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About the City's Organizers

  • Linda Forsberg

    When I created the photo exhibition: EYE SEE YOU, life sent me on a path of encounters. While I met and talked to many people, I also met myself in a deeper way. Ever since I have wanted to be part of creating spaces for interaction and good conversations. For people to meet across boundaries, beyond their usual crowd to share creative stories. This is PechaKuchas very essence, and I believe it has potential. #WeNotMe #Togetherness So excited about taking PechaKucha to Uppsala! We need more open spaces for interaction. We want to have a dedicated group of people contributing in various ways. Do you want to present? Do you want to be a friend of PechaKucha? Interested in collaborating? Feel free to contact me! 1 + 1 = 3

  • Paula Alvarado

    Hi! Nice to connect and open channels to wonderful possibilities. Like you, I am a wanderer who wonders at human capacity to change, adapt and evolve. I am an Earth nomad with the heart of a storyteller. I love to put my hands deep in the soil and transform it so beautiful things can grow. In my daily work, I am a communications specialist and international speaker with more than 20 years of experience working for high profile organisations all over the world. My job has taken me to work in some of the most challenging environments from child soldiers in Peru to indigenous land rights in Brazil, Pakistan's floods, security scares in Afghanistan, internally displaced in Sri Lanka, health risks in India and volunteering and gender challenges in Sudan. I am Peruvian by birth and have lived in the UK, Argentina, USA, India and today I live in Sweden.