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30 OCT


PechaKucha is back!

Our diverse range of presenters will once again be putting across their personal passions and projects in our unique 20x20 format. (20 images x 20 secs)
'Resonance & Reverberation' is the theme to be explored this time round.

The good folk of cafe 68 will be providing lovely curry and beer as usual and your host for the evening will be stand-up, Chris Booker.

Chris will also be presenting York PK's first ever improvised presentation! Not to be missed.

Doors opening @ 8pm with presentations getting started 8:20ish.

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The Fabric of the City

@ VOL 16 ON JUL 12, 2018

Patti Issitt discusses her art: collages and mixed media composites using print, fabric and stitches. Patti aims to explore the emotional interplay between mother and daughter, the internal city of physical embodiment, and the deeper implications of scar tissue running deep into the soul as well as the body. It’s not uncommon for women to carry deep scarring: abdominal surgeries, caesarian sections, breast surgery for example. 

As the city, especially a city with walls such as York, becomes congested and immobilised by impingements to it’s circulatory system, so is the freedom of our body, both physical and mental, impinged by the scar tissue which we accumulate through our lives.

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Stories in Stitiches

@ VOL 16 ON JUL 12, 2018

Catherine Djimramadji weaves together her love of knitting and her interest in social, local and family history, telling stories through knitted stitches and patterns and exploring the role of knitting in York's history.

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Music, Leeds, Come Play With Me

@ VOL 16 ON JUL 12, 2018

Tony Ereira talks about how CPWM works within the rich fabric of Leeds’ many music scenes

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Fabric in artistic practice

@ VOL 16 ON JUL 12, 2018

Jade Blood discusses the importance of fabric through the development of her practice, whilst living in York and contributing to the contemporary art culture.

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St Nick's - The Green Heart of York

@ VOL 16 ON JUL 12, 2018

Ivana Jakubkova explains how the charity contributes to the city by having transformed a former rubbish tip into a thriving 24-acre wildlife haven and Environment Centre. Touching on some of the main constituent parts of York - from the Minster to the rivers - and their links to St Nicks, Ivana hones in on the biggest one of them all...

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Walking To Work

@ VOL 16 ON JUL 12, 2018

Adam Keay examines of how mindful walking helped him pull through a creative block with painting, and explored the techniques he uses in his works.

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@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

Phil Bixby is an Architect and Certified Passivhaus Designer and will be spelling out what Passivhaus is all about, what benefits it brings, and why everything on York Central should be built to this standard. Just to really rub it in he’ll also explain how the Germans are doing it already.

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Identity and Heritage - York is full of both

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

With any development we need to make sure that the people of York have their needs and feelings put first and York Central will give our city a unique opportunity to do just that, whilst enhancing our rich history and culture! Dom Bielby will hope to show which aspects of York's heritage and identity York Central will allow us to develop, whilst hopefully giving good reasons as to why we should and what we need to avoid!



Vol 17: Resonance & Reverberation

Volume 17: Resonance & Reverberation 
Join us at Cafe 68, Cycle Heaven on 30th October, 8pm, for PK York's 17th Volume - Resonance & Reverberation.
Our fabulously eclectic list of presenters will attempt to answer questions such as how do we connect with one another? How does the human body communicate with itself? Does one thing always lead to another? Can a single act of kindness or defiance send everlasting ripples through time and space? Why is Good Vibrations such a great album? What’s the future of messaging?
Don't miss it.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Ben Porter

    Plastic Fortune is a creative collective and city film platform based in York. We are artists, designers, film makers, photographers, performing artists, musicians and writers. We make films, put on events and exhibitions, and work with a lot of young people.

  • Katie Greenbrown

    I’m a York-based spoken word poet writing and sharing whimsical, beautiful, quirky and - sometimes - funny work at Open Mics and DiY events around the city. My poems are about saving bees, falling in and out of love and having the same coat as everyone else, among other things. My work takes stories from the half-submerged city, and gives them a rhythmic, rhymic twist. I believe in good things and wear slightly rose-tinted spectacles.

  • Hannah West

    The Arts Barge Project in York, UK is a not-for-profit, artist-led organisation working to convert a de-commissioned large-scale river barge into a floating arts centre for York City centre. The Arts Barge will provide performance, showing, participation and mentorship opportunities across the art and design modalities. We deliver arts events with a social focus because it's a great way to experience the arts, to raise profile and funds and to grow our artist network. We work in collaboration and partnership with local, regional and national organisations and artists.

  • Peter Roman

    An artist and illustrator living and working in York. Blending the city’s iconography and stories with contemporary themes, I produce mixed media work that strives for both grace and grit. Recent work includes a collaboration with Young Thugs Records to deliver cross-sensory, cross platform art and killer album covers.