City Focus: Pensacola

Take a leisurely walk on the beach with us in Pensacola, Florida for this week's City Focus. Combining its rich history and beautiful beaches that cover 50 miles of its coastline, Pensacola is truely an intruiging and eye-catching city. With their passion for bringing people together through creativity, community outreach programs, and its fascinating history, their presentations reflect the true heart of Pensacolans. Please check out their city page to learn more about all the wonderful things Pensacola has got going on! We wish the PKN Pensacola team the very best of luck on their 13th volume on September 22nd. Hope to see you all there!

With its vivid geometric design, this week's Poster Spotlight highlights the ultra-creative poster from Vejle. The complexity of its three-dimensional design makes one wonder, "what do the creatives of Vejle have in store for us at PechaKucha Night Vejle Vol.2?" Find out by checking their event on September 18th. Be there or be square!

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This week's City Focus features the beautiful historic town of Taos, New Mexico. The rustic adobe buildings as seen at the Taos Pueblo, inhabited by Native Americans for centuries, influence the city's appreciation for natural artistic beauty. Taos offers many galleries and museums that showcase regional artwork which make hosting PechaKucha Nights in this arist-filled city something unique and special. They are hosting their 28th volume on the 16th of September at the Taos Center for the Arts and we look forward to what the Taos community has to share. Be ready to be inspired!

Promoting free expression, this intruiging work produced for PechaKucha Night Troyes Vol.3 caught our eye and made it's way into this week's PK Poster Spotlight. Freedom of expression is very important in both our creative works and today's society so, we encourage everyone to share their inspiring stories and not to be fearful of exploring the unknown. The poster flawlessly illustrates the significance of conversation and the exchanging of ideas in our communities.

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Lying on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan, St. Joseph is our featured city focus this week. Home to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph is a forward moving town, latent with history of commerce and travel. This quaint beach town is welcoming to all, between its scenic coastline and magical amusement parks. We can’t wait for PechaKucha Night St. Joseph Vol. 14! See you all there.

Once again Chengdu is stealing the PKN Poster Spotlight for their PKN Vol. 9 promotional poster. In their magical snow globe dome like structure, many different people from different walks of life are featured, highlighting the diverse array of storytellers at their PechaKucha Nights. Their next PKN features the look and function of city buildings, reflected in the way we look in from the outside of their glass dome. From dancers to photographers to florists, Chengu’s next PKN is sure to be a hit.

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Just in time for their PKN Vol. 24, Cairns is taking the spotlight for this week’s City Focus. Located in Queensland, Australia, this PK city is breathtaking with it’s clear blue waters and white sand. Cairns is a popular tourist location due to it’s access to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is hosting their PKN Vol. 24 during National Science week and we can’t wait. See you all there!


To celebrate their PechaKucha Night Vol. 28 and the culmination of summer vacation, Kumamoto has made this colorful circus inspired poster to capture their upcoming PKN theme. For their PKN they are inviting half children and half adults to present their stories, highlighted by the man and boy both speaking under the PKN hat in the center of the poster, also putting them under the PKN Poster Spotlight for this week. This is a night not to miss!

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Travel with us to Grenland, Norway in this weeks City Focus. In August, Grenland will be hosting their own PechaKucha Night Vol. 1! Their first monthly PechaKucha Night is being held among the natural scenery and captivating coastline. Grenland is widely known for its outdoor activities, museums, and sightseeing. Grenland is a unique and offbeat Norwegian city with minds as vast as their beautiful natural world. Come out on August 29th to welcome Grenland into the PechaKucha family! Looking forward to seeing you there.


Take a trip with us to the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s, for our City Focus. St. John’s is located on the eastern tip of the Avalon Peninsula and is rich with both history and captivating beauty. It is one of the oldest european settlements in North America, dating back to 1519. As for the cityscape, the homes and buildings in St. John’s are radiant with color and have tremendous character. Participating in their first ever PechaKucha Night, St. John’s is going to be packed with creatives to the brim! We are so looking forward to seeing your colorful minds at St. John’s PechaKucha Night Vol. 1 at the end of this month! Follow them on intstagram for updates and fun facts about PechaKucha @pechakuchastjohns!