PechaKucha Presentation

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Morten Svinth is a part of an improv theater in his daily life, but we were lucky enough to talk him into doing a PechaKucha presentation, even though the strict format is very far away from the world of improvisation.

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Workplace Improv

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 23, 2016

Nadiem Solomon speaks about introducing fun back into the workplace. 

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The Day I Stole A Time Machine (Random Slides Improv)

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 19, 2016

Chicago based designer, John Ansehl excersizes his improv comedy skills and shows us how the world ends in this "random slides" PK prepared by Mark Strauss with a little help from Photoshop.

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@ VOL 5 ON JUL 29, 2016

Becky Sisco goes on a brave journey through the land of improv!  She was presented with slides she had never seen and nailed it!

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Fra at høre til at lytte

@ VOL 29 ON JUN 01, 2016

Annemette Pedersen talks about the difference between hearing and listening, and learning how to listen properly.

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Random Slides Improvisation

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 01, 2016

Jerry Price & Dave Krock are two community leaders in Southwest, Michigan. Together they take on a Random Slides Improvised PK titled "2016 Year In Review. 

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How to Think on your Feet

@ VOL 1 ON JUN 29, 2017

"Improv is like being slammed in the face by objects that you don't know what they are. You have no concept of what they are or what they are going to be and you get to use it. It's a gift!" 

In How to Think on your Feet from PechaKucha Night Kalamazoo Vol. 1, Dann Sytsma was just as surprised as the audience when his presentation, the improvisational slot intended only for the evening's entertainment and for which he had absolutely zero preparation, became not only a coherent speech but an artful and enigmatic PechaKucha masterpiece for the ages! Well Done, Dann! 

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Fra Grums til Gourmet

@ VOL 34 ON SEP 13, 2017

The group "Fra Grums til Gourmet" (Eng: "From used coffee grounds to gourmet") focuses on collecting used coffee grounds from Aarhus' many restaurants and using it to grow mushrooms. Lasse Melgaard walks the audience through the process and the ideas behind it, and how it unlocks the unused potential of used coffee grounds.

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My Son, The Dinosaur


A key rule at the heart of improvisational theatre is saying "Yes, and" - you not only accept what your partner is giving you, but you build on it.  Spreading that philosophy from the rehearsal room into your life is how Alfred the dinosaur was born.  He's a small stuffed green T-rex that I gave to my husband as a wedding gift.  Over the years that we've been together, Alfred has developed a detailed mythology: he's a super spy, his favorite food is tacos, he likes superhero movies, and he hates bedtimes.  Alfred is an example of how we can find room for play in our lives, and how it can bring us together.

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Random Slides Improv

@ VOL 14 ON SEP 15, 2018

Random Slides Improv with Andy Sawyer & Leah Tirado

Leah Isabel Tirado is an actor, singer, playwright, director, and educator. She’s worked with several theater companies throughout the Midwest and takes particular pride in her involvement with Barrel of Monkeys Productions, Underscore Theatre Company, InGen Productions, and her band The Big Payback.

Andy Sawyer is a set designer, inventor, maker, fine art photographer, innkeeper, outdoorsman, teacher, artist, tree-hugging dirt worshiper, and an improvisational comedian.  He began his improv comedy career over 30 years ago, using humor as a tool for teaching environmental science at Stone Environmental School in Portland, Maine. After moving back to the Twin Cities to woo and eventually marry the one true love of his life, Nita Nicholie, the two collaborated to help establish the “Calling all Colors” program.  Andy again applied improv comedy to this program, using it as a tool for children to begin dialogue on issues of race, stereotyping, and skin color. He next began working with Mike Nadolski at Bridges Theater in Benton Harbor as an ensemble member of the production of “No Waiting in the Loitering Room”, and a community literature-based show based on The Giver by Lois Lowry.  Smarty Pants improv was his next stop, where along with his wife Nita, Joey and Jason Greene and Mike Nadolski he performed a weekly family friendly improv show at The Livery in Benton Harbor for close to 2 years. He is a founding member of TORP, and has performed in numerous local murder mysteries and corporate video productions. In an emergency, he can honestly say, “I am not a doctor, but I played one on TV.”  He and his wife have raised 23 children over the past 24 years and they have found that the fundamental principle of improv, “Yes, And”, can also be a way of life.