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Kevin Carroll

Owner & Sports Consultant, Katalyst Consulting in Portland, Oregon

Rising Above Circumstances


Kevin Carroll is the author of the highly successful Red Rubber Ball trilogy. He has helped turn creative ideas into reality for many organizations and has dedicated his life to advancing education, sports, and play as a vehicle for social change and success.

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Affecting through Social Media

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 19, 2014

High School student Alex Jackson talks about getting engaged and what led him to spearhead an advocacy effort to change his high school's social media policy. Engaging in the issues and restrictions the educations system has on the students and youth involved, it is up to those who are affected that need to take action. 

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From rugby to social empowerment in Romania

@ VOL 26 ON APR 09, 2015

Lucian Mircescu is actively involved in development matters in Romania. A few years ago, he launched the Rugby Club Aurora Baicoi Foundation, which he is using now as a social development platform.

Last year he organised the club's first summer school, where he spent one week with children from 8-14, teaching them maths and English with Duolingo and the Khan Academy.

It's a project that is gaining more and more attention. His story can be one of social empowerment and community participation in the context of the Romanian migration taking place after the country gained European Union membership.

Some of the children in the club simply grow up without any parents, who are working abroad. The children are rarely encouraged to focus on their education and to pursue careers that require studying - which only repeats an eventual poverty cycle. 

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The Red Whistle: Sounding the Alarm on the Rising HIV Problem

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 22, 2015

There is an alarming rise in HIV cases in the Philippines. Evan Tan shares what advocacy group The Red Whistle is doing to help stem the tide.

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Story Time

@ VOL 4 ON NOV 13, 2015

Josephine Caramillo shares her enthusiasm for story time as education and entertainment, empowering children with knowledge and confidence to be their own superheroes through story time. As illustrated by her programs, a library can provide for more than the development of a love of books and literacy, it can provide for the development of children’s motor skills, social skills and more.

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@ VOL 13 ON MAR 03, 2016

"Tiempo de Juego" is a non-profit entity that seeks to foster the adequate use of free time among children and youth in the most vulnerable areas of Colombia. The foundation seeks to distance children from the social ills that surround them and educate them through strategies such as sports and cultural activities. Esteban Reyes opened the night with a powerful and very inspiring presentation of their work.

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Turning Challenge into Opportunity

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 29, 2017

Karen Leckie is a corporate trainer, agent of change, and breakthrough coach. Karen facilitates workshops and training on leadership development, coaching, employee engagement and organization development and is a best-selling author of books. She shares how you can change your mindset on life’s difficulties and obstacles, and learn how to turn any loss into gain!

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Obscene and Indecent Materials: The Health Benefits of Reading and Defending Banned Books

@ VOL 8 ON APR 06, 2018

Zac Thriffiley has made an only slightly lucrative career out of reading the books that others have told him not to read. Born and raised in New Orleans, his aunt was shocked to find him reading Moby-Dick in the middle of Barnes and Noble at the impressionable age of five, and she promptly replaced it with the more age-appropriate title, Green Eggs and Ham. When he was nine years old, his father scolded him for saying the word “bastard” out loud while reading A Separate Peace, and his mother nearly fainted when he brought a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover into their home (his grandmother had nearly gotten expelled for reading the same book at school fifty years earlier). Such books taught him dangerous lessons, such as how to swear effectively, overthrow dystopian totalitarian governments, and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

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Zikra Initiative: We Exchange to Change

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 01, 2018

Rabee' Zureikat sheds the light on his initiative Zikra under the motto of (We Exchange to Change). ‬