Past Bangor, ME Event: VOL 4

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March 09, 2012
@ Bangor Opera House

PechaKucha Night Bangor Vol. 4 is Friday night, March 9th, at the Bangor Opera House in Downtown Bangor and hosted by Bari Newport, artistic director of Penobscot Theatre. A selection of new presenters will surprise the audience with images and stories about their creative work and ideas. Doors open @ 6pm Presentations @ 6:40pm End @ 8:30 pm $5 at the door Cash bar Stay for the film Albatross, presented by River City Cinema at 8:30 pm; only $10 for both events. PechaKucha Night Bangor Vol. 4 presenters: Kate Boehmer / Farm Truck Alan Comeau / The Road Back Steve Rich / WBRC, Monique Bouchard / Society for Creative Anachronism Chris Pierce / Iron GM Emma Pope-Welch / shift Alex Steed / Food Coma TV The poster for PKN Bangor Vol. 4 was designed by Callithump! at For more information about PKN Bangor visit and Fusion:Bangor, River City Cinema, the University of Maine Museum of Art and other partners have joined together to establish PechaKucha Bangor—a presentation event for creative people to showcase their work, accomplishments and ideas to the community. PechaKucha Night started in 2003 in Japan and has spread to hundreds of cities around the world. The event keeps presentations concise, interest up and ideas flowing. The 20x20 PechaKucha format allows each presenter to narrate a sideshow of 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds.

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Roleplaying: Monsters, Mayhem and Memories

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 09, 2012

A Bangor native with a passion for weird and creative things, Chris Pierce has been a star "Dungeon Master" -- the person who directs a session of a role-playing game -- at the annual SnowCon Gaming Convention in Orono for the past 4 years. His enthusiasm and love of tabletop gaming is addictive, and he’s been known to convince many a "noob" to sit in on a game of Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. (in English)

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Sing Loudly and Carry a Big Stick

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 09, 2012

By day, Monique Bouchard is a graphic designer and communications director who lives in Bangor's Old Town with her husband and son, but on weekends, she travels back in time where she is... Aneleda Falconbridge, Bard of Kings. (in English)

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The Road Back

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 09, 2012

Alan Comeau is joined on stage with the cast and crew of the film The Road Back: Alan Comeau, Acadia Hospital communications officer and producer of the film; Faith Bishop, Hermon High School student and screenwriter/director of the film; Natalie Johnson, Hermon High School student and “Allie” in the film; and Lucas Holmes, Hampden Academy student and musician/composer for the film. (in English)

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