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Remember in preschool when you couldn’t wait for your chance to participate in Show and Tell. PechaKucha Night Madison is providing a lucky few the opportunity to participate in an adult version of this childhood favorite. Come see local “makers” share their creations, inspirations, passions, designs and hobbies.


Featured Presentation


Dave McCabe

LRIG - Laboratory Robotics Interest Group in Madison, WI

Biotechnology can be understood as a transition from art to industry. There are amazing questions that will allow us to better understand the mechanisms that enable us to function. There are also real challenges that exist in providing scientists with the right tools, while makeing sure they ask the best questions. Dave McCabe highlights this transition from learning about mechanisms of life to developing tools that enable others to do better science.


Livin' in Gomerica: tales from the World's Biggest Band

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

Were The Gomers the world's biggest band? They made some noise in the late 1980's with a few songs appearing on the national Dr. Demento radio show. Over time, they realized they knew over 2,000 cover songs and a live karaoke band was born. The spent the next 12 years sharing the stage with over ten thousand lead singers who (usually) lived out their rock and roll dreams three blissful rockin' minutes at a time. (That is a big band.) Andy Wallman was the first chair tambourine player for The Gomers and will take you on the inside of what it was like to be Livin' in Gomerica.


Enough About You, Madison. Let's Talk About Me.

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

Chris Staples gives a by-no-means comprehensive soundtrack to a solipsistic goon's reckoning with listening, playing, producing and being.


What is a Musician?

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

Elizabeth Simcock wants to explore how we understand the word "musician." Musicians are powerful: picture people fawning over a lead singer on guitar. But musicians are also powerless: imagine the parent saying, "You're doing WHAT for a living?" Being a musician has a certain mystique that is captivating, even though the reality can be challenging in every way possible. But saying, "I am a musician." What does that really mean? Come along on a 20x20-second ride that may change the way you think of yourself.


A Brief History of KHoRM

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

Kiki Schueler traces the unexpected and unlikely path from her first house concert in 2005 to show number 236 a dozen years later. All of it happening in an intimate "venue" in her basement she likes to call Kiki's House of Righteous Music. She always says she does it for herself, but it's nice (not to mention less awkward) when other people show up.


Madison as an Up-and-Coming Music Scene

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

In Buzz Kemper's work with symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, choral groups, jazz ensembles, rock bands and solo artists in the Madison area for over 30 years, he has seen the rise of the music scene as well as the rise of the level of support for musicians (recording facilities, live sound companies and sound/light designers), as well as audience interest in the arts.


Fostering and Decorating Madison Musicians

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

Beth Kille believes that Madison has the talent and tenacity to become a power-player in the world of music and that this can be accomplished by providing fertile ground for the up-and-comers, and by honoring the accomplishments of our go-getters. She seeks to do that through her work as the Music Director for Girls Rock Camp Madison and as the Executive Producer of the Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) Awards. This presentation will provide an overview of the inner workings of these two non-profit organizations.


My Life in Music

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

Daniel Grabois has been a professional horn player since 1989. What is that all about?


A Brief History of Disco - From Dionysus to the Disco Duck

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

What was the first disco song (around 1972) and why did it come to flames in Chicago's Disco Demolition Night (in 1979)? John Feith looks at some of the highlights from the rise and fall of disco.



Pinball - The Great Resurgence

Inspired by the French game “Bagatelle,” Harry Williams is credited with introducing the first coin operated pinball machine in 1931.
For the next 60 years pinball machines were commonplace in America until they were supplanted by video games and redemption machines. Today pinball machines are rarely seen and are usually poorly maintained.
In “Pinball - The Great Resurgence” from PKN Madison, WI Vol.12 Sean Spindler speaks about Madison Pinball, a team of local pinball enthusiasts who are bringing pinball machines to the Madison area so everyone can play with and enjoy these marvelous contraptions!

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