Past Springfield, IL Event: VOL 20

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VOL 20

August 27, 2015
@ Hoogland Center for the Arts, Theatre 3

Join us for Volume 20! 

Doors open at 6 pm. Presentations begin at 7:20 pm. $8 admission.

Click here to buy tickets.

Main floor seating is limited to about 160 seats.

Approximately 50 balcony seats (also $8.00) are available by preference or as an alternative when the main floor is sold out.



Marnie Record - Behind the Barn Door


Donna Treadwell - It's About the Magic, Not the Minutes


Thea Chesley  - The Route 66 Film Festival


Bob Podlasek - Drones the New Guys in Town


Terri Hempstead - Protecting our Parents


Tara McCleland McAndrew - Springfield History -- The Funny, Weird, and Hard to Believe


Mary Young - Mission IMPROVable


Kathy Olesen - MCHS Come Discover the Past With Us


Gemma Long - Guernsey, a British Island, Near France


Lisa Clemmons Stott - Architecture and the Community           

Marnie Record
in Springfield, IL
Donna Treadwell
in Springfield, IL
Thea Chesley
in Springfield, IL
Bob Podlasek
in Springfield, IL
Tara McCleland McAndrew
in Springfield, IL
Mary Young
in Springfield, IL
Kathy Olesen
in Springfield, IL
Gemma Long
in Springfield, IL
Lisa Clemmons Stott
in Springfield, IL
Terri Hempstead
in Springfield, IL