PechaKucha Presentation

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Richard Mulholland

in johannesburg

Not so smart are you now?


Richard Mulholland presented about how technology is making us as a human race obsolete. We are becoming so dependent on computers and technology that soon they will outsmart us, perform better and think for themselves. 

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Opera in Bozeman? You Must Be Joking

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

Years ago Richard Wolff began his work with Intermountain Opera with a walk-on part that he had to be talked in to. Since then he has performed three additional walk-on parts, a speaking role and now serves on the Board. He describes the history of opera in Bozeman, and their current community involvement.

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The difference between smart and intelligent

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Tobias Berneth, Founder of Things to Be, discusses the question "Why can't smart technology be smarter?" he challanges this question by comparing technology. What is the difference between smart and intelligent products? We have smart products – products that can store, and deliver information. The intelligent product would be able to recognize redundancies and patterns of information.

Smart products await your input. Do you loose time by using smart products? By using intelligent products, would you be given time, as the product is constantly changing after your needs?

Berneth compares these intelligent products to making new friends. He asks, "How do you design something that collects your data?”. It’s like making friends, make products that people can communicate with in a human way and that can understand how you do it.

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How to Launch a Rocket from Your Smart Phone

@ VOL 16 ON FEB 18, 2016

“They had state of the art technology… [but] an inability to communicate is what jeopardised their mission.”

In “How to Launch a Rocket From Your Smartphone” from PechaKucha Night Madison (Wisconson)’s 16th volume, speaker Spencer Smith debates an urban myth many know well. You may have heard that the smartphone you own is more powerful than the computers that put men on the moon. Do you think that's really true? Is raw computer power the most important component of this question? Once you hear the data from speaker, you could have a different opinion.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016. 

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Getting Unstuck

@ VOL 15 ON SEP 21, 2016

Niki Seberini spoke about how she changed her life after a serious accident and realised what is important to her. Those life changing moments when you alter your perspective

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Life is a box of Kleenex

@ VOL 15 ON SEP 21, 2016

Richard Mulvey spoke about how kleenex is an important part of our lives from the day we are born, through the decades and how it is used until the day we die

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What's in a Doek

@ VOL 15 ON SEP 21, 2016

Zoya Mabuto presented on the traditional south Africa "Doek" which is now in fashion as a headwear for different events. She discussed how varying people had sent her photos of how and when they had worn their Doeks

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Digital Detox

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 25, 2017

Joni Peddie presented on a Digital Detox for our brains by switching off all eletronic equipment to reduce the effects of the "Blue Light" effect and so ensuring we can get a better rest for our brains and body

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You 2 can be Incredible

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Fred Beunink spoke about unhappy people especially in the work place. He delighted us with his story of flying on SAA dressed as mr Incredible to show that everyone can be such.

How we can change our attitude and influence who we choose to work with to make us happy and incredible

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So You Created A City, Now What?

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 29, 2017

The honorable Mayor of the City of San Elizario, Maya Sanchez tells the story of a group of determined individuals worked tirelessly to save their community by creating a new city in 2013. As president of this group, it was assumed that Maya would run for mayor, but she almost did not. However, having birthed this new entity, she quickly realized that she and the group of community organizers that made it happen must not stop with it’s creation and ensure that the young City was set on the right path. Maya shares how the oldest community in Texas became its newest city with the story of the City of San Elizario from 1598 to 2017.