PechaKucha Presentation

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David Guida & Sarah Naqvi Sarah Naqvi

Directors of Education, Sparked in Markham

Painting, Sculpting, and Singing in Code


"Technology is so woven into the fabric of society that we cant't imagine a world without it."

In Painting, Sculpting, and Singing in Code from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 8, David Guida and Sarah Naqvi passionately share their experiences in coding and the direction they see it heading in the future.

David and Sarah are thinkers, creators, and leaders in a medley of grassroots organizations that promote tech awareness for the youth of their community.

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Malware Art

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 17, 2012

Roman Milo is a digital artist and was one of the founding members of Harbourfront Centre. He started working with digital art when his computer got hacked by the Romanian KGB hacking school in 1995. He then started studying computer viruses and code, and created an art show inspired by the codes.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 26, 2013.

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The Morden Heirloom: Coding Quilts

@ VOL 29 ON APR 01, 2014

Elizabeth "Libs" Elliott merges old craft and modern art forms to create beautiful quilts with a technological twist. Using the Processing visual programming language, Elizabeth generates random patterns for her quilts by altering code to play with colour palettes, geometric shapes, and other variables. She draws out each pattern by hand and then sews them onto quilts. 

"Presentation of the Day" on July 16, 2014.

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The Startup Bus

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 14, 2014

Nate Cooper takes us for a ride on the Start Up Bus! 

Apps, programs and comics, oh my!

Going into depth about the features of how the competition helps people connect and work on creating their own businesses. 

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Coderdojo: La Palestra di Programmazione

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

Francesco Boano talks about CoderDojo is a global network of clubs that teach young people in areas specializing in computer programming and computer technology. There are now clubs in 22 countries, teaching 10,000 children to write computer code and programs each week.

Founded CoderDojo in 2011 as a not-for-profit organisation that teaches children how to code. It aims to teach them creative problem-solving skills and practical creative skills and was launched in Ireland in mid-2011. The first CoderDojo took place on 23 July 2011 in the National Software Centre in Cork.

The initiative arrived in Genoa this year, with the opening of the first “dojo” at Talent Garden Genova.

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Playing Around: cultivating creativity in kids

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

Linda McIntosh is award-winning mixed-media collage artist exhibiting in Canada + Europe and is an active member of the Markham Group of Artists as Coordinator for collaborative art projects in the community. Her presentation talks about how important it is to cultivate curiosity and creativity with children from a young age. 

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The Secret Code in Shibboleth

@ VOL 9 ON OCT 09, 2015

How has pronounciation shaped history and culture? Kate Kelleher explores "shibboleth" and its social implications, then and now.

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Why Knoxville’s Zoning Code Prohibits Good Urban Design and Prevents Walkable Communities

@ VOL 20 ON AUG 18, 2016

Walkability is key in improving health, the local economy, and the environment.  Unfortunately Knoxville’s zoning code prohibits mixed use, requires too much parking, and mandates large setbacks, all of which make Knoxville less walkable and transit friendly. In this presentation, Marshall Stair explores Knoxville and discusses what could be done to promote walkability in future developments.

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Games are Boring

@ VOL 33 ON NOV 02, 2017

Zoë Sams is a Tools Programmer, and a member of the Board of Directors for IGDA Scotland. Her passion lies in combining art and code, and she is a strong believer that networking and diversity can only strengthen the games industry and push us to continue creating fresh, innovative content. This year, Zoë was awarded a place on Develop’s 30 Under 30 list for her work as a STEM Ambassador. 

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Diversity & Literacy: The importance of drag performers reading to children

@ VOL 19 ON JUN 08, 2018

While you may have already heard about drag queen story times, it's important to hear about the impact it has had on families. Fay & Fluffy’s Storytime is an event that focuses around literacy and diversity that celebrates the differences. Listen to Fluffy’s talk to find out what impact it’s been made to the community.