Past Seattle Event: VOL 63

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VOL 63

May 06, 2015
@ Seattle Art Museum

Pecha Kucha Seattle and the Seattle Art Museum are proud to present PKN SEA vol. 63: Indigenous Futures, Wednesday, May 6 at 7pm.

In a place inhabited by indigenous people for at least 12,000 years, Native people and cultures are integral to the fabric of Seattle’s urban experience. Largely written from a Western perspective, the recorded history and common understanding of Seattle’s indigenous people is often limited to the past, overlooking the continued contributions by Native people to present-day society and culture. In the mid-20th century, a renaissance within the Seattle urban Native community brought new opportunities for Native people to speak out, be heard, and reclaim their history and identity through a Native lens.

This spirit continues to bring forth social change through art and advocacy, empowering Native people to recount stories of strength and struggle from the past, and voicing issues that face the Native community today. PKN SEA vol. 63: Indigenous Futures celebrates artists, activists, and creative thinkers in the Pacific Northwest envisioning the future of this place.

Andrew Morrison // Colleen Echohawk-Hayashi // Fern Renville // Jeffrey Veregge // Joe Seymour // Joey Gray // Mariana Harvey // Noel Franklin // Roger Fernandes // Shaun Peterson // Tracy Rector

PKN SEA vol. 63: Indigenous Futures
Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 7:00 - 9:00pm
Seattle Art Museum
1300 First Avenue Seattle, WA 98101
Admission: FREE

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Tracy Rector
Executive Director/Co-Founder, Longhouse Media in Seattle
Andrew Morrison
Artist in SEATTLE
Colleen Echohawk
Executive Director, Chief Seattle Club in SEATTLE
Fern Renville
Executive Director, Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre in SEATTLE
Jeffrey Veregge
Graphic Designer in SEATTLE
Joe Seymour
Working Artist and Cultural Leader in SEATTLE
Joey Gray
Executive Director, United Indians of All Tribes Foundation in SEATTLE
Mariana Harvey
NW Leadership Program Manager , Native Youth Leadership Alliance in SEATTLE
Noel Franklin
Poet, Artist, Graphic Novelist in SEATTLE
Roger Fernandes
Native American Artist, Storyteller, Educator, and Trainer in Seattle
Shaun Peterson
Artist, Qwalsius Studios in SEATTLE