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Jenny Lust

Parks Worker, Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area in Brainerd

Flying Cigars


Jennier Lust likes birds -- a lot. And she really likes chimney swifts. She details all of the details that make the chinmey swift one of the most interesting birds in the animal kingdom.

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@ VOL 20 ON DEC 05, 2013

Pilot Mark Cook really enjoys his job. Despite the difficulties that bad weather can bring, nothing compares to flying at 200 miles per hour and getting to see the sunset up close. In his own words, "aviation is where I live, and life is just a place where I spend time between flights."

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Paper Birds

@ VOL 9 ON OCT 12, 2012

Diana Beltran creates paper sculptures that have been featured all over the web, in particular her exquisite little birds. She shares her thoughts on nature and her own creative process. (In Spanish)

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A Place for Birds in Our Lives

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 02, 2015

Birds are all around us, enrich our lives in multiple ways and are a key to our colorful future, yet they often fade from our mind. Giri Athrey talks about his work with birds that aims to feed the world, while also saving the world's bounty of birds. He presents a case for why we cannot chicken out of our relationship with birds and invites you to make space for birds, not just on your plates, but also in your lives.


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Male Pattern Baldness in Birds

@ VOL 25 ON MAY 29, 2015

Comedians Zachariah Durr and Adam Richard discuss their shared love of ornithology and elaborate on a little known aspect of bird life, male pattern baldness. 

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Flying high on life

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 12, 2015

Kathy Gruver is an award-winning author and the host of the national TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet (winner Beverly Hills Book Awards). She has earned her PhD in Natural Health and has authored two books on stress: Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker and, Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques (Winner Indie Excellence Awards, Beverly Hills Book Awards, Global E-book Awards, Irwin Awards, Finalist for the USA Best Books Award). Her latest book, Journey of Healing will be released this summer. She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School and pursued further education at The National Institutes of Health. Gruver has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Glamour, Fitness, Time, More, Women, Wall Street Journal, CNN, WebMD, Prevention, Huffington Post,, Ladies Home Journal, Women, Massage and Bodywork magazine, and Massage Magazine. She has written dozens of health and wellness articles and contributing posts. Dr. Gruver has appeared as a guest expert on over 250 radio and TV shows including NPR, SkyNews London, Morning Blend in Las Vegas, CBS Radio, and Lifetime Television, and has done over 150 educational lectures around the country for everyone from nurses in the Middle East to 911 dispatchers in New Orleans, corporations around the US and teachers in her own backyard. For fun and stress relief Dr. Gruver does flying trapeze and hip hop dance.More information can be found at 

Even as children we looked into the sky and thought about the birds flying overhead and how cool it would be to be them. Join Kathy Gruver on the adventure of a lifetime as you jump off the 30 ft platform with her and fly high through the air on the trapeze. After 2 1/2 years of experience, multiple rigs around the country, dozens of catches and one emergency room visit experience the ins and outs of the art of flying trapeze and it's parallel to your life.

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Living on the Less Dangerous Edge

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 14, 2015

Darus Zahm wants to live in a world where Phish is always playing in elevators.  When he’s not off communing with nature, you can find him trying to bring the cool back to rollerblading here in Brooklyn.

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Flying Solo: The Joys of Travelling Alone

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 18, 2016

"It's not that the world is so small, it's just that we're really big in it."

In Flying Solo: The Joys of Travelling Alone from PechaKucha Night Accident Vol. 6 Liz Williams discusses the importance of traveling and the empowerment and unique experiences that happen when you travel alone. She offers her tried and true advice on being a solo traveler through her time at home and abroad. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on May 17th, 2017.

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Helping Birds in The Big Sky

@ VOL 1 ON APR 19, 2017

Mikayla Smith shares the serendipitous story of how her curiosity of large birds led her to care for and rehabilitate injured or sick birds of prey at Montana Wild Wings.

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When Flying Was Cool

@ VOL 41 ON MAR 07, 2017

Ryan Biziorek remembers the days when flying was the most romantic way to travel.  For him, it still is.