Past Sofia Event: VOL 17

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VOL 17

November 02, 2017


Five is the key word in this edition of Pecha Kucha because it is happening in the 5th Night of Theaters and we found it interesting to find out which are the 5 things our presenters will choose to share with us.
We know there are always a few things in life that we are ready to count on one hand. Whether these will be the personal principles, the best or the worst moments, the experiments in the realization of something, the friends, the causes, the five things that have impressed or inspired us, have made us proud of the achievements, have given us a good lesson, turning our lives ...
Five are the senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste. The man is a pentagram - two hands, two legs and a head that can be likened to a five-pointed one. This is the number of the four directions of the world plus the center. Five are the elements of Chinese philosophy. 5 is the quintessence number - an alchemical term, meaning the four elements plus that which unites them - a fifth property of physical consciousness. 5 are the ingredients for making beer - water, hops, barley, yeast and the magic that the master brewer "puts" to get the amber drink. Our education is divided into 5 years.
Five marks the middle of the range from one to ten, that is the turning point from which both the past and the future are equally good.

No presenters have been added to this event.