Past Toronto Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

June 14, 2012
@ Hyatt Regency Toronto

PechaKucha at NXNEi !!!! That's enough of an excitement. We just created an event page on Facebook. Find it on our Fan page at Although we are starting and ending early (due to the NXNEi festival schedule), please don't just go home from there. Meet some new friends and invite them to continue the conversation. Here is the link to all the cool things that are happening at the NX lounge (where we will be located) from June 13-15th.

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The Design Walkin

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 14, 2012

The Design Walkin -- a project created by Zahra Ebrahim ( and Ken Chong (The Baitshop Inc) -- is a drop-in clinic created to make design and design advice accessible to the general public. ‪(in English)  ‬

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A History of British Accents

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 14, 2012

Mark Staplehurst is a web designer and developer from England, and in his presentation he talks about the history of British accents. You'll soon realize how Englishmen are all "branded by the tongue." What can you tell about Mark from his accent?

"Presentation of the Day" on March 6, 2013.

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Everybody Has a Brain

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 14, 2012

In overcoming OCD and a variety of other anxiety disorders, Mark Freeman was shocked to discover that all people have brains. This is the story of that discovery. (in English)

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Public Realm 2.0

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 14, 2012

Richard Borbridge has an idea, and it involves the complete transformation of publication consultation. He calls it Public Realm 2.0, and describes it in his presentation. (in English)

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Collaborative Living

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 14, 2012

Lon Wong is a member of a new start-up that advocates collaborative consumption, and in his presentation he explains why a lifestyle of consumption is both killing us and pushing us towards better ways of living. (in English)

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How I Fell in Love with Infographics

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 14, 2012

After quitting her 9-5 job, Linda Nakanishi started a few up-cycling projects hoping to make people aware of her environmental concern. She realized her approach wasn't working, started researching online, discovered infographics is the medium which she could use to share her environmental concern to a larger audience.

Mark Staplehurst
Designer & Developer, ecentricarts in Toronto
Lon Wong
Social Entrepreneur / Collaborative Consumption Advocate @unstash founder / Community Developer @WorldVision, World Vision in Toronto
Mark Freeman
in Toronto
Ken Chong
in Toronto
Zahra Ebrahim
Designer, Strategist, archiTEXT, OCADU in Toronto
Linda Nakanishi
Interactive Creative Director in Toronto