Past Taos Event: VOL 26

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VOL 26

April 08, 2018
@ TCA - Taos Center for the Arts

This popular, highly-structured form of presentation brings community members on stage to present their passion around the element of water. The dry New Mexico winter has us all thinking of water. This vital element impacts us environmentally, economically and spiritually. For this event we are bringing together the many voices and advocates for water to share with us their work, passion, and dedication towards water in our community.


Volume 26 will feature live entertainment by TBD with thirst quenching water creations by Taos’s own Freshies. Additional snacks and drinks will be available by the TCA with plenty of time for “chit chat” with local creatives.

The scheduled presentations include (in no particular order):

Cisco Guevara, Los Rios River Runners
Olivia Romo, New Mexico Acequia Association

Miguel Santistevan

Amy Bell, Groundworks Studio, Taos Land Trust

Juanita Lavadie, Taos Valley Acequia Association

Roberta Salazar, Rivers and Birds

Students from Taos Integrated School of the Arts

Steve Harris, Rio Grande Restoration

Chris Pieper

Rachel Conn, Amigos Bravos