Past Sheffield Event: VOL 23

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VOL 23

April 06, 2017
@ Sheffield Institute of Arts - Sheffield Hallam University
poly- /ˈpɒli/ - prefix: combining form
1) more than one; many or much
2) having an excessive or more than usual number or amount
morph / mɔːf/ - verb
1) to undergo or cause to undergo a transformation
2) to change or adapt in form, appearance, nature, or character.
In the day and age we find ourselves, we are no longer just who we are, we are many...and we are skilled.
In a lot of ways this has always been the case; we find ourselves appearing in many different forms, but so often this is hiding behind our job titles or being defined by the roles we are playing...we are of course so much more than this.
We are in fact multifaceted in the most extraordinary ways and our inherent curiosity leaves us constantly seeking out new angles and edges to add. Some of us use this inbuilt drive for discovery to expand our understanding further from our specified titles; searching far and wide as we become increasingly more knowledgeable polymaths. Others delve deep with it, adding ever more prodigious and intricate facets to the abilities of our expertise, creating and developing new astounding methods, approaches and results.
However we adapt and grow, it is our fascination with learning and applying know-how to find reason and insight that truly engages us...and despite so many of the stories we are endlessly fed about division and difference, it is more often the pursuit of empathy and making things better for others that inspires the most passion and determination.
We all have skills in many wondrous and remarkable areas of expertise, join us on the 6th to find the new astonishing ways we can all work on transforming our own lives and those of others.

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