Past Taipei Event: VOL 27

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VOL 27

December 19, 2015
@ xuexue institute

Xue Xue Institute presents Designers' Salon Vol.27 PechaKucha Night!

- Urban Life Discovery -

Themed around Urban Life Discovery, PechaKucha Night Vol.27 is inviting designers, artists, and inter-disciplinary creative thinkers to share what they have observed from various urban environments around the world.

The basic concept of urban living is that of people congregating and living together, and encompasses fundamental necessities like food, clothing, shelter and transportation. Together, these extend to the continuous development of public works, education, art and culture.

Living in the urban environment of Taipei, you are bound to have a particular familiarity and view towards the urban life it offers. As with other metropolitan centers such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Berlin or New York, Taipei has its own unique resilience and attitude.

Xue Xue Institute is inviting designers from various disciplines to share their personal observations from different cities. You will see different aspects of well known cities, and discover and be fascinated by vivacities of urban life previously unknown to you.


Time: 19:30-22:30, Saturday, December 19, 2015.

Place: XUE XUE STAGE, 1F at Xue Xue Institute (No. 207, Sec. 2, Tiding Blvd., Taipei City 11493, Taiwan).

Ticket: NT$300



19:30-20:20 seating yourself

20:20-21:30 event triggered

21:30-22:30 ideas exchange


DJ Shelter from Inhouse Taipei


Organizer: Xue Xue Institute


※ This is a non-profit event which charges only cleaning fee of the PechaKucha Night, drinks and gifts are subject to the corresponding (co-)sponsors.

※ Xue Xue institute owns the right to adjust the event.

※ Non-adults are not allowed to drink alcohol.


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Make Taipei a Better City

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Mr. Lin, Taipei City Government Commissioner of the Department of Urban Development, began by sharing his personal transformation into public functionary this year, and went on to help us to understand, 'a great building project on great land, a real achievement for the cultural and creative policy', the goal of Taipei City Government's Urban Development Department's Public Housing policy. He also explained the policy content and the specifics of its implementation, as well as the vision for urban development in the future. He went to each administrative region of Taipei in person, and explained the details of the four executed plans, including Shezidao, Datong, Zhongzheng, Wanhua, and Nangang districts etc., hoping his efforts would achieve the goals and perhaps make Taipei a better city.  



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Designer in London

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Ms. Tseng designs stationery, furniture, lamps and plans activities. She studied at the Product Design Department in Royal College of Art. The department was set up on its dean's mantra of breaking the boundaries of design. Its graduates and alumni has produced many outstanding design concepts and works, and at the same time, it also shares the vibrant, multiracial city atmosphere of East London, together with its distinctive restaurants and the designer brands of the city. Finally, she shared the curatorial theater mode of 'eataipei' hosted by Taipei City Government and her organization, aiming to introduce Taipei to London, and create the best of exchanges between the two cities. 



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Eindhoven, the City of Light-Eindhoven

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Ms. Hsu began by introducing this relatively unknown Dutch city, Eindhoven, and 'Design Academy Eindhoven' where she studied. She also introduced 'the City of Light-Eindhoven', where Philips' brand was established in 1891, which has a very sound social housing system as well as many second-hand shops, providing designers looking for inspiration and materials. It was this environment that enabled her to design the 'energy tower'. She not only used recycled materials in her designs, but also married the concepts of technology and sustainable development. At last, she also mentioned the wonderful time she had after school discussing her work with her classmates.

設計師徐景亭介紹安荷芬這個較不為人知的荷蘭城市,從她就讀的學校Design Academy Eindhoven談起,並介紹到「光之城」安荷芬是飛利浦品牌1891年成立的所在地,該地有很完善的社會住宅系統,以及許多的二手商品店,能提供設計師尋找靈感與材料,也讓她利用來設計「能源塔」,不僅將二手材料再設計,也達到科技感與永續概念的結合等,最後也提到享受當時課後與同學討論作品的美好時光。

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New Possibilities for Taitung

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Mr. Chang believes Taitung aboriginals are an important asset to Taiwan, and his aboriginal friends have taught him to understand contentment, to share and care for the land and nature. He also believes that what Taitung really needs are its small buildings and its magnificent landscape, not grand architecture. He shared the success of Chishang rice, the international tourist Balloon Fiesta, the International Surfing Open and the international triathlon events and other activities in recent years. Since then, creative ideas have changed the destiny of the non-industrial areas of Taiwan's remote towns, and has further promoted the growth of new industries and employment. In the end, he talked about the transformation of the old train station and the surroundings of the railway, as well as the organization of design exhibitions and other activities, looking forward to more new possibilities for the city of Taitung.


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Vancouver is Awesome

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Mr. Hung began by sharing 'VANCOUVER IS AWESOME', including the culture shock brought by the rise of British and French culture and oriental immigration, the enriched variety in food, and the beautiful natural scenery that has became a favorite for movie making. He also introduced Granville island where he attended the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and where there are a wealth of dance schools, art schools, letterpress printing shops, breweries and local activities. Finally, he introduced the process of his works during his period working at the BOCCI design company, and hopes to introduce Taipei to Vancouver in the future.

設計師洪忠權從「VANCOUVER IS AWESOME」開始分享,包括英法語文化、東方移民增加,所帶來的文化衝擊,讓食物相當豐富,美麗的大自然景觀也是電影取景的最愛等,以及介紹他就讀的艾蜜莉卡藝術及設計大學(Emily Carr University of Art and Design)所位於的Granville island裡,有豐富的舞蹈學校、藝術學校、活版印刷廠、啤酒廠等與當地生活,以及當時介紹就職於BOCCI設計公司的過程與作品,並希望未來能向溫哥華介紹台北。

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The Life in Paris

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Ms. Ho started with the recent viral issue, 'PRAY FOR PARIS' and the terrorist attacks in Paris, then further exampled the movie 'The Assassin' directed by Mr. Hou Hsiao-hsien which appeared on the front pages of French newspapers. The TransAsia Airways plane crash appeared on children's newspapers. In fact, all kinds of Paris local media have an international perspective and are concerned about news around the world. She also described the provision of tents for refugees and school attendance for refugee children as examples of France's inclusive multi-ethnic tolerance. From a designer's perspective, she has observed that even though the competition among French design, construction, and other industries is fairly stiff, they are still quite respectful to professionals and value aesthetics; everyone was raised and developed on a culture of beauty and art.

藝術家何桂育從前陣子瘋傳的「PRAY FOR PARIS」與巴黎恐怖攻擊談起,分享巴黎當地各種媒體都相當具有國際觀,會關心世界各地的新聞,並以侯孝賢導演電影《聶隱娘》登上多家法國報紙頭版、復興航空空難登上兒童報紙為例;還有法國包容多元民族的特性,以都市中收容難民的帳棚、並提供難民學童有學校就學為例。並以設計師的角度,觀察到法國的設計、建築等產業競爭相當大,但相當尊重專業與注重美感,每個人都從小就進行美感、藝術與文化的培養。

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Guerrilla Bookstore in Beijing

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Mr. Chen began from his impression and ideal of Beijing, sharing his observation about the preferences of Beijing resident's, including their constant readiness to play mahjong and or kick around a shuttlecock. He also participated in many local cultural events, including watching Chinese opera, visiting exhibitions, and hosting activities that have helped him to make many friends from the cultural and creative industry in Beijing. In addition, he set up a 'guerrilla bookstore' to sell Taiwanese books, combining installation art, electronic music parties and music performances and taking them on tour to each province. He has figured out how to use the ideas of 'play' and 'creativity' to enter a city and new markets successfully and make profits; moreover, he also took the opportunity to introduce Taiwan to Beijing and foreigners. 


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The Creativity in Hongkong

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Observer Mr. Chang talked about the great challenge of becoming the editor of 'Extra' magazine since it was already very popular. He began to think about what kind of magazine Hong Kong needs: he observed the demoralized atmosphere caused by the Hong Kong consumer environment, lacking freedom in publishing and politics. He realized Hong Kong badly needed a new voice, a new power. 'Extra' magazine, launched in 2013, made its name because of the topics of the student movement, gay and lesbian issues, and others. Mr. Chang has integrated the issues he is concerned with relating to culture, the creativity of the new generation, independent music and culture into the magazine content. In addition, he also introduced Hong Kong's well known urban space as the 'Hidden Agenda and Fullcup' industrial area, West Kowloon Cultural District next to Victoria Harbour, and the streets and markets of Central. Finally, he hopes to return to Taipei and participate in more activities to make Taipei even more wonderful.

觀察家張鐵志分享當初成為《號外》雜誌總編輯時,該雜誌已經是非常受歡迎的雜誌,因此是個極大挑戰,他開始思考香港需要什麼樣的雜誌,並觀察到香港的消費、政治上的出版與言論不自由等低瀰氣氛,所以香港極需要新的聲音,新力量產生,於2013年推出的《號外》以學運、同志等議題打響名號,把他關心的文化議題、新生代創造力、獨立音樂與獨立文化加入雜誌內容,並介紹目前香港知名的城市空間「Hidden Agenda and Fullcup」工業區、維多利亞港旁的西九龍文化特區、中環的街市等。最後希望回到台北參與更多活動,讓台北更精彩。

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Explore Yourself in San Francisco

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Ms. Cheng thinks San Francisco is an excellent place to learn the cuisine of every country. She used restaurants, markets, second-hand supermarkets, and second-hand bookstores to introduce different cultures, as well as the popular Blue Bottle coffee shop to show the tolerance for different possibilities. Ms. Chen also shared different landscape attractions, including the beautiful town 'Sausalito' across from San Francisco bridge and the AT & T Stadium. She has observed that Americans value family life and love to exercise. She thinks the process of exploring a city is actually to explore yourself, and each city will change you, if you let it.

鄭凱華認為舊金山是很適合學習各國料理的城市,並以餐廳、市集、二手超市、新舊二手書店介紹不同文化,以及受歡迎的Blue Bottle咖啡店等,包容著不同的可能性。並分享不同景點的風景,包括舊金山大橋對岸的美麗小鎮Sausalito、AT&T球場,並觀察到美國人注重家庭生活與喜愛運動,而感想是探索城市的過程是探索自己,不要對自己設限,每個城市都能帶給你改變。

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Tokyo, a Conflicted yet Traditional City

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Ms. Liu studied in Japan, and she thinks Tokyo/Shibuya is a conflicted yet traditional city. Ms. shared many details of the city, including the tram etiquette, the required handcrafts studied in Design College, and so on, as well as shadowing masters to gain their insight, attending courses, and opening lots of exhibition spaces to anyone wishing to organize an event. She used Japan's activity centers as an example: the centers hold a lot of design seminars and workshops for general public participation, different to Taiwan which uses those places for retiree entertainment only. In addition, Japanese specialties also have unique local characteristics, with considerable emphasis on rituals, traditional costumes and cultural heritage.


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The Life in Oslo

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Mr. Li started by talking about Oslo department stores closed on Sundays, as well as citing some observed examples to show how Oslo is a city emphasizing the green environment, energy re-use, and equal gender rights. He also shared how Oslo is a low profile city, seen from its minimalist decoration, local personality, love of children, gay-friendliness, tolerance for multi-ethnic culture, and focus on environmental protection, sports and fitness. Mr. Li mentioned the establishment of the historical museum, 'Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities' on the southern island of Oslo where the records of World War II and the civil war in Norway are kept: Norway is a city with the ability to look inside its soul.



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The Beautiful Scenery in Shanghai

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Ms. Lee used an internet photo of climbing a high wall to symbolize how tiny she felt in Shanghai. She rode a bicycle to explore the beautiful scenery in Shanghai, a design space full of geometric patterns and natural buildings, international architectural masterpieces, the locations where movies had been shot, as well as the Pavilion left by the Shanghai World Expo, have all become local museums worth exploring. Ms Lee recorded the city context and architectural features through photography, leaving with the hope to re-recognize Taipei with a new perspective.


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A City on the Move: Brooklyn

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Director Liu likes cycling to explore Brooklyn, although it's a difficult city to park with and has the highest theft rate. The speed of a bike is very suitable for leisurely enjoying the scenery of the city, allowing him to reach private attractions overlooking Manhattan, and visit water towers next to each different building. Additionally, Brooklyn is also a city on the move: you can be inspired by a lot of creativity when you stay in the buildings and spaces having conversations with people. In fact, the street scenes appeared in the movie 'The Intern', and the street corners where many young people like to sit make the city resemble the show 'Project Runway'. Mr. Liu even fell in love with collecting the used junk from the streets, making them his studio collection.


導演劉耕名喜愛騎單車探索布魯克林,雖然這也是個最難停車與失竊率最高的城市。而單車的速度很適合緩慢地欣賞城市的風景,讓他能到達可俯瞰曼哈頓的私房景點,以及追逐每個不同建築旁的水塔。此外,布魯克林區也是流動的城市,建築與空間讓人們身處其中的交談,就能激發出許多創意。電影《高年級實習生》曾出現的街道場景,實際上就是許多年輕人喜歡悠閒坐在一旁的街角,也讓整個城市如同Project Runway。之後他更愛上從街道中收集二手舊貨,成為工作室中的收藏。

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Metro City

@ VOL 27 ON DEC 19, 2015

Alex Fang participated in the animated design of the film 'Astro Boy'. Since the director hoped to use Isamu Noguchi's aesthetic as a reference, he first introduced the artist, Isamu Noguchi, who was good at using Western aesthetics to interpret Eastern beauty, with the hope that 'Astro Boy' could integrate Eastern and Western aesthetic design. Alex shared the difficulties he encountered in the early creative stage, such as the need to design both the interior and exterior of the movie character Dr. Tenma's home building, as well as day and night lighting design, public transport and other scenes. Through the experience, he has learned that the beauty of the future is built on the reorganization of culture and art. Perhaps, the future urban scenes in the movie 'Astro Boy' will come true in a hundred years.

曾參與電影『原子小金剛』動畫設計的ALEX FANG,因為導演希望以野口勇的美學為參考,他先介紹藝術家野口勇,是一位擅長用西方美學詮釋東方美,希望『原子小金剛』能有東西方融合的美學設計,分享他當初創作初期遭遇的困難,從電影中的角色天馬博士的住家建築外觀到內部設計、以及白天與夜晚的燈光氛圍設計、大眾運輸的場景等,從這次經驗中學習到,未來的「美」是建立在舊有的文化與藝術的重組,或許一百年後電影『原子小金剛』的未來城市場景會真的實現。

林洲民 Jou Min AIA Lin
Commissioner of the Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government in Taipei
Studio Shikai 設計師 Designer in Taipei
東海醫院設計工作室 設計師暨負責人designer for "DHH studio"(Dong Hai Hospital Design Studio) in Taipei
學學文化創意基金會副董事長 Xue Xue Foudation Vice President in TAITUNG
JIA Inc. 品家家品 Design Manager in Taipei
何桂育Kuei Yu HO
旅法藝術家及設計師 Artist / Designer in Taipei
好氏品牌研究室負責人Brand Strategy in Taipei
文化與社會觀察家 Observer in Taipei
廚房旅行日記《灣岸餐桌》作者 Writer in Taipei
華碩設計中心 色彩材質設計師 CMF Designer in Taipei
北歐觀察家 Observer in Taipei
李懿玟I-Wen Lee
和碩設計PEGA D&E 工業設計師 Industrial Designer in Taipei
Bito甲蟲創意 導演暨負責人 Derictor in Taipei
AX2 Limited 創意總監 AX2 Limited Creative Director in Taipei