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Zainal Bostaman

Project Engineer, Comedian, Toastmaster, Brunei Shell Petroleum in Bandar Seri Begawan

Being Funny When You’re Not Really That Funny


Zainal Bostaman, engineer by day and stand-up comic by night, talks about how he began his comic career (miserably) and after several hits and misses, reached a point where people can properly laugh at his jokes. He now holds comedy workshops and teaches others on how to be funny when they think they're not really that funny.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 26, 2015.

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@ VOL 8 ON AUG 13, 2015

Phil McDade gives a humorous presentation on the tendency to go a little too far with pruning one of Jackson's favorite trees, the crape myrtle. As only a landscape architect can, he brings the madness to light. Come visit with Phil and hear his “porch philosophy” and thoughts about why crape myrtle trees are fine just as they are!

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Sure, You Can Rest When You’re Dead But Why The Rush?

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 12, 2015

Linda Croyle finds and treats the actual causes of physical and emotional issues by using the powerful mind-body medicine of B.E.S.T. and combining it with her decades of work as a counselor, coach, teacher and diversity facilitator. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from St. Lawrence University, Linda has been a student of the mind - body connection for over 30 years, and created Everything Healed (, a Santa Barbara based holistic healthcare business where she specializes in one-on-one treatments, group workshops and public speaking.

Americans are just beginning to pay the price for our current “I can forego sleep and then hype myself up on caffeine all day” mentality. With two-thirds of us not getting the seven to nine hours of sleep our bodies need to cleanse, filter, properly store the day’s activities and heal, we are compromising our physical and mental well-being. Spend these six minutes learning how to get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed!

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Comedy in Lincoln

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 07, 2015

Liam Mitchel, graphic designer by day creative and comedian around the clock, introduces us to HOW and WHO is helping curate the local comedy scene in Lincolnshire. He gives us a taste of his humour with a laughter-filled presentation. Go LACE


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Ahhhnuld, a life

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 02, 2015

For some god forsaken reason, Cary Janks decides to examine the life and times of Arnold Schwartznegger. Are you ready to get Pumped Up?!?!

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Funny Ha Ha

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 19, 2016

Jason Kirk loves comedy, but not because it makes him laugh (as in Funny Ha Ha), though he likes to laugh too.  Jason takes us through the power of laughter over the times, to tell the truth, for better or worse.

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20 Random Slides (PKGRv7)

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 05, 2014

We've gained quite a reputation for attracting the brave to our stage with our "20 Random Slides" segment.  It all began when a blizzard hit and we had only half our speakers show up so a few brave veterans got up on stage and presented someone else's material.  The next show "20 Random Slides" was born and one more later here we are again for the 2nd time!

Bart is a veteran of our stage both as Emcee, Speaker, and 20 Random Slide speaker and gets better every time!

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How to Think on your Feet

@ VOL 1 ON JUN 29, 2017

"Improv is like being slammed in the face by objects that you don't know what they are. You have no concept of what they are or what they are going to be and you get to use it. It's a gift!" 

In How to Think on your Feet from PechaKucha Night Kalamazoo Vol. 1, Dann Sytsma was just as surprised as the audience when his presentation, the improvisational slot intended only for the evening's entertainment and for which he had absolutely zero preparation, became not only a coherent speech but an artful and enigmatic PechaKucha masterpiece for the ages! Well Done, Dann! 

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Wouldn't It Be Funny If

@ VOL 33 ON FEB 22, 2018

Visual artist, illustrator, and musician Keegan Steele produces two comic strips. Stressed which appears in the Uniter and My Son My Son What Have You Done, which appears in the Manitoban. In his musicial endeavors in the Principal Lyricists and Yes We Missed It, he strives to make his music more poignant and thought-provoking in contrast to the humor in which he presents through his artwork.

Nine out of ten times the thought that begins his diversified creative process always starts with – "wouldn’t it be funny if ..."


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Just Because You’re An Artist in the Festival, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get Kicked Out of It: A True Story

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 31, 2018

Katherine BingleyKatbing ART
“Just Because You’re An Artist in the Festival, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get Kicked Out of It: A True Story”
A tale of art, beer, mishaps and adventure; Kat Bingley relives her first experience as a large-scale installation artist.