Past Penticton Event: VOL 2

Large wide skyline 2001


October 09, 2015
@ 557 Artist Block Art Gallery and Retail Space

An exciting and diverse dialogue ranging from architectural musings to poetic love poems with nature.  A jeweller speaks of metal as her muse and the High Scribe is back with a review of one year in publication.  There is also conversation regarding an ambitious and vital language revitalising school now running for the indigenous youth of the Okanagan community. 

This will be an exciting and informative night.

Peter Wolf
Carpenter Apprentice, Photographer, Artist, Screen Printer, Foundation to Finish in Penticton
Emily Elizabeth Stirling
Jeweller, Emily Elizabeth in Lake Country
Charlotte Moynes
Artist in Penticton
Vince Freeborn
Scribe, The High Scribe in Penticton
Austin Hawkins
Designer | Builder in Penticton
Mimi Moylan
Interior Designer + Artist, Yogi, Mimi Moylan Art + Ekahi Center for Yoga and Mindfullness in Kelowna
Michele Johnson
Language Teacher , Language School in Penticton