Past Edmonton Event: VOL 27

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VOL 27

February 16, 2017
@ The Shaw Conference Centre

Has the winter weather got you down? Embrace the chill at Pecha Kucha Night 27! PKN 27 is partnering with Winter Cities Shake-Up 2017 to present an evening of winter celebration. Get your tickets now.

Still need convincing? Check out the lineup:

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Making Minus Positive in a YEG Winter

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

Michele Perret is the Community Engagement Lead for Stantec and here she lays out a buffet of interesting ways to pull the scarf down from your eyes, look up from the snow-covered sidewalk, and see the possibilities in our coldest months.

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@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

Mandy Johnson talks about her small but active resort community of Canmore, Alberta located on the doorstep of Canadian Rockies, where she's part of a movement to get the town excited and confident to #BikeAllWinter.

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Using Snow to Build a Better City

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

“There’s an abundant resource that’s available to all winter cities, right below our feet, that could help us produce better, user-informed designs.”

Darren Proulx, Urban Planning Engineer with Slow Streets, explains how to start thinking about snow as less of a nuisance and more of a tool for cities— and how we can use it, literally, as a building block or even a guide to designing better public spaces.

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Inside Coffee Outside

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

“Stopping is an overlooked good of riding a bicycle in the city. It’s completely overlooked when we seal ourselves in our automobiles.”

Glenn Kubish shares the story of a group of commuters who take the time to stop and have a hot cup of coffee in the cold Edmonton morning, giving us a new approach to enjoying the weather—and the company—when heading from point A to point B.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 7th, 2017. 

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Life in Luleå

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

"Do you think think there are ways to make winter cozier, easier, more magical, and more authentic?"

Emma Sanborn spent two years living in northern Sweden and came home to Edmonton with a few new ideas on how to make the most out of winter. From morning fikas and saunas everywhere to instruments made of ice, Emma shares how Swedes are leading the way in living the coziest winter way of life.

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Winter River Pavilions

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

In Winter Pavilions from PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol. 27, Architect Matt Roper sees an opportunity to bring some warmth to Edmonton's vast river valley system in winter. Envisioning a connected grid of portable pavilions and warming huts, Matt proposes that the city combine its winter smarts, design prowess, and thirst for the outdoors to create this network of active and attractive winter hubs throughout the city's parks.

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Nordic Walking: The Perfect Winter City Outdoor Activity

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

"From city streets to mountain peaks, all you have to do is go where your poles take you and enjoy the outdoors."

Susan Yackulic sheds light on the joys of urban poling, showing how a pair of nordic poles are an easy and accessible tool to keep healthy and happy while encouraging you to explore your own city on foot.

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Reimagine the Arts District for Edmonton's Winter Nights

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

"We're hoping to inspire people in our city to think about how to activate our streets and how to bring people out."

Architect Shafraaz Kaba shares his idea for bringing light and life to a public space that goes into hibernation through the winter. Using fire, light, art, and maybe a temporary tavern or two, he presents a compelling set of small interventions to breathe some winter warmth into the public realm.

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Commuting in Winter: The Experiment

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

"W always rush from point A to point B as fast as we can, missing all the creamy filling in the middle."

This winter, Michael Glazier undertook a lofty experiment. He ditched his car in the dead of winter in favour of a commute on foot. He shares what he found —not just out in the environment, but also in his thoughts—when he left the gridlock behind and gained a little more time to breathe.

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Choose Your Winter

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 16, 2017

"Choose your winter, and love wherever it takes you."

Kairi Pawlick shares her story of leaving the chilly Edmonton winter for a trip south—way south—to Antarctica, offering a glimpse at the vast uninhabited land where nature, beauty, endurance and reflection meet.

Kairi Pawlick
Civil Engineer & Project Manager in Urban Land Development, Stantec in Edmonton
Michele Perret
in Edmonton
Mandy Johnson
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Darren Proulx
in Edmonton
Glenn Kubish
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Emma Sanborn
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Matt Roper
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Susan Yackulic
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Shafraaz Kaba
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Michael Glazier
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