Past Venice Event: VOL 2

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March 11, 2017
@ Palazzo Michiel del Brusà

Can We Save Venice Before It's Too Late?

This question has been discussed for years by people around the world and needs
to be answered urgently, today more than ever. Venice, one of the most beautiful
cities in Italy and the world, is in danger, destroyed day after day.

As Venetian citizens, we have therefore decided to gather and open a discussion surrounding this crucial question. PechaKucha Night is the perfect medium
to talk about living in Venice today. This meeting, we will try to re-create an agorà
open to anyone interested in saving the future of our city.

The loss of population in Venice is alarming. The relationship between the number
of inhabitants in Venice and the number of tourists is out of balance.
The most important among several causes, is the shortage of affordable apartments
and usage of buildings, which are converted from housing into accommodation for visitors.
Due to the ongoing transformation of the city into a tourism machine, Venice and its lagoon is being irreversibly damaged and risks destruction. The damage includes serious deterioration of the ecological system of the lagoon, of its architecture and its authenticity.

During the Carnival, one of the oldest civic festivals in Venice we would like to create
a PechaKucha Night in a old Venetian palace facing the Grand Canal, in order to share
various points of views about the topic of living in Venice.
People from different fields - photographers, university professors, historians, natural
scientists, architects, graphic designers, journalists - will gather urged by the same love
for the future of Venice.
To stimulate debate and dialogue. To find new creative ways. To raise awareness among the newer generations. To educate life through sustainable development.

Again: Can We Save Venice Before It's Too Late?
We really hope so.

Photo Credits: Marco Del Zotto

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