en voeten heeft gegeven.