OSLO Posts

For our "City Focus" this week we go to Oslo, a city that hosts its PechaKucha Night Vol. 30 on April 10. For more info on the event, and for the full list of presenters and a look at the flyer, please visit the official event page.

"Maybe its not only okay to be a bit odd, could it possibly be an advantage to be a bit nuts?"

Simen Aanerud's great passion in life is to make things, and he's fortunate enough to be able to do this every day. In "Of Nuts and Bolts" from PKN Oslo Vol. 28, he also speaks very openly about his issues with social anxiety, compulsions, and how his uneasiness with the world feeds into his creations. Simen says that this discomfort is one of the main driving forces of his work, and he tells us how it cultivates his imagination. 

Poster for PKN Oslo Vol. 20

Poster for PKN Oslo Vol. 20 Another city will soon hit the Vol. 20 mark, and that's Oslo, with the special PechaKucha Night set to happen on December 1 at DogA -- you'll find the full list of presenters on the official event page.

Program for PKN Oslo Vol. 11

PechaKucha Night in Oslo Vol. 11 was held a few days ago, and organizer Arpna Gupta Stokke sends in a few photos of the terrific program they prepared for the event. It was produced by graphic design studio Your Friends, and as Arpna explains, tips its hat to the birthcountry of PKN, Japan.

The programme has taken its inspiration from Japan, birth place of Pechkucha night. The format is based on standard Japanese paperformats JIS. The traditional Shiroku Ban is the size of the folded out program. The flyers, drink coupons and tickets are also based on the Shiroku Ban format. To get a proper folder for the speakers we've used a origami tecnique which makes it possible to have an 8-page folder without using any binding. It's cost-effective, good for the environment and makes for an intriguing piece of design.


Linda Spamen

What an amazing story: immediately after her boyfriend broke with her, Linda Spaman fell off her bike, losing her two front teeth in the process. As PechaKucha Night in Gothenburg organizer Jesper Larsson explains it, after she realized that the accident was not covered by her insurance, she decided to document "the long, painful, and expensive process of getting new teeth, and played with the idea of turning the material into a coffee table book. She even contacted her insurance company -- the one that didn't pay for her teeth -- and asked if they wanted to sponsor the book."

Linda presented her story at PKN Gothenburg, and was then invited to present at PKN Oslo, which she did two weeks ago. We've included a few images from her presentation below, but you can view the entire -- slightly graphic -- series on Linda's blog.