Past Erfurt Event: VOL 2

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November 22, 2014
@ Franz Mehlhose Kulturcafé

PechaKucha Night #1 was in July, and we are looking forward to PKN#2 on Saturday, November 22.   Join us at

Franz Mehlhose Kultur & Café,

Löberstraße 12,

99084 Erfurt

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Urban Renewal by Building Bridges: Intercultural Garden Erfurt Paradies

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 22, 2014

The intercultural community garden "Erfurt Paradies," located in north Erfurt, is a grassroots project that has increased the social and cultural  value of the neighborhood. Cathy Delos Santos talks about the mission and goal of the organization, Urban Renewal.  This organization help brings together local and migrants through events and activities in the community gardens / Gemeinschaftsgarten of Erfurt.

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Konzept Passivhaus

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 22, 2014

Passive House concept - environmentally-friendly  -  renewable energy

All of these are topics that concern or should concern us.  Architect Jörg Gerl gives an introduction to the building concept PASSIVHAUS / Passive House, which is "a building standard that is energy efficient, comfortable and affordable."  In the talk, Jörg Gerl emphasizes how certain aspects, such as the personal / residential requirements of the people need to be considered, as well as the range of applications in reconstructing the building.  (in German)

Passivhaus - Eco - erneuerbaren Energien- Baukonzept für die Zukunft?

Jörg Gerl, Architekt, beschreibt die Vorteile, sowie den Bau von Passivhäusern.  Das Baukonzept berücksichtigt  die Wohnbedürfnissen des Menschen,  das  Funktionsprinzip, und das Anwendungsspektrum.

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TraBi - nicht nur ein Auto

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 22, 2014

Sprache ist der Schlüssel zur Teilhabe am gesellschaftlichen Leben in Deutschland. Aber das Kennenlernen der Institutionen, Behörden und der Möglichkeiten der Beratungen ist auch ein wichtiger Faktor. Tülay Philipps erzählt wie das Projekt TraBi bietet die Möglichkeit Sprache mit Wissen über Rente und Krankenversicherung, Jobsuche, für Ausländer relevanten Ämter zu verbinden..

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Thüringen Welcoming Culture

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 22, 2014

Mustafa Khan talks about the shortage of foreign workers and students in Germany. He talks about policy, reform, and better culture to welcome more foreigners into Germany. 

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from Erfurt to Pakistan (and back)

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 22, 2014

Karen Pilgrim talks about her experience in her study abroad and internship experience in Pakistan. She explores the culture, people, lectures, and places in Pakistan.

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Canada‘s dark secret in its history

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 22, 2014

Rosalie Peter-Isenbürger speaks about the horrors of the Indian residential schools in Canada, which was a result of a policy put into effect from 1876 - 1996.  This policy was to remove  (native) children from the influence of their families and culture and assimilate them into the dominant (white) Canadian culture. 

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Frühe Streichinstrumente in Europa

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 22, 2014

How did the stringed instruments – violin,  viola, cello, double bass  − evolve?  MATTHIAS MISCH pictorially outlines the historical development via the vielle or viuola / fidel, an early bowed stringed instrument from the 10th century. (in German)

Wie sind die heutigen Streichinstrumente  -  die Violine, die Viola, das Cello, der Kontrabass entstanden? Wie haben sie sich entwickelt?   In dieser Präsentation schildert MATTHIAS MISCH einen Teil dieser historischen Entwicklung anhand der Fidel, einem frühen Streichinstrument, ausgehend vom 10. Jahrhundert in Europa.

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Yoga: Now and Zen

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 22, 2014

"Yoga is a meditative exercise that anybody can do almost anywhere."

Carrie Wenzel talks about the growing popularity, benefits and history of yoga. She also speaks about her pilgrimage to India to learn more about the philosophy, as well as postures and breathing exercises practiced, to achieve a balanced control of the body and mind.

Carrie Wenzel
Yoga coach in Erfurt
Tuelay Philipps
Integration officer, ZIM in Erfurt
Joerg Gerl
Architect in Erfurt
Karen Pilgrim
in Erfurt
Mustafa Khan
in Berlin