Past Nantes Event: VOL 6

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Picture Design

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Barbara Noiret is a french videographer who explains her way of making projections. She produces videos in context, or "in situ", which means mixing images to create new spaces.

Imaginary spaces. Random spaces. Like an architect, she plays with the walls, changes the insides and the outsides, redefines the limits of a habitation, and blurs the lines between intimate places and public spaces. (In French)

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Environmental Customization

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Camille Clerc is a young french architect who finished her internship study in an architect's office in Stavenger, Norway called Helen & Hard Agency. She shows us how people and especially young people are involved in their environment by creating animation and gaming sites. Their goal is to move away from a solely technical and anthropocentric view, allowing the project to unfold in relation to its physical, social, cultural and economic context. (In French)

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Seven Helping Hands

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Seven french graphics students from the team Courte Echelle share the same passion: drawing & telling stories. This young team, working with seven pairs of hands, inspire and collaborate in each project. The name of their collectif is significant: doing the "courte-échelle" in french (short scale) means to help someone overcome a difficulty. (In French)

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Photography Along the Loire River

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

We follow over the Loire river the inspiring vision of this contemporary woodworker & designer, Damien Hamon. From Oscar Wilde to Audiard to Brancusi, he takes us on a journey through his photos while showcasing their bright colors. Damien explores and illustrates the process of creation: difficulties, doubts, surprises. (In French)

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Dakar, 5:30

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Jeronimo is a french artist, serigrapher, and illustrator. He tells us a story which starts in Dakar, Senegal at 5:30 AM. Jeronimo is an observer who likes details, "gris-gris", lucky charms, and accidents. (In French)

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Internationally Inspired Jewelry

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Julie Decubber is a jewelry artist who has learned techniques from all over the world. They enabled her to bring a variety of materials to life. She met a mentor who showed her the importance of being curious. She has created a creative workshop that will soon open in Nantes. (In French)

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Playing with Old Family Photographs

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

A singer and actress caught in the act of distorting family photographs, Mathilde Lemonnier revisits her work with black and delightful humour. When she was very young she began by asking for a few hairpieces that she found in magazine pictures so that she could play with the appearance of her ancestors. Exploding heads, eyes squinting, the frozen past in black and white is propelled to a fantasy realm in a colorful and spirited manner. (In French)

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Souenellen's Photographic Style

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Souenellen humorously shows his photographic works because he says people are desperate to be photographed! He tells us about how his patience and passion enable him to capture the right moment. He also tells us how he uses his enthusiasm and lighting effects to help his subjects become more comfortable and improve themselves. (In French)

Contains partial nudity.

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A City Born of an Aircraft Graveyard

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Tuc Teamson talks about how three students in architecture and design start a project focusing on an "extreme situation"; A need for living space in the Arizona desert. They designed new homes from aircraft carcasses found in an aircraft graveyard. Turbines turn into a churches, cabins, and houses. Soon, a city emerges from the chaos. (In French)

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Passions of Photography and Gastronomy

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Marie-Laure Louis is a young and dynamic photographer who loves to eat! She tells us the beginning, her passions, sometimes the trouble with a lot of happiness and energy. Through crowd-funding she was able to take a trip to and photos of Mauritius. Already winner of a photo contest, she'll no doubt make a great photographer. (in French)

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