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Sam Devenport

Designer, 57st. design in Chicago

Ethical Design

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Defining Ethical Business Practices

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 03, 2014

Entrepreneur Marci De Vries discusses the fine line between committing crime and just having guts and how that relates to being a successful entrepreneur.

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Coffee Culture

@ VOL 24 ON MAY 25, 2016

Coffee is "the third most traded thing on the planet, and it's nearly all hand-picked."

In Coffee Culture from PechaKucha Night Brighton Vol. 24, Founder and Head Roaster of independent coffee company Small Batch, Alan Tomlins takes us on journey around the world tracking how coffee is grown and produced. With stunning photograhs from Africa, Asia and the Americas, this PechaKucha is full of facts that all coffee lovers should know. Alan also gives insight in to how coffee is crucial to different cultures and communities. A champion of ethical production, he shows off the people behind your morning coffee.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016. 

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She Who Makes

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

April Mandrona is a new assistant professor in the Division of Art History & Critical Studies. Her research interests cut across several disciplines including Art Education, Gender Studies, and Children's Geographies. Her current work focuses on the development of ethical approaches to supporting the creative activities of young people.

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What is Taxidermy?

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 27, 2016

“To me, taxidermy it is a delicate craft that involves many skills.”

In "What is Taxidermy?" from PechaKucha Night Bexhill-on Sea Vol.4, Jazmine Miles-Long makes us question, what is taxidermy? Jazmine intends to challenge peoples preconceptions, talking about her ethical practice and how each stage is managed with delicacy and respect.

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The ethics and the enjoyment of eating plants

@ VOL 29 ON OCT 24, 2016

Chef Alex Davies has always been passionate about ethical food locally sourced. The recently converted vegetarian wants to showcase and encourage the eating of plants, as a way to enjoy food from the earth and to lessen the impact on our planet. In this talk Alex shares some of his learnings from working in food production, from farm to table.

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Backyard Farms and Ethical Groceries

@ VOL 20 ON APR 05, 2017

Be inspired by the the work of Ben Sirl and Renae who are champions of urban agriculture and ethical grocery and have set up a small ethical grocery store in Palmwoods on the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast (Australia). For the past 4 years they have been running their ‘Backyard Farms Project’. Coming from a previous life working in broad acre agriculture industry and high density urbanised areas, Ben was witness to the destruction of our rural lands and rise of urban environments. Through the Backyard Farms Project, he and Renae encourage urban agriculture through inviting customers to bring in high quality excess produce in exchange for other grocery items. Ben feels a sense of urgency and responsibility to share their experiences in the hope it may seed change for other communities as well. 

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Why mediocrity is the killer of greatness

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Samantha Jones is the founder and CEO of ethical fashion brand Little Yellow Bird. Now a leading supplier for ethically made corporate workwear Little Yellow Bird is on a mission to prove that you can do good while doing good business. A supply chain specialist with a background in military logistics, Samantha is passionate about improving supply chain efficiency and ensuring people, particularly garment workers, are treated and paid fairly for the work that they do.

Samantha is a fellow in the inaugural cohort of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and is a PechaKucha returnee.

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Weaving in the Goodness

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Rebecca Parnham is one of the co-founders of Krama and Co. a company that supports the production of krama (traditional Cambodian scarves). She loves krama and everything they represent. Rebecca’s goal has always been to weave the goodness into every step of what she does. Her PechaKucha talk “Weaving in the Goodness” discusses how social work and the strengths perspective informs her.

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Navigating to Neutral

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Living a more sustainable life is something that Alice Ridley strives to do every day. Small steps make a change and she explores these through a weekly Radio show and her PechaKucha talk