Past Nishinomiya Event: VOL 30

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VOL 30

October 15, 2016
@ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)

Nishinomiya held its inaugural event on July 3, 2009. Since that time we have hosted four events a year and have enjoyed roughly 230 presentations by over 150 presenters (we do invite people back). Our Fall, 2016 event will be Volume #30 and we are planning another special night in the Atrium. Come join us for this significant milestone, and don't forget to tell your friends.

Juho Viitasalo
Industrial designer in Osaka
Estella Dean
teacher in Kobe
Noriko Tame
in Nishinomiya
Mieko Miiura
in Nishinomiya
Shizuko Yamazaki
in Nishinomiya
Shuji Narita
in Nishinomiya
Manami Shimokawa
in Nishinomiya
Nao Funatsu
in Nishinomya
Liz Leigh
in Nishinomiya
Donna Fujimoto
in Nishinomiya