Past Erfurt Event: VOL 1

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July 04, 2014
@ Franz Mehlhose Kulturcafé

Franz Mehlhose Kultur & Café,

Löberstraße 12,

99084 Erfurt


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Living Elsewhere and its Lessons

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 04, 2014

Living abroad is more than just a cultural experience, especially after living in 14 cities in 7 countries. Barbara Kuntze, an English language coach and restless Gemini, has always wanted to see more of the world, but traveling is only one way with usually a limited glimpse into the area.  Living and working (and volunteering, such as in the Galapagos) elsewhere, allows one to gain an insight into another world and  (re)assess one's place in life. Lifelong learning continues in the cities and with the people we encounter on the path; the journey is the life!

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Hänschen klein ging allein... Symbiose und Autonomie

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 04, 2014

Matthias Misch, Psychologie M.A., schildert die menschliche Entwicklung von der konstruktiven Symbiose im Zeuglingsalter zu eine gesunden Autonomie im Erwachsenalter und die damit verbundene Entwicklungsprobleme.

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Fast wie ein Muttersprachler – How Native is Near Native?

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 04, 2014

How good can your German be if you are not a native speaker, but rather learned the language at a young age?  Through numerous intensive interviews, Almut Ketzer, a PhD student in instructional psychology, has some interesting conclusions about the results thus far.  Sometimes it is not really just about LEARNING the language either. (in German)


Wie gut kann dein deutsch sein wenn du nicht Muttersprachler bist?  Kannst du jemals ein C1 oder C2 erreichen? macht der Akzent was aus?  Almut Ketzer, Doktorandin, hat sich mit diesem Thema (mit viele Interviews) beschäftigt und die Resultate sind höchst interessant.



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Make Your Own 3D – 3D einfach selber machen

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 04, 2014

Frank Lorenz, hobby photographer and communications coach, has always been a big fan of anything 3D since 2010.  Once having seen such a photo, he knew he had to buy a 3D camera and take such photos himself.  He is never without his camera and persuades his friends to view his photos whenever possible.  Having this camera has made him see his world in a new light and given those places a different point of reference and angle.

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Filmmaking in Turkey - Redefining the Image

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 04, 2014

Manuel Inacker, freelance filmmaker and journalist, was strongly influenced by his studies and time spent in Turkey in his pursuit of imagery and how these visual expressions influence our collective memory.  In his talk, he explains with various visual examples of how images and films shaped his ideas for his own short film project named KOZA.
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Droning Our Lives Away

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 04, 2014

Timothy Bell has been living in Germany over three  decades. As an American abroad, he has seen technology advance from mobile phones to drone surveillance.  On the other hand, Hasnain Bokhari has only spent one decade in Germany studying and living far from his East Asian roots and has seen first-hand the effects of such advanced drone technology.  However, in this talk both speakers come together to show the controversial debate in word, imagery and policy.

Timothy Bell
in Erfurt
Kai Philipps
in Erfurt
Frank Lorenz
Communication Skills Trainer in Leipzig
Almut Ketzer
Universität Erfurt in Erfurt
Manuel Inacker
filmmaker in Erfurt