Past Seattle Event: VOL 57

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VOL 57

September 14, 2014
@ Seattle Central Library

From the physical world to digital space, from culture to community, Design and Leadership are inextricably linked, forming a complex, generative relationship that frames the ways in which we relate to each other and give shape to our world. Pecha Kucha Seattle, in collaboration with Design in Public's 2014 Seattle Design Festival is thrilled to present PKN SEA vol. 57: Designing Leadership. The evening will bring together presenters from across the design community to explore the ways in which design can uniquely lead, the ways in which design leadership has evolved, the ways in which we foster a culture of leadership within our community, and the rich set of opportunities ahead, focusing on members of our community that are leading design in unique, powerful, wonderful ways.

+ Moira Scott Payne - Cornish College of the Arts
+ Albert Shum - Microsoft
+ Karen Cheng – University of Washington, School of Art, Art History and Design
+ Heidi Hughes - Friends of Waterfront Seattle
+ Sharon Nyree Williams - Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas
+ Michael Nguyen - Revel Foundry
+ Valerie Green & Ben Grossman - Nordstrom People Lab
+ Megan A. Gaiser - Contagious Creativity
+ Sandy Cioffi - Cornish College of the Arts
+ Lisa Picard - Skanska
+ Darrel Rhea - Design Management Institute
+ Barbara Swift - Swift Company
+ Rico Quirindongo - DLR Group

Lisa Picard
Development, Skanska in Seattle
Heidi Hughes
Executive Director, Friends of Waterfront Seattle in Seattle
Karen Cheng
Professor, University of Washington in Seattle
Sharon Nyree Williams
Managing Director, Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas in Seattle
Moira Payne
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle
Michael Nguyen
Business Strategy & Design, Revel Consulting in Seattle
Valerie Green
People Lab, Nordstrom in Seattle
Ben Grossman-Kahn
Nordstrom People Lab, Nordstrom in Seattle
Megan A. Gaiser
CCSO, Her Interactive in Seattle
Sandy Cioffi
Director/Producer , Sweet Crude in Seattle
Barbara Swift
Landscape Architect, Swift Company in Seattle
Darrel Rhea
Vice Chairman, Design Management Institute in Seattle
Rico Quirindongo
Architect , DLR Group in Seattle
Albert Shum
Operating System Group Design + Content GM, Microsoft in Seattle