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We haven’t scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there’s one you can attend!



PechaKucha as a university contest

PechaKucha became a popular in Zaporizhzhya. We made an experiment and organized PechaKucha at Zaporizhzhya National Technical University PechaKucha: urban stories for students as a contest. The best speaker of PechaKucha at University became guest speaker at PechaKucha Night Vil.4: urban stories.
After selection 12.12.16 at Zaporizhzhya National Technical University we invited 2 students: Nikita Nosov and Dima Beluchov as guest speakers for PechaKucha Night 17.12.16


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About the City's Organizers

  • Mikko Nurminen

    The lazy side hair swirler, sugar addicted, red wine slurper, graphical suicide, urbanizator, green pepper, lactose-impotent, chill banana of the dance floor, left wing and downwind sailor. (... same in Finnish) Laiskanpuoleinen tukanvemputtaja, sokeriaddikti, punaviininryystäjä, graafinen itsemurha, urbanisaattori, viherpippuri, laktoosi-impotentti, rytmihäiriöinen tanssilattian vatkubanaani, vasen laita ja slööri.