Past San Francisco Event: VOL 37

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VOL 37

February 20, 2010
@ Autodesk Gallery

It only took seconds to destroy so many bright hopes and dreams in Haiti. The 280 city PechaKucha network is joining with Architecture for Humanity to help rebuild Haiti 20 seconds at a time. Join us around the the world on 20th February for Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti. 20 seconds, 20 images, 200 cities, 2000 presentations, 200,000 people - with the aim to raise $1,000,000 for rebuilding Haiti.

All proceeds go directly to Architecture for Humanity's Non-Profit organization and will be used for building facilities in Haiti.

Hosted by Paul Jamtgaard & Team PK-sf.

Join us to take the "Pecha Kucha" conversation and turn it into action and real IMPACT.

We need your help to get out the word and support this enormously important goal.

thanks, Team -PK-sf

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Rebuilding Haiti - The Last Responders

@ VOL 37 ON FEB 20, 2010

The PechaKucha Presentation WAVE for Haiti started on 20th February in Auckland, New Zealand and 117 cities and 20 hours later ended it San Francisco where Cameron Sinclair, Founder of Architecture For Humanity, was ready to give one of the final PechaKucha Presentations on this amazing day for Haiti! Take it away Cameron! View PechaKucha WAVEcast of the presentation on Ustream Architecture For Humanity

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Emergence Through Emergency

@ VOL 37 ON FEB 20, 2010

When we understand nature's coordinate system, we learn how to do more with less. Another wonderful presentation from the Global PechaKucha Night from Haiti. World Link

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Devouring Architecture

@ VOL 37 ON FEB 20, 2010

12 months, 9 competitions and a bonus! 2 slides a competition... Fletcher Studio

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