Past Sheffield Event: VOL 22

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VOL 22

December 08, 2016
@ Queens Social Club

PechaKucha Sheffield Vol#22- ‘Tis the Season

DateThursday 8th December, 19:00hrs doors for 20:00hrs start for Show

Venue: Queens Road Social, 4 Queens Rd, Sheffield, S2 4DG



So here it is once more, that time of year when things all go a little crazier than usual...

The nights draw in as the year winds down and we start to ponder and reflect on what the last 12months have been, how far we've travelled, what we've battled through and overcome.

This part of our little Blue Dots 66,000mph orbit is often referred to as 'Christmas', but just like so many other seasons and celebrations, it actually means very different things to all sorts of people. For some it is of course a time for giving and receiving, for others though, it can be the toughest time of all...temperatures plummet, conditions get tough and things often really hit home in the most brutal of ways.

For Vol#22 we're heading out on a search for meaning...delving in, eyes wide open, head first with both feet forward, as we try to understand the realities, rituals and ways which steer and even dictate so much of our lives and the world around us!

We do things for many reasons, some by choice, others out of necessity...but we are also a tribal species, drawn to others through mysterious bonds! We constantly find ourselves rejoicing in the glory of a fascinatingly diverse array of different lights. Like moths towards the flame we seek out these alluring auroras...we travel great distances for them, change our appearance, even suspend disbelief in their honour.

Which begs the question...Why? How many of our traditions or everyday pursuits do we truly understand, which have we really 'chosen'...when do we make the time to stop and find out what's really going on?

There's always at least two sides to every story and the reality usually lies somewhere in between, so let us gather to hear them. For there is warmth to be found in sifting out the bad, tackling the ugly and making the good even better. As we celebrate all the things the season has to offer together this year.

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