Past Sheffield Event: VOL 21

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VOL 21

April 28, 2016
@ Abbeydale Picture House

Everything is not as it seems…

Beneath the surface we all have a natural, in-built desire to search for truth. We need to take care to not be misdirected by the smoke and mirrors that swirl and cloak, so that we can find the place where we lose our self and find ourselves...that special place, that's not a secret insight or technique, but a moment of realisation, when for just a split second, it all briefly makes perfect sense!

The reality in which we co-exist is an illusion...and sometimes, like the spoon, it's about realising 'there is no curtain'.

The world does not change as we expect; tension builds out of injustice and inequality to a tipping-points of unpredictable consequences.

We are told myths about how landmark success is achieved in some sort of glorious, rising trajectory overnight, but behind the veil of every incredible feat there is always an untold story of toil, hardship and seemingly insurmountable odds!

It is in this dichotomy we find our age of contradiction, where the exponentially increasing availability of knowledge and information shines light in to the murky depths of power, control and our fundamental understanding of the how and why. Striving for insights in to the inners workings of the systems, processes and people that make up the world around us, we peer ever deeper in to the shadows, unsure of what we might find, but having to know for sure!

Come join us for a night of 20x20 talks, short video, live music and entertainment, as we venture out along the yellow brick road to see what lies beyond!

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