Past Pittsburgh, PA Event: VOL 17

Large wide columns 20200x150

VOL 17

April 03, 2014
@ Pittsburgh Filmmakers Melwood Screening Room

Join conversations that will bring to light illegal dumpsites, cutting edge design technology, imagined worlds, and fine art. Witness imagery from your local neighborhood, then travel vicariously throughout the evening as we visit Columbia, Iceland, Iran, and Italy!

Casey Droege
in Pittsburgh,
Corey Escoto
in Pittsburgh,
Blaine Siegel
in Pittsburgh,
Paul Schifino
in Pittsburgh,
Ines Yupanqui
Architect in Pittsburgh
Anne Jackson
Web designer, Jackson Information Design, Inc. in Pittsburgh,
Eric Fisher
Architect, Fisher Architecture in Pittsburgh
Bea Spolidoro
in Pittsburgh,
Christine Holtz
Professor of Media Arts, Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh,