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Douglas Melnick

Chief Sustainability Officer, City of San Antonio in San Antonio

A Resilient City Through Environmental Sustainability

Douglas Melnick is passionate about environmental sustainability. And for good reason, because San Antonio is getting hotter. Temperatures here have risen 2.5 degree Celsius since 1960, and these kinds of drastic changes have real implications for our city today and tomorrow. For example, our infrastructure was not designed for the inundation of flood waters and other
extreme weather conditions that are becoming more frequent. But we can build resilience into our communities with incremental steps like composting, which leads to less methane in the atmosphere, or riding a bike to work, which decreases carbon emissions. And he reminds us if we don’t have the public transportation or other sustainability programs we want to see, it’s up to us to advocate for them.
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Not Yet the End of the World

@ VOL 10 ON JAN 30, 2014

Summer Gray is a Ph.D. student in Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Research Associate at the International Institute of Climate Action and Theory. She speaks on the climate justice movement, and what we must do to save the planet from the destruction of global warming. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 5, 2014.

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Closet Environmentalist

@ VOL 18 ON MAR 27, 2014

Climate change and global warming are topics that have been debated about since the early 90s to today. For the long time that this topic has been talked about, what are the hopes of finding a solution? Natalie Jones talks about her experiences at the UN Climate Change Conference and tries to answer this exact issue. However, her time there has made her realize that it is the people that truly make a different and has empowered her to not take fact for truth and instead take action. 

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Creating community conversations for climate change action


Sandy McCathie is a sustainability advisor, who finds peace in nature, adores her family, and has recently returned from Heron Island where she snorkelled with turtles and manta rays. Encouraging others, Sandy reminds people that Global Warming is real, and reminds us that the present deeply effects the future. Trying to bring the community of Townsville, the goal is to start using economical friendly technology and result in the global temperature to drop by 2050. 

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Les Calotte Polaires et le Réchauffement Climatique - Ice Sheets and Global Warming

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 20, 2014

La réponse des deux calottes polaires (Groenland et Antarctique) à une hausse des températures est complètement différente.
La calotte du Groenland pourrait disparaitre à terme si on a une hausse de 3°C alors que celle de l'Antarctique pourrait atténuer dans un premier temps la hausse prévue du niveau de mers. Néanmoins, elle pourrait fondre à la base et se disloquer...

The response of both ice sheets to global change will be fully different.
The Greenland ice sheet would collapse if we have a temperature increase > 3°C while the Antarctica ice could mitigate the sea level rise in a first time. However, it could melt at its basis and break also in future ...

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Sustainability and environmental rationality

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 21, 2015

Environmental sustainability - the ability of the environment to withstand human. In ecology, the term refers to the ability of biological systems to the preservation and development of biodiversity.

lya Yakovlev considered the question about social, ecological, cultural processes that use natural resources. 

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Unraveling Sustainability

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2016

Florence Micoud - She defined sustainability in a way that is real and understandable for everyone. She also described the language, the processes and tools that facilitate action so that we may work together for effective and desirable change.

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Transforming to a Resilient City

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 01, 2017

"Imagine if we worked even harder to protect our ecosystems so that they continue to provide us with goods and services ... so that we don't have to spend so much of our money on engineering solutions."

Danielle Koleyak considers the impacts our changing climate could have on the biophysical environment and therefore the liveability of our cities. More importantly, she poses some ideas for building resilience and mitigating some of these impacts.

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Sustainability through Behavioral Change

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Inspirational high school student Anzac Gallate shared how a group of students at Cashmere High School have created sustainable educational projects through behavioral change. One of Anzac’s key messages was that no one is too small to make a difference and you can start with just turning off lights.  This is a must listen!